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Warhammer 40K tribute: Chaos Terminator

A new warhammer 40k fan art with a chaos space marine :D
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I can't put into words how awesome this is.
I hate that the tusk thing was coined by chaos. I fucking LOVE that!
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this is what happens when you put a Slayer CD in a microwave
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Ah ah! You're right! ^^ that is what happened! :D
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when i first looked at this i thought it was a titan
As if Chaos Marines weren't scary enough.
Superb it became my new background
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Thank you friend!
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Thank you very much! :)
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I wish if the game could use some of your awesome work in the new game
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Thank you very much!
It would be so great! :)
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This is so awesome so beautiful I ♥ this awesome work
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That is so beautiful...
Chaos heroes still together after millennia of War.

Fantastic work. It encourages us Heretics to keep going in dire times.
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For the Dark Gods! For Khorne! For Tzeentch! For Nurgle! For Slannesh! For Cthulhu!
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I always expect these guys to make a sound like an elephant instead of talking. lulz
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Say that to their face bitch.
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I usually do, sirrah.
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Great ambience and use of colors. Really... Chaos-y?
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