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The new General Info Sheet can be found here:
.:Gummi Shark General Info Sheet:. [2016] by Pieology

WOWIE, after lots of focus and overcoming a recent writing block, I think I've finally finish the "brief" general part of Gummi Shark info! It's a lot to take in I know, I've been developing this species for way too long for sure HAHA! Hopefully I'll finish the website to go along with this sheet in due time for those who like their information on separate pages. There will be additional information about Gummi Sharks (including additional rarities that aren't mentioned here, mutations, Gummi Shark social structure, languages, ect.) and more detailed explanations of the sections below on the site as well!

I'd like to mention some information has been changed and some has been added that should have been added a long time ago, but I never officially written down. Personalities and Sub-personalities have been edited the most, now including explanations to each and some changed or replaced with others for various of reasons. This is the most current information, so feel free to adjust your Gummi Shark to follow it! (Note to those waiting for their customs, feel free to renote me with any edits you want to make to forms involving this update if you'd like!)  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about anything!

Also here's some general rules and such with Gummi Sharks:

*Please ask for permission to resale these. Resell/Trade/Gifting Policy:…
*This is a closed species.
*Minor edits are allowed. If you're wondering about an edit, feel free to ask about it.
*You may change their dominant personality and sub-personality as long as it's common! (If your Gummi Shark has a rare dominant personality or sub-personality, you may change it to any other common or rare dominant personality or sub-personality)
*Please do not give them rare markings/dominant personalities/dominant sub-personalities unless they are marked as being able to. That way they'll keep rare.

Gummi Shark Website:

Disclaimer: This website is highly detailed and is for those that are curious to know everything about Gummi Sharks. If you want more detail but just want to browse through for a little bit, it is suggested you go through the "Get Started Here!" sections!

Also if you catch any typos, let me know and I'll fix them! (there are bound to be plenty...)

Short Description

Gummi Sharks, sometimes called "Sharkies", are furless creatures made of a chewy gelatin substance filled with sugar. They originate from a world entirely made of candy, pasties, and other sugary sweets; even the creatures there are sugar themselves! Despite life here literally being a "sweet life", it is a pretty brutal world at the moment. This doesn't really matter to the Gummi Shark population however, as they are not even believed to exist by life outside of the Jelly Sea, and only a few are knowledgeable of what they are. Life is very difficult for Gummi Sharks, they have their own society to worry about! Their isolated society is less than ideal in other creatures' eyes, their values being along the lines of the crueler and more power-hungry you are, the more respected you'll be. Anarchy seems to be the only sort of official government within it. Yet somehow they are ruled and governed by the many layers of gangs that are formed, most of which are stitched into one network ruled by one intimidating and most powerful Gummi Shark.

Body Details


Generally an adult Gummi Shark can vary in size as much as a human being can, although the average fully grown height is between 5' 4" and 6' 0" regardless of sex. They have humanoid faces, hands, and body structure as a whole, except their legs and feet have canine features. Their hands are webbed and they have quite large tails with fins to help them swim.
Each Gummi Shark has multiple rows of sharp teeth for easy tearing of skin, meat, and bones and replacement of any teeth lost in the front row. Biologically male Gummi Sharks have a very "tooth" that is located further towards the back of their mouth on either the first top row of teeth or the second bottom row. This "tooth" is used for reproductive purposes. (not going to go into the reproductive process just yet)


Pups are the offspring of Gummi Sharks, starting off standing on their fours and eventually growing into a more bipedal form. Pups are the size of a toy dog by the time they are 2 years old. Wild Gummi Pups only stay in their "feral" form for 4 years, while domesticated ones (if treated right) will stay in this form for 6 years. They are born with a sweet demeanor overall, but due to rigid raising from their parents and their genes, become less... friendly like the rest of their society.

White Markings

All Gummi Sharks have white markings. "White" markings aren't always white, but in most cases Gummi Sharks have primarily white "white" markings.

