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-11/28/17: :new: An entire new masterlist is in the process of being made for all Candy World species!

★★★ :iconcandyworldcatalogue: candyworldcatalogue is the new masterlist! ★★★

★ Getting Your Gummi Shark on Masterlist ★

  • Either wait for them to be uploaded
  • Or submit them yourself by sending the watermarked file to as an attachment
    • Do not attach files from Google Drive, only attach it from your computer or device!
    • Leave your username in the body of the email!
    • This would be needed to submit finished MYOs that were not rebased by PieCuddlie

★ How to find your Gummi Shark:

  • Search by year
  • Go to the folder of the year your Gummi Shark was uploaded
  • Search by set number (found on the Set Masterlist)
  • Search by adoptable number

★ Gummi Shark Set Masterlist

Refer to this masterlist to get your Gummi Shark's set number…

★ Google Drive of Gummi Sharks/Pups ★

For ease sake, I've watermarked every individual Gummi Shark/Pup file I had access to with the required watermark for you guys to use for the masterlist!:…

Just a heads up, there may be duplicates in there! Each Gummi Shark/Pup file is organized by year (an exception to this would be my personal Gummi Sharks). At the moment it may be a bit chaotic with the folders since a lot of the file names were numbers, but hopefully at some point I can put more order to them.

★ Can't find your Gummi Shark/Pup in the Google Drive Folders?

The is always a possibility I may have missed a pup or shark while watermarking and uploading to the drive. If you cannot find your Gummi Shark/Pup, you are free to use the watermark supplied in the drive to watermark the individual file you have. Please only use that watermark when making a file to upload to the masterlist!

★ Need an individual file?

If you find that you have lost a file and you cannot find your shark/pup in the drive either, you may contact me here to let me know! Please provide a proof of purchase, trade, or gifting when noting me for the file.

★ Updating Ownership ★

To update an ownership, find your Gummi Shark's deviation and have:
  • The previous owner comment who the new owner is and how they got them
  • Or have the new owner comment who they've received it from (requires confirmation)

★ Editing Gummi Shark/Pup ★

To make an edit to a Gummi Shark or pup, refer to this post here:…

You may also update the design by replying to this comment or noting me:…

★ Questions/Suggestions?

If you have any suggestions or questions about the masterlist, let me know down below! Thank you so much for reading and I this all works out! *^*

Old masterlistIt's about time I made a masterlist... I made many attempts to approach this matter since there are so many Gummi Sharks and Pups out there. A solution has finally been made though, tumblr was the way I could accheive it! Why tumblr? Because it allows submissions from others AND allows them to tag their post from a selection of tags! *U* Also you do not need to log in to post, all that is needed is a name and email! I wanted to make a masterlist where owners could submit their own entries without having to wait long to see them put up on the masterlist. So without further ado, here is the Gummi Shark Masterlist:
>>Link to Masterlist<<

Uploading Your Gummi Shark/Pup

To upload your Gummi Shark and/or Pup, you can go under the "Upload" section and make a submission there. Be sure to read all the rules listed before uploading! (note: you can only upload 1 picture so far, so don't wo
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Oh, what a neat way to organise them!
Will get to adding my sharkies when I get a chance :3
It's also fun to go back and look at all the old sharks ^w^
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Hi there! If you don't know the original date of design can you leave it blank?
PieCuddlie's avatar
Yes you may, I'll edit the post myself to add the date it was designed!
QueenPoppy's avatar
You're a star, this is a great idea! Will start now<33
PieCuddlie's avatar
OH just a heads up, be sure to post the watermarked image (with the Gummi Shark watermark) if possible!
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-----------------Reply here to update a design!-------------------------
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Got this bab back on 6th Jan:
From here: .:Snack Sharks Customs 11:.

From Prismatic-Angel

(Commenting here since they're not on the new list yet and to get confirmation since there wasn't any comment for me to confirm this on.)

Edit: Have given them to Ryuutenshi01134
Prismatic-Angel's avatar
SORRY I COULDNT DO IT MYSELF LATELY AKSJAJA there’s a lOT if stuff happening rn and it’s been taking all my energY

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Candy Gummi Pups [More 4 Everyone] .:Closed:. by Pietastic-Creations
4 from here was sold to me a while back.
Yesterday I traded them to / New owner is LullabyPrince!
JeLapin's avatar
Rebelmechwolf's avatar
Hi there!
Just to let you know that 10 and 13 from this set:  .:Snack Gummi Sharks 14:. [+Updates!] by Pietastic-Creations
now belong to Halowjii 
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