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Love above the Sky - YCH Condolcezza

Your Character Here Commission - condolcezza

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Aaaah I finished also this one \T///T/!! I'm super happy I was able to finish another commission ;_;!! I working with Marie to this one a lot
I was afraid because the other one was on my designs and this one not, but I enjoy so much and was so exciting drawing something out of the comfort zone, also for Marie to color \T///T/
Thanks a lot my dear condolcezza for ordering this commission, I adore these characters together, with beautiful colors working so good together \T////T/
( thanks also for ordering the extra special MexYou 8D was an experience I will never forget!! Best deviantart couple EVER! xD :heart: love you <3 <3 ;; )

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Luna-Lunett's avatar
I love the lips QoQ why you can draw such sensual lips?! TEACH ME! Q~Q
love this one a lot good job my love :heart: :love:
Piffi-sisters's avatar
LIPS ARE MY PROBLEM! xD I can draw lips for all the day 8D!
When I started with chibi I said "oh no lips where are you" so I decided to do commissions just for lips 8D!
Luna-Lunett's avatar
Hahah I see x'D 
but I feel you TvT it's so nice to add the colours to lips and the shines
shines is pretty much my fav on lips I think hmmm 
PrinceOfFire's avatar
Lovely colours and detail. I love their outfits.
Piffi-sisters's avatar
Thanks a lot >//w//< <3333 loved the characters too T///T
PrinceOfFire's avatar
You're very welcome. :D
Hiika-chii's avatar
Both your chibis and normal bodies goes well with your style :iconlazecryplz: Im so envy of you piffi~! What kinda sorcery is thiss// Anyhow aaa i love this piece so muchh! Its good to see something new from you once in a while! We deserve to see more of your hidden talent hush :iconlazyshyplz:♡ Bless us more with your artss
Piffi-sisters's avatar
I'm an evil with 8D!
nnngh what you say my dear *blush so hard* you want I slap you?? :iconsrapplz: DONE! xD
Thanks for your comment you are so right and did something different is super relaxing ;_;
( for now I can show you something else of my hidden talent :iconlazyinviteplz: )

DivviviaOlexiusG's avatar
LKAFJSLDKFJLSKDJ THis is beautiful! I love the colors, the shading, the lines style! It's all gorgeous! So many lovely details! Their faces are so gorgeous! I love the tenderness of their expressions and lips <3 It's so lovely! 
Piffi-sisters's avatar
AWWW DEAR ;;;; THANKS <3<3<3 :love::love: <333 so happy to hear that *//w//*!!<333333
I also read the comment you left on the deviation for the new YCH <33 thanks also for that ;; you're so kind <33333
Qsanart's avatar
It's a very cute piece, I love your style with normal body. It's unique. :heart:
Congrats! Keep going with these wonderful works. :love:
Piffi-sisters's avatar
Thanks a lot for saying so ;***;!! so so glad you like them!! :huggle: <3<3
Nihmei's avatar
THEY LOOK AWESOME TOGETHEER TOO !!!! T^T I really the anatomy on your drawings, it looks really good owo ! And the colors on this one is reaaaally pretty // Keep going the good work cuz i wanna see mooaar <333
Piffi-sisters's avatar
YOU WILL SEE MOOOORE *_*!! <333 I really enjoy making these!! :huggle: <3<3<3
Thanks for your comment ;;AA;;!!<33333 :heart:
Hooooooooo, woooooooooo and nice work. 
Piffi-sisters's avatar
Thanks a lot ;;**************;;!!!<3<3
asynchrony's avatar
This is amazing :heart: they both look lovely and the coloring style is honestly gorgeous! And you two got the details for both Inti and Koray perfectly ;w; thank you so much!!
Piffi-sisters's avatar
THANKS ;//////; <33333 so happy you love it <3<3 :heart: loved the characters, they're amazing together *w*!!
Happy you like the coloring style ;***; I'm trying to learn more and to try new things also! <3<3
UniverseDeer's avatar
aaaaaaaah so pretty!!! <3333333 I love all the details you put into these drawings omgggg *7*
Piffi-sisters's avatar
Thanks a lot dear ;;AAA;;!! <333 loved all the details of the characters T/////T!!!<333
condolcezza's avatar
THANKS AGAIN!! They look so gorgeous and honestly the coloring is so beautiful ;v;
Me x you was a true masterpiece of this day and age Q__Q I understand why you didn't post it though... no one else could possibly understand how amazing it really is. It's my new dA OTP <3333
almost forgot whoops, but :iconasynchrony: look at our babies together :'D
Piffi-sisters's avatar
THANKS A LOOOOT ;; <333 :huggle: <333 so happy you both loved it *w* <3333 also your note was so wonderful ;;;
Thanks for your trust and for have taken this YCH <333 \\so grateful <3<3

the me x you was a masterpiece the world can't understand...too perfect 8D
StrixiART's avatar
JKHFSF The way you color gives me life I swear. ;---; your ychs are so beautiful. I hope one day I can afford a slot because aahhhh I would LOVE. <3
Piffi-sisters's avatar
AWWW THANKS ;__;!! <333 :heart: so happy you like my coloring ;;!!<3<3 :huggle:
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