Skin Health

Gummi Sharks have many layers of skin that melt off in the sun whenever they are on land. While they do have disposable layers of skin, they need to make sure to rejuvenate some of it to feel well. To do this, they need to be fully engulfed in and soaked in jelly. A delicious snack of gummy bears can also contribute to their skin layer recovery. However there's only so much healing their skin can do as they get older. You can tell a Gummi Shark's age when they get older by how melted their skin looks.

More detailed info:…

Eyes and Ears Types


There are 6 different eye types a Gummi Shark may have:
Standard- Notable by having small pupils and a reasonable amount of shine in the eye
Puppy- Iris tends to be a lot bigger and eyes tend to shine more
Cat- Pupils are more elliptical or just a slit. Sometimes the pupils can be sparkle-shaped.
Animalistic- Pupils are a lot more dilated, and little shine is present in the eye
Blinded- Usually not a quality a Gummi Shark is born with, eyes are sewn shut or are scarred
Beady (rare)- A bit of a rare mutation; sunlight can damage this eye quite easily, so those with this type of eye stay near the ocean floor


Ears can vary in size and look quite a lot. However there are only 4 types of ear structures:
Elf- Points backwards
Perky- Faces forward and points up
Floppy- On the side of the head and points straight out
Droopy- On side of the head and points slightly downwards or just lops

More detailed info:…

Base Color

Gummi Sharks' base body color can be any color of the rainbow, sometimes hinting towards a certain main flavor they are. Being candy creatures that are often fruity flavors, brown (often chocolatey) and gray (often plain/mysterious) are quite uncommon for their main body color.
Black (often bitter/licorice) or white (often plain) as a main base color is very rare. Gummi Sharks that are both black and white (black with nothing but white markings or white with only black markings) are nearly non-existent.

Update: This is what I would count as black vs dark gray!:
What Would Count as Black by PieologyBlack limit by Pieology

Also black markings are not rare, just the black base! As long as they are clearly markings, it is not rare.

More detailed info:…


Commonly, Gummi Sharks come in 1 to 2 hues, though rarer type of markings may be 2 to 4 hues. Their "markings" are actually areas of their body that are slightly more see-through and hallow. These areas are usually organic in shape, but some marking types have more unnatural shapes than others at times.

The current 5 marking types are:
Solid-  1 hue; Patterns and unnatural shapes sometimes may be more prominent and defined on this type of marking compared to others
2 hues; Gummi Sharks with this type of marking may be a mix of flavors
Sugar-freckled- 1 hue; Concentration of sugar particles are always present on Sharkies with this sort of marking, and the particles are almost always white
Rainbow Drip- 2-4 hues; Mostly dripping markings, "dripping" is especially prominent underneath the eye
Giraffe Dotted- 2-4 hues; Dots can be any size

More detailed info:…

Dominant Personalities

Gummi Shark society loves to label individuals within it, making it easier for it to determine who will be on top and who will not. The main way they label is through "dominant" personalities and sub-personalities. Gummi Sharks have what some call a flaw where they are dominated by one or two of their characteristics. This means one Gummi Shark would mainly seem cold in their actions and whole demeanor, or another Gummi Shark would strongly seem hot-headed all the time. A personality that shows no matter how much a Gummi Shark might try to hide it is a dominant personality. Gummi Sharks can only have one dominant personality.

Most dominant personalities are rather... unpleasant in nature. For whatever reason, Gummi Sharks' nature is to cause conflict with one another whether given a good reason or no reason at all. It isn't uncommon to see two Gummi Sharks having a rumble or argument, in fact it's a common sight to see many Gummi Sharks having a heated debate. This way of life has become the norm of Gummi Shark society, and anyone who are against or threatens this way of life are heavily looked down upon. There are currently 17 dominant personalities, 12 of which are common and fully accepted, and 5 that are rare and shunned. Gummi Pups also have an additional 4 personalities exclusive to their age; they will grow out of them if they have any of these personalities into a common personality: Curious, Silly, Inattentive, Mischievous


