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The Guide is a furry and he's in love

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"I'm quite fond of the zoologist. We have a lot in common"
as spoken in game, like a poet
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GaruuSpikeHobbyist Writer

If the NPCs in this game actually had conversations with each other, then I'm sure the Guide would eventually tell the Zoologist that she turns into a were-fox on full moons. She's not dangerous or anything, but she doesn't like company and tells people to piss off

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I saw a comic with this about them two talking about curses

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I like this picture, but she's only a furry during a full/blood moon
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embreadimentNew Deviant

the guide boutta donate 4 platinum coins

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LumberLadyStudent Digital Artist

he want to clap dem furry cheeks

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AlmyriganHeroHobbyist Digital Artist

No way, the Guide is a True Gamer 100% Sans Fortnite Dab

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justnickelHobbyist Digital Artist

the guide also intrested in clothier (because they're all cursed)

does that makes him also gerontophile and gay/bi?

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XxKoxsGamerxXStudent Digital Artist

Guide being in love with a furry + Terraria, Cute Combo Nice

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LGeoYTHobbyist General Artist

Yare yare daze

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Human and a female dog
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OOOOO! He in love with a furry!Heart

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GunHybridizationStudent Digital Artist

Oh god, it's this ad again XD

I'm curious how many furries were made from that video.

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Lincoln375950New Deviant
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Jetvoidfox96Student General Artist
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Katapotato55Hobbyist Digital Artist

a shame i am going to donate him to a pit of lava soon

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Psychohawk47Hobbyist General Artist

This looks really cute.

By the way, love the YouTube videos...

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the zoologist is my waifu in the game, I gave her the biggest best 3 story house and everyone else lives in a dirt shack

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thesinkisshippingHobbyist Digital Artist

thats the most simp thing i've heard someone do

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What can I say? I'm a girl who loves characters with animal ears XD

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thesinkisshippingHobbyist Digital Artist


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I like how nobody can tell if the Zoologist is fully anthro or if she's just a human with fox ears and a fox tail a la anime cat girls.

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ElectricLime363Hobbyist Writer
She is a girl with fox ears and a fox tail, until she transforms into her Werefox form. If you don't believe me, compare the face of her human form with the other NPCs.
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PiemationsArtProfessional Digital Artist

truthfully she's probably anime cat girl but i just.... can't stand that look lol

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Me neither, that's the reason why I went with a fully anthropomorphic kitsune for my fursona rather than how everyone else does kitsune characters, in which they're just humans with fox ears and fox tail(s).

But hey, that's what happens when weeaboos are the dominant species of the internet, and weeaboos and furries have been at odds with each other for years.

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