Trades/Resells (Princeton, Phloxebutt Lf: babs+)

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Some Highlights


All Trades/Resales:…

Also Offering Custom Protogens (or general customs)

Toaster Snax Protogens .:1 Left:.


  • Please allow a week to pass before asking me about my decision!

  • I cannot accept anything over the value of the design

  • I will accept dA points for resells $30 or less! ($1 = 100 points)

  • Resells = prices in their title

  • Designs under the Trade Section with prices = voucher only

  • Holds:

  • Under $30 -> up to 24 hours.

  • $31-$100 -> up to 72 hours.

  • $100+ -> up to 1 week-2 weeks depending on how much the design is.

  • Payment plans are only for designs $50+

  • Please give specific estimate of when each payment will be received/how much each payment will be.

  • Feel free to haggle if needed!

💖 Looking For

-Mantibabs!! Any from this folder are ones I'm particularly fond of/looking for:…

Though I'll consider any and will offer multiple designs if needed!

- Pouflon items (coins/traits/etc) Mainly looking for Shark Teeth, Little Legend Add-on, Royal Traits, but will look at anything! My wistlist:

Pouf Wanted List

Top Priority 🦈 Shark Teeth (or Shark

- Any @arboret/leveret designs (mainly anthro dogs/wolves/other canine species)

You can see more examples in my TH favorites:

⛔ Do not offer art or any designs not on the list! 🛍️ Physical Trade Items:

🧸Build-A-Bear & More: If you happened to have any of these items on hand and don't mind shipping them to a pie out there somewhere, I'd trade any design up for trade for these! May offer multiples depending on what's offered. If you have any BAB (or BAB clothes, no dress/skirts) that's similar to these that you think I might like, don't be afraid to show me! I can also offer any art or customs, just let me know what you're interested in! :3c

🎉 High Priority!! Birthday Treat Bear, BAB Pinata, ANY Cookie or Sprinkle BAB (Sugar Cookie fav), and ANY Large Carebears (preferably Sunshine and Sharebear):


If they come with plushie BAB food, all the better!!!!

🐺Top Priority!!

  • BAB Gray WOLF! from Great Wolf Lodge Got! May Consider 2nd one!

  • BAB 2021 Mermaid Mer-bear

  • BAB Candy Unicorn WITH Pumpkin Spice Scent

  • ANY Pumpkin Spice Latte Shirt that would fit a BAB

  • BAB Pumpkin Spice Latte Wristie

👔Well Suited BABs (please include hats for ones that have them)

  • BAB Navy Business Suit 2 pc.

  • BAB Police Officer Uniform 3 pc.

  • BAB Naval Officer Uniform 3 pc. !!! Got!

  • BAB Marine Uniform 3 pc. !!!

  • BAB Christmas Suit

  • BAB Black Tuxedo 2 pc.

  • BAB Vest & Bow Tie Top

  • BAB Black Pinstripe Vest & Tie Got similar!

  • BAB Bear Hugs Hoodie

  • BAB Reindeer Bell Collar (or any bell collar for plushies please)

  • BAB Out of This World T-Shirt

  • BAB Houndstooth Coat

  • BAB Black Puffer Jacket

  • BAB Plaid Blanket Scarf

  • BAB Heart Hoodie

  • BAB Christmas Sweater

  • BAB Hot Cocoa Mug!! (so heartbroken I missed this during Christmas in July sale...)

👟BAB Shoe Selection

  • Build A Bear Workshop Black Canvas High-Tops

  • Build A Bear Workshop Black Combat Boots

  • BAB Metallic Low Top Shoes

  • BAB Bearland Boots

  • BAB Beary Turf Shoe

  • BAB Black Dress Shoes

  • BAB Rainbow Roller Skates

  • BAB Snow Magical Glisten

  • BAB Lil' Cub Buttercream Got!

  • BAB Rainbow WOLF! from Great Wolf Lodge

  • Fang Amiibo card (only looking for official card to match my collection, no bootleg please)

  • Wolf link, SSB Link, or SSB Zelda Amiibo

  • Build-a-Bear metallic suit/boots

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Would you be interested in one of the physical items for these designs?

(I’m most interested in the second and third ones)

PieCuddlie's avatar

I'd be interested in trading all of them for 1 item! Did you have a specific item or would it be any item from the list? :3

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PieCuddlie's avatar

Alrighty, mind if I note you the details? *u*

GriffinDragonhands's avatar

I don't mind at all! I was gonna ask you to note me the details anyways

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PieCuddlie's avatar

Absolutely, you got it! You may send payment here:

Let me know if you have a TH for me to transfer the designs to, otherwise I'll send you the files on here! ;U;/

Kitkaloid's avatar

sent!! my th is kitkaloid, thank you so much *__*

PieCuddlie's avatar

Got it, designs have been transferred. Thank you so much as well!!

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