Grouchy- Grouchy Gummi Sharks always seem to be annoyed with life in general. All they want to do is get through a day without being bothered, which seems impossible for them, leaving the Sharkie quite grumpy.
Malicious (previously known as "Mean-spirited")- Something about Sharkies like this is just off. They seem to get enjoyment out of others' pain and word their sentences in a way that cuts through feelings. They are just plain mean!
Inappropriate- Jokers that never seem to know when not to joke or play pranks are labeled as this. Everything they witness seem to have some sort of humor that can be pulled out of it-- don't have these Sharkies at funerals...
Skeptical- Sharkies that have a difficult time believing others. Even the closest of friends are suspected to be the culprit of missing gummy bears. They fully trust no one.
Hot-headed- Who set these Sharkies off? Even a light tap on the shoulder seems to set off their fuse. They seek for ways to be angry it appears.
Cold or Aloof- A lot of the time these Sharkies are cool as a sea cucumber. Nothing can catch their interest, not even others' feelings. This can come off as either cool or hurtful depending on how they brush off others.
Cocky- Is there nothing that these Sharkies cannot do? That is the question these Gummi Sharks want to hear all the time since they feel they are good a everything. Nevermind the fact that they can only do 30% of what they say they can do.
Wannabe (shortened "Badass-wannabe)- These Gummi Sharks are easily impressed, but they don't want to show it. They secretly fear that they will be rejected, so they copy tougher Gummi Sharks' every move. These kind of sharkies are extremely annoying to others, but they became so comon, society decided to accept them with a grain of salt.
Manipulative- These Sharkies always know how to twist things to go their way. They are highly esteemed as much as they are hated; some love how they can get things to go their way while others hate that they were tricked into doing things a way they didn't want to
Sassy- Trying to outshine these Sharkies will result in consequences and burns. They know just what to say to get others to shut their mouths. They won't take crap from anyone, that's for sure.
Pessimistic or Melancholy- There's times life just seems to be sour-- to these Sharkies, life always seems sour. Some however only come off this way on the outside but not truly think it, while others fully believe life sucks.
Fawner or Suck-up- These Gummi Sharks love to flatter others... so they can get to where they want to go. Whether it's to get through a territory or get the high position in a gang, they find a way to appeal to other Sharkies' better nature. It's almost guaranteed they talk smack behind your back.


Clueless- Most of the time these Gummi Sharks have no clue as to what is going on. They are unaware of social expectations which results with them getting into trouble quite a lot. Other Gummi Sharks find them very annoying, shooing them away from their hangouts and biting at them when they wonder too far into a given territory. Most of the time these Sharkies want to live a peaceful, carefree life, the opposite of what other Gummi Sharks want.
Shy and Nice- They're reluctant to approach or be approached, but when they are they try to be as nice as possible; much to others' dismay. These Gummi Sharks are an easy target to be made fun of and mocked all hours of the day, making them even shyer than they already were.
Cheery- Happiness is the greatest thing to these Sharkies! They just want to spread it around, but many reject it. That doesn't get them down though, they'll just keep trying! Physical violence is usually put upon these poor cheerful Gummi Sharks.
Loving- They love to find the best in others, they just love to love! When someone looks like they need a hug, they'll give it; even if they are met with a bite. They aren't afraid to show their care for others, and that's just what society doesn't encourage.
Crybaby- These Sharkies are always tearing up, and for good reason; life is very mean! They don't understand how everyone goes on living without shedding a single tear, so they cry for them. Their cries can be very aggravating to common Gummi Sharks, and are usually chased away.  

More detailed info:…

Dominant Sub-Personalities

Gummi Sharks can sometimes have a second characteristic that dominates them called Dominant Sub-personalities! Dominant sub-personalities are recessive compared to their dominant personality but are still noticeable personalities Gummi Sharks may have. Some sub-personalities are more hidden than others in each shark, but none of the sub-personalities are as noticeable as their dominant personality. Any common dominant personality can be sub-personalities: For example, a Gummi Shark can have a dominant personality of grouchy and have a sub-personality of cocky; their grouchy dominant personality shows a bit more than their cocky dominant sub-personality.
Even some rare dominant personalities can be a dominant sub-personality, however this is just as rare as the rare personality itself. Not all sharks have sub-personalities, some only have one main personality! If one does have a dominant sub-personality, they can only have one. Also Gummi Pups do not have dominant sub-personalities, these form in their adolescence. Gummi Pup exclusive personalities (Curious, Silly, Inattentive, Mischievous) cannot be sub-personalities or grown shark main personalities!

