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Good vs Evil

Here is my participation for the contest. I had a lot of fun doing this illustration.
I tried to show that love makes the devil unconfortable. Love is the biggest weapon for good people.

Tools: Graphite pencil, scanner, Corel Painter X
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GreyFortHollies's avatar
This is my absolute favorite !
PierreFihue's avatar
Thank you. It's still one off my favorite work too.
Jubchili's avatar
so much awesome details! you should request critiques on works like this!
you are obviously a very talented artist!!! i try to draw angels and such but i fail MISERABLY!!!!!
PierreFihue's avatar
Thank you! Since you asked I have requested to receive critiques on this one. :)
Practice is the only way to get better. I failed a lot of time before this result and I'm still practicing.
Jubchili's avatar
yea i know - practice make perfect and all.......but theres is just really little time. xD
lexiejay's avatar
Is the angel attacking the demon or is the demon dragging the angel into hell?
PierreFihue's avatar
The angel try to kiss the demon. :)
lexiejay's avatar
oh, oopsies. love the detail.
PierreFihue's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you love it! :)
Cielosta's avatar
Beautiful! You captured an ideology I have upon the topic so perfectly in this work
PierreFihue's avatar
Thank you I'm glad you like it! And thanks for the :+fav: too. :)
Anilede's avatar
Hi there, I don't know if you've heard about a recent--and massive--art theft, but this piece was included in the list of stolen work. You can find the screenshot of it here: [link]
And there's more information about this big theft, which will include a huge lawsuit against the man, right here: [link]
kIsSiNgCoMets's avatar
oh wow, that little spirit looks perfectly benign. so beautiful <3. The devil's mouth is really creative :).
PierreFihue's avatar
LovingRasHell's avatar
i absolutely adore the wings! i also love the details you put into both, i love the positioning for them. so much i want to say about this piece that i just don't have the words for.
PierreFihue's avatar
Thank you very much ! :hug: And for me it's still one of my favorite work.
I'm glad you love it. :)
Thanks a lot for the :+fav: !!
LovingRasHell's avatar
you might as well just get used to me fav'n your work! XD
PierreFihue's avatar
I will have no problem with that ! :D
LovingRasHell's avatar
you better not!!! or i will hunt you down!!!
LovingRasHell's avatar
tehe! so... hi! XD
xXxFucked-UpxXx's avatar
Lovely composition, I must agree with you concerning the balance between black and white. Still....i have three questions, if i may.
1. Are the good creature's eyes closed on purpose so as to show that "Love is blind." or is it a simple coincidence?
2. Is that devil really pushing love away? I mean, i would have imagined a harsher, more vivid rejection, not to add the hate of the movement itself. In a way , though , i think i like your version better seeing how in the end hate is also a powerful type of love (but that's just my opinion)
The third question is why peacock? Why peacock feathers? I'm really curious so as to why you chose that particular bird.
p.s. i do apologize for the very long comment :lol: but i really hope you'll answer :aww:
PierreFihue's avatar
Thank you for your interest in my work, I really appreciate it.
So the good creature closes its eyes just like buddha closes his. And because when you kiss someone that you really love your eyes are closed. And it's easier to concentrate like meditation.
And the devil's pushing love away because like people in general are afraid about things they don't know.
Then I choose peacock feathers because the male peacock use them to attract the female. So I imagine it could be a way to attract the devil (I'm not say that females are devil) and because I like the texture of the peacock feathers. :)
xXxFucked-UpxXx's avatar
Wow, i did not know about the Buddha idea; a really interesting approach, captured really well, i must say.
It is actually sad when people reject love out of fear of the unknown. And i love how the devil's eyes are not facing the good creature ; it shows that fear of acknowledging what is good and so on.
I confess the first time i saw the feathers as those of a peacock, my first thought was of the Greek goddess, Hera , which , coincidentally, is the goddess of marriage. That's one of the reasons i asked you about the significance. Another reason was that,in a way, i see peacocks like proud birds that show their splendor and might with the help of their plumage, fearless of what may happen; the association with good is really unique from my point of view.
And i must thank you :) it's not every day that you find such a interesting and full of meanings piece of art , needless to say that even your gallery vibrates of beauty and fear at the same time. Do keep up the good work!
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