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Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch form Marvel! I love this character :)
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Scarlet looks so mystically and cool on how you designed her. She should certainly keep this costume. Bare midriff suites her.

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Wonderful, great work :)
"Stop it Pietro! You can't start a fight with everyone who looks at Wanda!"
"Yes I can! Rogers! Barton! Let go of me!"
"Well tell her to put some goddam clothes on when she goes out then!"
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Lovely artwork^^
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You're welcome.
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A great job :)
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your welcome :)
Very nice picture. Any chance you can show the Scarlet-Witch from the 1994 Ironman animated series? Personally I've always thought that Scarlet-Witch was hotter than the one from The Avengers.
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I have to check her costume of that times because I don't have in mind how it's done :)
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This coloring is quite beautiful.

I love the blue background, it really contrasts well.

And thank you for submitting this to In The Panels.

:iconinthepanels: :iconinthepanels: :iconinthepanels:

If possible, please consider joining.
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nice pose and great coloring skin so realistic
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I think Magneto might crush me that I've seen his daughter in her 'unmentionables'.
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You can't imagine what he did to me ;)
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