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♥♥ Welcome ♥♥

( Background TRY TuT )

This account is owned by two sisters <3

Marie & Mile

Piffi Group
you can find special
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secondary not used anymore account :


Our sister ;v; :heart: :iconmimru:
(Mimru left deviantart, she not own that account we are three sisters but she is not part of that project, if you need some info contact us but mimru prefer not join deviantart anymore ;u; )

(c) me for the chibi on top of the page

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Project Halloween

Sat Oct 6, 2018, 7:38 AM

:new: Little life Update at the bottom of this journal if you are interested to know our situation going below :new:

[Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Fanged Evil Smile  Hi sweet Piffi-Family *//7///* [Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Fanged Evil Smile 

Finally the best period of the year for me and Marie started YEEES XDDD
I found myself very organized and better focused with the Autumn Journal and I suppose this is the better way for me \T///T/
You all seems a lot involved and excited, super supportive and cheerful so this gives me the big desire to make new things \T7//T/

This time the Journal is very very full and I'm sure I need to renounce to something ;//n//;
( but maybe I split something to November TuT )
My problem is...with my species all the year is Halloween x°D I have species with a lot of scary things or black, so if I do something in November it's ok >//7//<!

Like the previous I'll update this journal frequently \TuT/!!

I'm not sure If I'll be able to do another Showcase but in case remember to apply here

Remember also to check my Instagram and my Twitter Where I usually Upload some preview *7/*

So Please Stay Tuned \T////T/ <3

:pumpkin :pumpkin  Check the New Tag to see what's new when I update :pumpkin :pumpkin 

Skeleton Hand Left Pixel Rose Divider 3 - Orange - Top Left Double Rose - Orange - Left Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Orange Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Orange Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Orange Double Rose - Orange - Right Pixel Rose Divider 3 - Orange - Top Right Skeleton Hand Right

Incoming Designs In October/Early November For halloween Project F2U - Pumpkin-Kitty icon! 

F2U Pumpkin Pixel Species : Pet Food
Theme : ( Not really ) Scary Food
Status : Done tick - ( Closed  )

Candy Cornn 

F2U Pumpkin Pixel  Species : Jammy
Theme : pumpkins
Taste : A lot of various type of different pumpkins with a little jammy inside ( I didn't know exist so many °u°  doing adopts is instructive xD )
Status :  Done tick - ( Closed )


Candy Cornn

F2U Pumpkin Pixel  Species : Piffis
Theme : Various scary theme
Info : Some theme you can find : Cerberus, ghost hunter, poison, brain, voodoo, scary cactus(?)
Status :  Done tick - ( Closed )

Candy Cornn

:pumpkin: revamp  Species : Selva Spirits
Theme : Food ( from the previous Journal )
Taste : Fruit tart / Fries apple and caramel / barley sugar / Mulled Wine
Status : Done tick - ( Closed )

Candy Cornn

Pumpkin Bullet (Right) - F2U! Species : Plushies Charmer
Theme : Just a couple, other to be decided : Playing cards - Broken Clock
Info : Probably a set of 4 corrupted plushies charmer in a mini base \TuT/
Status : Done tick - ( Closed )

Candy Cornn

Halloween Ghost  Species : Blind Lace
Theme : 2 : Arctic Owl - bloody bride
Info : Frontal View semi-chibi at least 2 ;u; I hope for more but not sure T,T no time
Status : Incoming :time: or :clock: 12 hour ( In November )

Candy Cornn

 Scared Pumpkin  Species : Shadowmonster Estra
Theme : Doll
Info : Female, in chibi base
Status :  Done tick  - ( Closed)

Candy Cornn

Scared Pumpkin  Species : Shadowmonster Alerie
Theme : White Pumpkin
Info : Male probably TuT, frontal view, young
Status : Incoming :time: or :clock: 12 hour ( In November )

Candy Cornn

Scared Pumpkin  Species : Shadowmonster Hotaru clan
Theme : Ghost nine tails Fox
Info : Female - very dark/white contrast if I be able xD , frontal View - young
:new: Status :  Done tick - ( Open )

Candy Cornn

Scared Pumpkin  Species : Shadowmonster Yuli
Theme : Witch
Info : this one is not sure, marie have to decide, surely in chibi style \;u;/ super cute a lot of pets
Status : Done tick  - ( Closed)

Candy Cornn

Bat  Species : Dark Soul
ThemePrisoner of the mirror
Info : male, fullbody
Status : Incoming :time: or :clock: 12 hour ( In November )

Candy Cornn

:WooBoo:  Species : Blind Lace Twins
Theme : we are undecided between :  Spider theme and vampire marionette we can do only one ;_;
Info if Vampire surely 2 male, Marie is undecided for the spider theme, it's a rush from me and her xD
Status : I hope to do them in November even if I want do a remake of Tea and Chocolate :time: or :clock: 12 hour

Elegant Divider 2 - bottom Elegant Divider 2 - top Elegant Divider 2 - bottom

Any Others?
( Impossible 8D even if I miss Enigma and they are perfect for halloween...sigh ;_; )
I have really a lot of ideas and not a lot of time....pray for me 8D
I'm sure I will not able to do everything but I'll do my best x°D! <3

Thanks for reading \T///T/!! I hope to do all of them \;u;/!!


Little Update about our situation

Unfortunately we are not very lucky this month...some people know because I talking about that in Discord, but I did this update for who want read.
My Husband going to Hospital because wounded his leg one day, a lot of other things and sickness but I said "ok we can do it"

A couple of days ago a car hit our Family cat and he died...
A person calling my father and we found this little lovely only 7 month old cat dead
We live in a couple of bi-familiar houses, I ( Mile)  live in one house with my husband and in the other Marie and Mimru with my mom and my dad, I considered this little cat as my own even if he lived with Marie
He escaped from the house and this happen, in the 9 a.m. morning around...Obviously the bastard who hit the cat escape without say anything or check if the cat was alive and available for medical cure...
I have a big big rage inside, this is unfair and we are devastated, because he was one of the sweet cat I ever met, gentle, and always in need of hugs...
It's unfair.
That morning we start with a lot of energy, we planned another day, and from a moment to another, all the life can change.
This is important, its something we don't have to forgot.
Bad news arrives without notice

We put ourself into work again because drawing it's something that really help me stop crying,
but we are very down, we will not be able to do everything in October and we plan to do something in November, I'm almost sure to do just Piffies, Hotaru and Yuli before Halloween, all other things later...
Doing this Journal was very hard, I did my best but I didn't update that and I put this info in the bottom because it's too hard...

we are sorry, some people said "it was only a cat, it was also young"
For us, for Marie and my Dad expecially he was a friend.

Goodbye Mik'hail, little angel, please hug Ginger and come back to us in future, we need you.

To do list

Waiting for

No rush just to keep track ;u;


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