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Piffi POINTS!!! WARNING!!! dropbox delete all my buttons I will upload again everything soon ;_;
Piffi points?
Piffi points are a value you can use to buy special stuff in Piffi-sisters Store like this \;u;/ :heart:
How to earn Piffi points?
You can Earn Piffi Points in many ways *//u//*!
Buying something from Piffi-sisters ( Adoptables, Commissions, Patreon ), taking part in games we organized monthly, commission someone our designs, gift something to someone about our designs and more \;u;/!! follow the list!
About Achievements:

Watch Piffi-sisters : 100
Watch Piffi-pi : 100
Join the group : 100
Nice! How can I enter in this project?
If you want enter in this project and start earning Piffi-Points Just ask in this Journal that you want enter in "Piffi Showcase" and I'll insert your name ;//u//;/ :h
:heart: Piffi AchievementsIn this Journal you can see all Prizes you can receive if you reach some goals with us \;u;/
If you reach a goal write a comment here or send me a note *//u//* and I'll add your badges and points in your Showcase \;u;/
You can see your Piffi Points Amount and your Achievements here  in the Showcase:
More prizes and badges will be added in future, stay tuned ;u; <3 <3
More way to gain Piffi-Points here :
:star: Follow me! :star:
You are follower of Piffi-sisters account since 2013 : + 200
You are follower of Piffi-sisters account since 2014 :
You are follower of Piffi-sisters account since 2015 :
:star: I want It All :star:
Only designs done by me count >u

Welcome >u<

Welcome to Piffi World

Piffi world is a group for all Piffi-sisters Species <3

What can I find in this group?

:bulletpink: A List about all Piffi-adoptables closed species and project
:bulletpink: A Journal with all links to guides and species information
:bulletpink: Special raffle only for group members

Can I make my own character from any of your species?

:bulletpink: All species here are closed species so it means that only Piffi-adoptables can make any of them but you can make some of them during Make your own (MYO) events >u< :heart:
:bulletpink: I will open time to time some special MYO slots only here in Deviantart about some of my closed species:

- Shadowmonster
- Blind Lace
- Enigma


Join the group

Anyone can Join the group, you don't have to own any of my species, feel free to join >////w////<


Adoptables F.A.Q.Some info for who don't know about adoptables \;v;/ I hope it helps >v<
What is Adoptable?
Adoptables are characters design made by an Artist that put them for sale and can be adopted by other people (with money or other type of offer ) as their personal Character. Then the new character's owner can create name , personality , background story and change a little the outfit as it's own character.
Why people buy Adoptables?People can do their personal character by themselves
Sometimes some people have a story or a character in mind and the only thing they need is something that figure out what thay have in mind and if they found a character made by other people , maybe can be what they search ;v; :heart:
Sure people can do the caracters by themselve ( and many many people do that >v< ) but sometimes one artist can do the exact thing they are looking for
But some adoptables are expensive more than n

Frequently Asking Question (F.A.Q)Some Question About us \;v;/

How many people own this account?

We are two sister \;v;/ Mile and Marie ( we have another sister but she have her personal account : Mimru )

Who draw most of designs?

We have a similair style and usually  we did half of designs ;v; if in a batch there is 6 design we did 3 each
What about commissions?
For commissions we have some style shared and some is only made by Mile or Marie ;v;
Are you real sisters?
Yes we are x°D!and all of us love drawing \;v;/ :heart:
Have you a main account?
Yes our account is Piffi-pi  ;v; ( we shared that account too x°D ) , we did other drawings over commissions and adoptables , but we didn't upload nowhere else ;v;







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Remi-Adopt Featured By Owner Edited Jul 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wooo 1000th member! <3 congrats on the memberss~~ ;w; if you want to keep the screenshot for some reason!
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Are members not allowed to submit art?
Zena39 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Piffi-sisters Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018
Here's our discord! *v* <333
Feel free to join if you wish >u<!!<3333
Zena39 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course! thank you~
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there seems to be a permission problem when people want to submit artwork/journals!
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aaa I seem to have a problem submitting to the group folders ;v; //
Mad-Darkness Featured By Owner Edited Jul 9, 2017
Hey :3
Sorry to bother, but I wanted to ask you something ;w;

If our Blind Lace Amaranto MYO from the event is in the folder here, it means that it is approved? Or do we need to wait your comment?

I absolutely don't mind wainting, I mean you have recieved so much entries, you can't just comment on everyone's deviation in one day, it's just that I'm working on a video with mine and I don't know if I can put it online, I don't want to make a mistake ;m;
ArisaManuko Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017
Hello, sorry to bother you but I just wanted to ask if my Amaranto MYO was approved? ;v; I'm just not sure if I'm allowed to draw her yet if she's not approved ;;
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