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Dino Crisis 2

By pietro-ant
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... lazy...

Link para o modelo 3D que projetei. Aproveitem!!!


Mesmo assim ainda recebo os créditos por isso hein?! Hahaha, eu projetei do zero isso aí.

Link to the 3D model I designed. Enjoy!

Yet I still get credit for it huh?! Hahaha, I designed the model from scratch that's it.
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cuantos recuerdos

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animals rights activists logic: animals are innocent creatures.

animals rights activists logic after a trip to jurassic park: i have changed my mind about animals!
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Yes!!I remember this point in the DC2^^
Great work!!
F_ckin' plesiosurus'!! (=.=')
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one of the best gamez i ever played
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This game was so amazing. So is your image. Great work!
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Why didn't Dylan go into the facility with Regina?
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At this point in the game you should have enough dosh to purchase any of the 1HKO weapons against most dinosaurs. 
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O_O this is amazing i love this game! wish for a remake of first and second
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Nice! Just like the game, but with both Regina and Dylan together at the same time battling these sea monsters.
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Dylan is like always...KICK ASS!!!!! :toocool: good job!!!
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thank you so much!
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Dino crisis of the classic :3
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hehe, yes. But I my favorite is the first one!
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Oh~ I remember this. Very nice! :clap:
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thank you so much!
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