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Opening 10 more slots!

Also I have changed option A for you guys to be given the Nacho base as I'm retiring my use for it. However I am taking the Snack Base transfer away and added an additional option (Option S) for me to draw your Gummi Shark on the newest base! Hopefully this will go as smoothly as last time. ;u;/

Hi guys, I want to make this as simple and painless as possible, so please be sure to read everything below!

Gummi Shark General Info:

.:OUTDATED Read Below:. by PieCuddlie


*You cannot sell or trade your MYO slot! You may only sell/trade your already made MYO.
*However you can claim a MYO slot for someone else.
*You may claim as many slots as you'd like.
*Be sure to let me know which option you would like in your claim comment!
*No holds! Please pay within an hour of me noting you my paypal.
*DO NOT upload publicly until I approve your MYO!!!!!!!
*Once you claim a slot(s), I'll note you my paypal. Once paid, finish your MYO and then note me with your MYO and this form:
Reference of MYO: [insert finished MYO here]
Marking Type:
Body Palette: [should be two colors; no white]
Ear Type:
Eye Type:
Dom Personality:
Dom Sub-Personality:

Round Opening Times:

Surprise openings for now!

What is allowed:

*For solid markings, you don't have to stay in the exact hue for the markings to still count as solid:
Solid Limit by PieCuddlie
*You may add accessories, but please give me a naked version in addition to the accessorized version so I can see the markings clearly!
*For solid marking Gummi Sharks, you may add non-organic shapes/patterns to them. (as shown on the info sheet)
*Keep spots/dots to a minimal, too many spots would count as Giraffe Dotted.
*Ears and tail can be any size and shape (other than the ones listed in the not allowed section)!
*Any common markings!

What is not allowed:

*Any rare features (decided against it for this round)
*Body covered in too many spots (more than 40%)
*Anything that would be an abnormality for Gummi Sharks (ei. multiple limbs, more than one eye, wings, fur, ect.)
*Mitch-matched ear types or folded-ears
*Bi-colored mixed with Sugar Freckled

MYO Options:

:new: Option S: $45 for a slot and for your Gummi Shark to be drawn by me onto this base (you may also ask for the small base if needed!): Base Preview (Also Gummi Shark Set Tease) by PieCuddlie
Option A: $30 a MYO slot and to be given the Nacho base Nacho Sweets+Gummi Pups .:Closed:. by PieCuddlie
Option B: $25 for a MYO slot and to be given the small base Small preview by PieCuddlie
Option C: $20 for a no base MYO

This Round's Slots:
  1. lilly-wise Option S Paid and Approved! [Base Transferred]
  2. lilly-wise Option S Paid and Approved!
  3. Xauve Paid and Approved!
  4. Kingdomkey Paid and Approved!
  5. Kingdomkey Paid and Approved!
  6. Kingdomkey Paid and Approved!
  7. odopug Paid and Approved! [Base Transferred]
  8. Dragon-Lady-NFLD
  9. Kingdomkey Paid
  10. KlockworkKat Paid
Previous Round's Slots
  1. QueenPoppy Paid and Approved! [Base Transferred]
  2. lilly-wise Paid and Approved! [Base Transferred]
  3. lilly-wise Paid and Approved! [Base Transferred]
  4. Yukonix Paid and Approved! [Base Transferred]
  5. mild-arts Paid and Approved! [Base Transferred]
  6. Kingdomkey Paid and Approved!
  7. Kingdomkey Paid and Approved!
  8. Kingdomkey Paid and Approved!
  9. KlockworkKat Paid and Approved!
  10. Whelms Paid and Approved!
  11. KlockworkKat Paid and Approved!
  12. Nekofawx Paid and Approved!
  13. Superhglg Paid and Approved! [Base Transferred]
  14. Dexkin Paid and Approved!
  15. Death-and-Dreams Paid and Approved!
  16. BentSpoons Paid
  17. BentSpoons Paid
  18. QueenPoppy Paid
  19. Kingdomkey Paid and Approved!
  20. Kingdomkey Paid and Approved!

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-whisper- Can I buy the last two slots? One for me and one for :iconklockworkkat: