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R1 ported to 7 - Update

The start menu searchbox finally came back, but the blur remains :)

The shellstyle are no longer images but gradient colors ;)

Using the Multicolor Complete Top Shell by ~Artur89SD: [link]

6 colors: generic, documents, music, phodeos, games and contacts.
Control panel panes are all based on generic layout style.

The contacts new pane only appears when shell32.dll is replaced. And this shell32.dll makes explorer crash when opening the contacts folder with another theme applied. You're warned.

X86 only

97dpi recommanded except if You use IE
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Awesome theme! Very nice work!
TheDhruv's avatar
I am use this theme In my next skin pack called Longhorn OS SkinPack
TheDhruv's avatar
sorry i cant use it
rambo2009's avatar
Can you make a 64bit version pls ? :((
Rafax64's avatar
I Love Longhorn! great!
fediaFedia's avatar
How's it going? Still liking longhorn I see :)
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I'm goin fine. Nice to read you ;)

It's just a reupload because the deviation was no longer reachable since the longhornfusion group closed.

But I still love longhorn (now using the R2 from Panda)
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It amazes me that people would want Windows 7 to look like the prototype of a previous and inferior version of Windows.

Good job regardless, the theme is really well made.
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Genious work using gradiant colors in shellstyle instead of images!:thumbsup:
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It highly decreases the size of the theme. It loads and works faster.
I always try to have the less image elements.
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yes, I figured out & that really very impressive work of yours indeed!
Btw, thanks for the reply...
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