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this is a little making of for this picture :
but you will not see the drawing work, you'll just see a little part of the compositing work

thanks for your comments
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in the event the earth stops spinning water would coalesce at the poles causing most rivers and lakes to become inland witch is wat looks like here with all the sand great work
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I hope never to see this happen, let alone be a casuality in it.
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Disaster Survival Magazine is looking for artist for each issue for post apocalyptic art 
hey man, this is awesome can i use it as a background to my gundam photo? you will be credited.. wont be used for monetary purposes
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Cheers, i'm from a Portuguese Crust band. We are finishing our 2nd CD and we are choosing some pictures for the cover and also the booklet. This picture does have what we're looking for. The album is going to be called Irae Dei and we are searching for chaotic, apocalyptic images. Can we use this picture? We will give you full credit, off course. We only need to put logo and title over the image, or some other lettering if we do not use it as cover. Nevertheless we will not modify the image. Thanks!!!
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Love this picture😍
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Awesome work. i love the lighting.

Please check link. I've use your artwork to showcase some trailer tracks I've composed. Please let me know in case this is not ok? I have given you full credit of course! Thank you so much! 

Amazing.....check your PM!
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Can I use this for my new Album's Cover? This fits the theme of it perfectly. :)
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This is great!
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Superb work! Private note sent.
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awesome really XD
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I'm putting together a slideshow for a couple of quotes i like about nature taking its territory back from civilization. I'd love to use this in it. Let me know. :)
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Is it alright if I use this picture for an example of an apocalypse in my A level work?
Really good by the way XD
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Bonjour, je m'occupe d'un 'ezine' consacré aux jeux de rôle et le thème du prochain numéro sera l'apocalypse. Je vous demande donc la permission d'utiliser cette image (en vous créditant). Le magazine est distribué en ligne gratuitement. Merci.
Would I be able to use this as a title screen for a game?
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