The ones listed below are exclusively dominant sub-personalities. This means they canNOT be a dominant main personality. For example, you can have a hot-headed shark with a sub-personality of stubborn, but you cannot have a Gummi Shark with a main personality of stubborn. There are 15 common sub-personalities and 5 rare sub-personalities (which are just as rare as main personalities) making a total of 20 exclusively dominant sub-personalities.


Judgmental- You could say almost every Gummi Shark is judgmental, but Sharkies with this sub-personality judge others about the smallest of things. It is extremely difficult to impress this sort of Gummi Shark.
Snobby- Some things are just not good enough for these Sharkies. In fact a LOT of things are not good enough for them, they want the highest quality of food and the cleanest of places. They won't tell you this directly though, maybe the least you'll get is a nasty look.
Dishonest- Telling the truth is just not on their agenda. They will find every way possible to lie, even when it's not necessary. The best part is when others find out something isn't true, it tickles these Sharkies' funny bone.
Fussy (previously known as "Prissy")- They want anything and everything, and they'll make sure to let you know it. They are used to be served and spoiled, expecting every Gummi Shark to treat them like royalty. They aren't shy to yell at anyone.
Stubborn- These Sharkies just do not want to cooperate! No matter how much you try to reason with them, they just won't budge. It's either no way or no way at all.
Queasy- These Sharkies are often worried or nervous, sometimes snapping when others try to make light of their worry. They just don't feel comfortable about something, they're not sure what it is, but their discomfort is very important to them.
Loud- Don't try to talk over these Sharkies, it's pointless and you'll lose your voice. They have to be the center of attention in a conversation, so they put up the volume of their voice to make sure others know that. No secret can be kept with them.
Impish- While they aren't fully mischievous, they are always tempted to cause mischief when given the chance. They'll silently snicker thinking of all the naughty things they can do in a given, yet rarely act upon it. If they do find a really good scheme though, they'll go through with it in a heartbeat.
Quiet- These Sharkies are less inclined to contribute to conversations. Making their presence known isn't that important really. Whether they hate conversation or just are too lazy to say anything is always a wonder on other Sharkies' minds.
Lazy- Work? No way, these Sharkies don't have time for such a thing when they can spend this time napping! Nothing pisses other Sharkies off more than refusing to help out, and enjoying angry Gummi Sharks contributes to their refusal to help with anything physical.
Spiteful- Sometimes there is just this subconscious urge to do things that will make others cringe for these Sharkies. Doing little things that make others question whether or not it was to harm their ego is a common activity for spiteful Gummi Sharks.
Humorless- Jokes fly over these Sharkies' heads. Trying to make them laugh will not only make them stare at you blankly, but if you joke enough, you may earn yourself a very annoyed Gummi Shark. Humor doesn't appeal to them at all, they don't get it.
Resentful- Remember that time you step on this Gummi Shark's toe? They do-- and boy they won't let you forget it whenever they run into you again. They never get over anything, they'll take any negative experience and change it into lifelong bitterness.
Irritable- It isn't too hard at all to irritate these Gummi Sharks. They make every little annoyance a huge deal, complaining is not an uncommon hobby for them.
Drained- It looks as if these Gummi Sharks have no push or motivation. Perhaps life has been too hard on them or they just had it with fights, either way they seem sluggish all the time. They can't help but sigh.


