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Pride Bird

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Are you ever going to use this character in your animations
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J3r3my7Hobbyist Artist

Look up Bird Restaurant.

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Blocko-maniacHobbyist Writer

yo he got the gangstalicious gear

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We have to report this. That's just too much fabulousness for anyone to handle.

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Is this Pyrocynical's DVA cosplay?

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You’ve got the power of Bi and Anime on your side XD
Happy Pride Month! ^-^
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Thats hot 🥵

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Ayyy!! A fellow bi!! God, there's so many bi's coming out of the pantry now, here on DA. Wonder why there's so many compared to gays or aces?

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awesome work as always. when is the next installment of suction cup man saga, Suction Cup Man 4: The Long Climb to Heaven. the one where he climbs to heaven and just says fuck you to god.

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CakecCartoons66Hobbyist Digital Artist

aw hecc yeah

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StardustAstroHobbyist General Artist

Bi pride! Yeah! bi flag waving

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Rico-MissleKid7Professional General Artist
Its all about celebrating people's preferences. And it feels like kinda boring small talk to me. The equivalent of having a long conversation about how i like Pepsi but my friend prefers coke. I don't see why people think it's worth parading over nor fighting over. It's like arguing over which football team is the best. They're all the same. They're all just people. It seems to me that pride and ego go hand and hand, and everyone should surrender their egos and just live as equals regardless.
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Rico-MissleKid7Professional General Artist
Could you imagine people parading down the street with Pepsi signs? And they'd all be "spreading awareness" of their love of pepsi, spreading rather insignificant info about themselves? And possibly causing arguments ove the most insignificant difference's about each other? Doesn't all this seem like very pitiful stuff to argue about? Im not arguing. Im not taking a side here. Im saying that screaming for peace is like having sex to keep your virginity. Peace is not achieved by picking sides. Yes you can be gay, and yes i can be straight, and yes we could still get along if we Both respected Each Others opinions and preferences in Life, and Live as Equals Regardless of who we are.
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very bad comparison

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Extremely bad take.

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eNat666Hobbyist Digital Artist

It would be accurate if ppl would tell yo that if you like pepsi ur a pedo or liking pepsi is illegal in your country or you could get killed/beaten up just for liking it

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Isacc20Hobbyist Digital Artist

Look at the boy go!

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KyubeyContractHobbyist Digital Artist


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Nothing can stop him. well except for a very clean window.

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ArdomewHobbyist Traditional Artist


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LockiezzStudent General Artist

flaunt it girl!

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advancedfleaHobbyist Writer

Such a fabulous birb!

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lilapplegirlHobbyist General Artist

crop top!

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LordShrekzilla20Hobbyist Digital Artist


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