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Achaes -Cherru Art Trade- ::

By pieon
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Here you go Cherry <333
I had fun drawing Achaes~ Achaes has pretty colours ololol <3 c:

I hope you like it because I actually... love the shading ;w; *pokes* shading looks purdy...

Achaes (c) :iconcherrhyu:

Image (c) :iconpieon:
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© 2008 - 2021 pieon
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jennypip's avatar
couple of quick questions

and how did you make your avatar...mines boring

and I looove this soo soo much, bootyfull
ima watch u
pieon's avatar
xD If you like, I'll show you the basics, though I'm still learning.

I just made my avitar in paint, it's animated in photoshop x3

Thankyou for the comment AND the watch. <3
jennypip's avatar
That would be incredible thank you D D

its a very nice avatar, what size was the paint window thingy...i shall attempt to make one.

and no problmeo D:D
pieon's avatar
The size of the paint window was 50x50 c:
A normal avi size yusyus

jennypip's avatar
of course, me sir, is think lolol

you know, you should maybe consider doing a tutorial thingy, or a step by step of one of your artys :D lol

pieon's avatar
Lol no one would use the tutorial. ;D
Trust me~
jennypip's avatar
I dunno, I bet loads would use me ;)
id use it, honestly id think loads of people would use the tutorial coz ur art is really quite good ^^
Dobiba's avatar
this looks so damn cool :#1: cool coloring
pieon's avatar
Thankyou ;w;
Dobiba's avatar
chariflame's avatar
...Wowwww the colours are amazing.
pieon's avatar
Thank you ;w;
Pinkie-Pichu's avatar
Was this made in PS?

Anyway, you have improved SOOOOO much, Pieon, I can't believe it. Seriously, I'm speechless; this is awesome.
pieon's avatar
Yes it was <3 All thanks to you~

And thankyou ;;
Everyone keeps saying this to me... makes me happy ;w;
Thankyou dhdsfkdf
Pinkie-Pichu's avatar
Yeah, well I hope you realised how much you've improved yourself.

Hey, how's GCSE art working out for you?
pieon's avatar
I've actually not realised ;w;

And my GCSE art is working out fine! Though it's not what I thought it would be like. D:
It's more copying other artists, but then, that's how you learn~
How's college? c:
Pinkie-Pichu's avatar
Yeah, but you do get to learn about other artists. be sure to expand on the copying and be 'inspired' by those artists ie. take a feature you like from their work and integrate it into your own ideas.

College is lots of hard work. I've got an ICT AS exam (3 hours!!) which I'm revising for now; I'm taking it on the 12th. Then it's parents evening and I'm underacheiving in chemistry apparently so hopefully the teachers won't be too harsh on me (I think I did write robably the best essay in chemistry as my last h/w assignment so thta might earn me some brownie points X3)

Aside from that, it's ok. Thanks for asking.
pieon's avatar
Indeed you do learn from other artists. c:
That's how I became one in the first place! But that was because of the Internet. 8D;

Chemistry is actually a hard subject, I've found it quite difficult in Senior school so know how it's like to "underachieve" in that category there. But hopefully they WON'T be harsh on you... if they are... they just don't understand the complication of the subject. x3
I hope that ICT exam went well by the way! c:

And it's no problem~ c:
Pinkie-Pichu's avatar
I haven't had the exam yet; it's on the 12th *is meant to be doing revision now*

Yeah, lets hope my teachers will say good things about me at parent's evening, although I'm sure they will.

Take care, Pieon. ;3
Yukii-Maru's avatar
gosh stop getting better already
I lovelove the darkkkk atmosphere and how you played with the lighting fff
the concept is just awesome
and the eyes glowing in the dark are like WOAHSHIZ
pieon's avatar
I ALWAYS DRAW LIKE THI-- .... no wait...
Any whos ;w;

Thankyou and and thankyou and gdshudfskjdfsfdsjsnhfk
kitsune-okami's avatar
kjhskjfd Freak you!<3 This Is Amazing!
-bows- You are god.
ILU and I'm faving this no matter what you say.
pieon's avatar
I give up on you kit udfshfndsk ololol

;; Thankyou for da fave of doom... it makes my day dshfjkn *shot* <3
ShadowSquishy's avatar
That shading is so gorgeous. o3o
I love the light mist by his front paws. <3
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