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Final Fantasy 7

Hello guys.
In fact I've never finished the game, I should have just played the beginning. But finally, searching my old files I found an unfinished sketch of this illustration and decided to finish.
The initial draft was only Tiffa with the chocobo, but I decided to add the chocobo farm to the background and two other characters in the story.
The original file must have been 2014 or 2015 ... I dunno.
See you.
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thats awesome bro
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Thank you so much!
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love the clouds 
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Nice one,Like it
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What fun! I love the expressions on their faces; it perfectly captures the characters. The detail on the chocobo is also good. FFVII probably has the most dramatic tonal shifts of any Final Fantasy. One moment we're in a whimsical farce, the next we're in a dark sci-fi semi-horror.
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Ah, thanks.
And yes, you are write about the mood on the game.
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Your work never disappoints. Always dynamic, always colorful, always great!
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Thank you so much!
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Always a fun game. Love all the work you put into this.
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This is definitely not trash! :D:D
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ahhah quite strange subject but i read now that is an old work, in any case quite funny^^
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Hahaha. It's game, so it's fair. xD
I re-edit the description and told a little story about that illustration.
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hhehe read it all, so never finished it? shaaaame on you pietro, shaaaaame on you XD

PS: I adore the chocobo face :D
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