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Twilight Sparkle for President

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Politicians are quoting Twilight Sparkle nowadays, so naturally Twilight should run for president herself. I for one welcome the first pony president.…
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Just a friendly reminder that Twitter and Facebook will abuse censorship and sec 230 in the name of spite against conservatives and have already banned Trump

I’d vote for her.
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She makes a good Trump xD
Looks like Twilight's played her Trump card.

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My mom saw something like this on Twitter I think.
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but i though trump was this pon3:
Diamond Trump by Jeatz-Axl
No, she was Hillary because she lost.
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"I'm gonna be president*
*crowds cheering*
"I'll also make Equestria great again"
*more cheering*
*party through the street*
*Equestria officially under lockdown due to excessive partying*
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I'm going to build a wall and make the changlings pay for it.
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NOOOOOO she's gonna teach us EVERYTHING about friendship if she's president ;-; someone stop HER!
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If she's running, then who's running against her? I say Pinkie or Trixie
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Wait, would Trixie be Hillary?
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"Cadence... is so corrupt... shes a pathological liar."

"We need friendship, we don't have it. When flutter shy comes out and she talks about the border..."

"Nobody has gone for my hooves. I assure you there is no problem."

"You wanna go back to them, or do you wanna stay with Twilight Sparkle?"
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"Im gonna build a wall and make mexicolt pay for it."
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*Griffon Stone 
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lets build a wall between us and the changelings
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So what's twilight gonna do?

Build a great magical wall of rainbows??
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