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.:Snack Sharks Customs 11:.

Woop woop finally finished all of these! I'll probably only take a few of these at a time for the next few weeks/months because I want to focus on making some adopt sets and developing Gummi Sharks a bit more. ;u; (Also I seem to be in a design rut every other week or so and, well, school work uggh) Thank you for ordering once again you guys, I can't thank you enough for your patience!

OH And the last one is actually mine at the moment, though I was not sure what colors to make him, so he'll just look like this for the time being.

*Please ask for permission to resale these. Resell/Trade/Gifting Policy:…
*This is a temporarily closed species.
*Minor edits are allowed. If you're wondering about an edit, feel free to ask about it.
*Be sure to credit me for making the design when you first draw it.
*Please do not give them rare markings/personalities/sub-personalities unless they are marked as being able to. ;H; That way they'll keep rare.
*Feel free to give them a new wardrobe.
*Have fun with them Lovelies! *3*

1. Kaiyasha-Amaterasu 
2. xXCandyAngelXx 
3. Faux-Storm 
4. Petite-Colette 
5. LunarEden 
6. Fayren 
7. teekyo 
8. Mine

More info on Gummi Sharks here:

Gummi Shark Info [General] (New Marking) by PieologyGummi Shark Info [Personalites and Moods] (New!) by PieologyGummi Shark Info [Gender Part I] by PieologyGummi Shark Info [Sub-Personalities] by Pieology

Species, Design and Art(c)Pieology
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There are so many gorgeous designs omg <33
Pie you're so fab at designing I'm cry >W<
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Hhh this sheet is GORGEOUS, that pale green 5th one is to die for! And the eyes on the 2nd mmm.... * *

Of course I am thrilled to pieces about my girl, thank you SO MUCH you totally killed it on her design! : )
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These are beautiful! I love the palettes that were chosen for these darlings.
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OMG TOTALLY FORGOT TO REPLY TO UR NOTE? but yes omfg i love my angel, thank you so much pie :3c