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Linked Xform Tutorial

Heres a tutorial on Linked xforms. It doesnt give an explanation of xaos or anything but just simply uses duplicate to dodge any xaos editing (if you have any questions concerning the xaos you can always come to the aposhack)
Here is a link to the tutorial of Fiery-Fire…

If you comment on this tut with a link to your result i'll put it in a tut result map…
I dont really know what groups would be interested in tuts so if you think a group is please suggest it ^^
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I am playing with it and having much fun :D :D :D
it's a great technique !
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:D thanks :) I think this technique is also very helpful :)
Good luck with the fun :D
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thanks I'm still learning fractals
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Great tute. thanks for posting it. My try at it.  UnSymmetry by CopperScaleDragon
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That's a nice simple idea :nod: yeah linked transform to cylinders works nice, you can texture them- crackle works well too :nod:
piethein21's avatar
yes :D
I guess you wherent around when i made that tut :D its good to see you found it ^^
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Here is another try of your tut Created in Jwildfire 1.61…
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Here is my try of your excellent tutorial done in Jwildfire 1.61. I used murl2 for Tx2.…
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Fabulous Tutorial, I created this using the tutorial…
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nice :D
I like the loonie one the most :D (loonie is my all time fav plugin eheh).

thanks for doing teh tut :D
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Great tutorial piethein21, Thanks for it.…
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you are really on fire arent you :D
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This one is another manipulation where I pasted the render at different locations.…
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you could have done that with julian (i think ... )
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If I only knew how to :D
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