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Warhammer 40k Death Company Blood Angels Tribute.

By pierreloyvet
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Death Company: Making PTSD Episodes Useful Since 000.M31
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Ommnissiah! Thats awesome!Oh Noes! 
oh YEAH! These gentlemen know no fear!
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Impressive and great art work, well done. Clap Headbang! 
Wow, GREAT work:)
The only two things I could point out are:
- the dreadnought is too small in this perspective - if you  draw a stright line from the first plan marin's head to dreadnought's and to third plan marine's head and then a second line from their feet it appears that the dreadnought is exactly the same height like marines
- the bullets' lines are too parallel - some schould go from up to down and some opposite.
But I really like this work - the mood, colors, 3d, and technical effect:)
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Much like your recent DD, awesome work, really brings the W40k universe alive.

Kinda feel like I'm there in the war wracked 41st millenium, just without the risk of terrible injury and death.
Absolutely amazing
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outstanding work sir!! really capture the scene of war here. :D
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Thank you very much! :)
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Time to get the World Eaters I think. 
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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Thank you very very much Rajasegar! :)
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Great work, mate!
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they who fear none and believe, truely believe they are The Great Angle
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Thank you very much my friends for all you comments! :)
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Blood Angels!
By the blood of Sanguinius!
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