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Resident Evil 2

A fanart.
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Ya hyped for the remake?
pietro-ant's avatar
A little. But I still didn't play it. =/
Did you play the game?
pietro-ant's avatar
Nice. I'll play it when I visit a friend. He got the game.
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Also there is free dlc in the form of the 1998 models as costumes,and extra campaigns involving non canonical journeys of characters from re2 and one named the ghost survivor
pietro-ant's avatar
Wow, this is really nice.
I hope play it asap.
theamazingworldofatt's avatar
The characters include:kendo,the mayors daughter,and two others i cannot think off the top of my head
Dude-21's avatar
oh wow! the licker is my fav, wish you'd do some more of him ^.^
pietro-ant's avatar
thank you. Maybe one day!
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This is will never stop being amazing. The amount of detail you put into this...and just the ''Oh shit'' look on Leon and Claire's face is what sells it. :rofl:
true-pain's avatar
Super Chido! Esta si que la pase varias veces! Es la mejor del PS1! Coño genial composición y estilo como de esperar. 
RestlessWolf's avatar
haha cool. Love it.
EveBrea's avatar
Amazing!!! :squee: I love it!
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Wonderful job, i love it.
where´s a bazzoka when you need it???
well you can always run like hell ans shoot every zombie the same way
art-kit's avatar
Easily the best RE:2 art ever produced !!!
(god I love how Nemesis is bombing in at the top there & the gorgeous zombi gal)
All I can say matey is thank you and don't ever stop drawing, you continue to amaze & inspire me !
pietro-ant's avatar
thank you for all these words, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will try to produce more art like that. =)
AyameSuzuki's avatar
oh my fucking awesome. Why did I not favorite the fan art of my favorite game before???
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