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.:Snack Gummi Sharks 14:. [+Updates!]


Gummi Shark General Info:

.:Gummi Shark General Info Sheet:. [Update] by Pieology

These are customs and grown forms I did over the past few months! Oh okay so as I was gathering these up, I just realized there's a WHOLE BUNCH of customs I finished but never posted up??? Also base transfers and grown versions?????? So expect to see those soon.... I do plan to open up some custom slots tonight, so keep an eye out for those as well! (don't ask how I forgot to post ENTIRE BATCHES of customs idk how, maybe I've been working to the bone too much)

In addition to that news, the Gummi Shark site has progressed immensely the last few days! I'm hoping so much that I'll have it up sometime this month!! To see how much progress I've made, you can have a look here:
To-do List (Updated Sorta)Key:
:bulletblue: = Planning to Work on/Working on today
:star: = Finished!
Customs/Base Transfers:
MYO Gummi Shark Snack base transfers: ?
YCH Mantibabs 4/4 sketched, 0/4 lined, 0/4 colored :bulletblue:


AppleRat trade 1/2 line, 1/2 colored (awaiting one form)???Kingdomkey trade for bab 0/2 lined, 0/2 colored :bulletblue:
Custom Pie CageCYOP Pudding Clinger2 Gummy Chibis2 CYOP Gummi Sharks5 Custom Gummi Pups
Species Related Projects:
Get Glimmer's Salon up!
Gummi Shark Website Sections:General Layout: Planned; 50% done
-Homepage: 100% done!! :star:
Intro Section: 100% done!! :star:
-Biology Section: 25% done-Society Section: 80% done-Origin Section: 0% done-World Section: 50% done

ALSO I updated the To-do-list and I'm sure I've missed some things, so if I owe you something that isn't on there, let me know in the comments of the to-do-list journal (not here please for organization purposes)

*Please ask for permission to resale these. Resell/Trade/Gifting Policy:…
*This is a closed species.
*Minor edits are allowed. If you're wondering about an edit, feel free to ask about it.
*Be sure to credit me for making the design when you first draw it.
*You may change their dominant personality and sub-personality as long as it's common! (If your Gummi Shark has a rare dominant personality or sub-personality, you may change it to any other common or rare dominant personality or sub-personality)
*Please do not give them rare markings/dominant personalities/dominant sub-personalities unless they are marked as being able to. That way they'll keep rare.
*Have fun with them Lovelies! *3*

1. defigure
2. KurosuAi
3. Rebelmechwolf
Note: This gummi shark has the following rare markings:
Rainbow Drip (rare)
4. KlockworkKat
5. LunarAdopts

6. Kingdomkey 
7. @
8. @
9. @
10. Rebelmechwolf

11. Kavaro
Note: This gummi shark has the following rare markings:
Rainbow Drip (rare)

12. saltinesmores
13. Rebelmechwolf
14. SweetSouls
15. hisironicprincess

Species, Design and Art(c)Pieology
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pork-chops's avatar
THose first ones on the bottom two rows are absolutely stunning.
mild-arts's avatar
I really like the first sharks of the first and third rows
Rebelmechwolf's avatar
Everyone's sharks are so pretty! You did a great job on them all :3
Thank you again for all my sharks; I'm so happy I was able to get them ^w^
KlockworkKat's avatar
This set came out so beautifully *___* My Orleans-- and my Stein-- I'm so super satisfied with them YOU ALWAYS DO SUCH GOOD WORK h;hLFHASFWE
Kingdomkey's avatar
^^- Such a beautiful set~! I'm so glad I got to see you stream a bunch of these~

Thank you soooo much for the lovelies~
Forkwands's avatar
Dayum. These are some gorgeous looking sharkies.
IDK how it's possible but I'm jealous of every single one of these lol.
Kudos and keep up the great work!
Yukonix's avatar
Holy crow! These sharks are drop dead gorgeous! :iconlainloveplz: 
defigure's avatar
I'd like to marry all the sharks k
PieCuddlie's avatar
First you gotta manage to put a ring on their fingers-- good luck! LMAO
For real though, I'm glad you like them! *u*
defigure's avatar
gonna get my hand bitten off yaaaayyyyyy
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