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My Bio
Pierre De Celles is a Canadian animator, best known for directing 1988's Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw. He was also the Supervising Director for the Spiral Zone animated series. In the 1990s, he did Ren Hoek's screaming and cackling in "Big House Blues," the pilot of The Ren and Stimpy Show.

Life and Work

Quoting his own words, Pierre De Celles “... was born early in the morning of December 14, 1951 in Montreal, Canada. My mother was superstitious and did not want me to be born on the 13th, thinking it would bring me bad luck, so she held out until one minute passed midnight to give birth. I never understood that, since her brother (my uncle) was born on the 13th and he was the luckiest man I ever knew!”. He started to draw at quite an early age and over time, using again his own words “... drawing became my joy". Uninspired by the stiff school system of his times, like many men and women of his generation, he left school to try to find his own way; Pierre De Celles adolescence is a glaring example of the 1960s counterculture movement and aspirations — including ideals of peace, free love, compassion and human fellowship, harmony with nature, communal living, artistic experimentation, sharing of resources — with its urgency to redefine social life ethos and boundaries.

Pierre De Celles started to learn by himself, practicing while working for a living: he was a newspaper courier, a milkman helper, worked in a pie factory, at 'Ogilvy' department store, etc., until he finally landed with a job in an animation studio.

Pierre De Celles Animation career span over 40 years and several countries (Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, USA, Japan, China) and he has been involved in projects with Wang’s Production (Taiwan), Warner Brothers Studio (USA), Marvel Production (USA), DIC Entertainment (France then USA), Atlantic/Kushner-Locke Inc. (USA), Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc. (USA) among others.

He is an appreciated draftsman and painter, in 2004 a main exhibition of his 'Zhong Kui' paintings along with painting of his artist friend Mr. Dong Zhi Yi, was organized by the Shang Hai International Cultural Communication Association and shown in Shang Hai, the opening ceremony hosted by Canadian consulate general Robert B. Mackenzie.

Pierre De Celles most sought-after paintings and drawings include the “Zhong Kui” series, “Red Riding Hood” series, “Don Quixote” series, “U.F.O” series, and “Buddha” series.

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You used to do production work for Sonic Underground!?

Thanks for the memories Mr. DeCelles!

I how you're real and not a fraud because we get those alot

Hi, Mr. Pierre DeCelles,

I watched the movie called, "Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw" in 1988. It was awesome.
Thank you, that was a very difficult movie to make because they gave us less than 1 year to make it. I wished they would have asked me to make another one, it would be much better. Anyways we are working on a new feature film called "Feathertop" please stay tuned for this :)
Yes, sir. I understand. :) Thank you.
Hey Pierre. I'm a huge fan of the movie pound puppies. I always feel like...you know...collaborating on a project sometime. I am working on rides for theme parks and Resorts. Maybe we can come up with some ideas for a ride one day,and hopefully a theme park will take us seriously and hire us. If you are interested,please send me a note.

Thank you
Noah Boyd

Thank you Astralseed for your help. I think about the time it takes to do the blog and just have such little time to update. But got a chance to see how things are going and got more illustrations on the way :)