Forgiving- Everyone makes mistakes, and these Gummi Sharks a willing to forgive them no matter what. In their hearts they can hold no grudge or inch of bitterness... Plenty of Sharkies don't like that.
Hopeful- When there's a will there's a way for these guys! They have big dreams that are hard to hide, they cannot ignore these dreams and always hope for the best. It's this kind of thinking that can get them in trouble if they speak of it around others.
Guilt-Ridden- Most Gummi Sharks have no shame, but it seems all their potential shame have went into these Gummi Sharks. Every negative action they commit is held against them by their own conscious. This can make them very prone to reacting negatively to others-- which adds to their guilt even more.
Easy-going- Life is truly carefree and great in their eyes, so they won't bring others down. While others react to others' actions, they take them lightly. Some do not understand this mindset and snarl at these Sharkies' tolerance.
Passive- Violence is not the answer for these Sharkies' no matter how much inner conflict they may have within. They would never lay a hand on another Gummi Shark, even if it means getting thrown around in the process. Deep inside they just don't understand Gummi Shark society and want no part in the practices; this makes others' blood boil.

Other Characteristics

Dominant personalities and dominant sub-personalities are not the only personalities a Gummi Shark can have. These are just the extremely prominent personalities Gummi Shark society label their own citizens under. A Sharkie can still be quite adventurous in nature and be ambitious, however their dominant personality and sub-personality rules over their actions the most.

More detailed info:…

Other Bits of Info

The Candy World:…

Human Worlds

Gummi Sharks have unique access exclusive to them only to any world humans exist in via portals scattered underneath the Jelly Sea. No one is sure as to why these portals are only accessible to Gummi Sharks, not even Gummi Sharks themselves, but they don't resist using them. They have no control over the portals, but usually they end up in oceans of water near civilization. They've used these portals so much, their species' skin has adjusted to accommodate to the erosion effects water has on it by forming even more skin layers than they already had. Their top layer are skin are poisons to insects and absolutely disgusting to other creatures if they are bit into.

Gummi Sharks are an impressionable species, they especially are infatuated with the way humans live. This leads to many copying or even stealing their clothes, traditions (or what impression human traditions leave Gummi Sharks), technology, and other ways the best they can. Since they cannot understand human speech or read their languages naturally, they don't fully get as to why human do these things.


There is a chance for Gummi Sharks to be found and domesticated at a young age. However this is a low chance because they are usually well hidden by their parents or only live in the Candy World. There are some parents that give up on their pups and kick them out to wander the world themselves though. Some Gummi Pups are just too wild to domesticate, so it's best to leave them alone. (unless you want to loose a few limbs)

If you do manage to domesticate a Gummi Shark, it will be loyal to you for life. They are capable of learning human speech and writing if put through rigorous, time-consuming training, but many owners don't get to achieve this since they are quite ignorant about Gummi Shark skin health. Will Gummi Sharks can live for several years without being in jelly, they will be very miserable and unwilling to do anything that isn't required for survival. The best way to treat a Gummi Shark's skin is to soak them in a tub filled with jello, jelly, or jam every other month, or you may feed them tremendous amounts of gummy bears per year. Even then, some may be unaware of a Gummi Shark's sugar-heavy diet, and this can lead to a Gummi Shark's death within a few months.

More detailed info:…


A Gummi Shark's main prey are Candy Bites, timid inland creatures with mouths for tails that appear on the beach every so often. It's in Gummi Shark's natural instinct to chase after these guys and are a part of their main diet-- However they don't really see Candy Bites often since well... Almost every Candy Bite/Candy Creature in the world is afraid to go on the beach. (You can thank the hobo Bittersweets exiled to the beach for that)

So Gummi Sharks have to depend on some other things to keep a healthy diet. They need to consume 5 pounds of sugar per month to keep a healthy digestive system, but they can survive a minimum of 80 teaspoons of sugar in a month for about 6 months. Candy Bites are loaded with sugar as you can imagine, the amount they have in their bones and meat could last a shark for months. However, due to how rarely they come on the beach, keeping a Candy Bite body can be proven difficult since many other Gummi Sharks might break into others' homes if they catch a scent of Candy Bite and eat it up. There have been plenty of deaths related to fights over Candy Bites, Candy Bite meat is an absolute treasure to Gummi Sharks. (but not as much as gummi bears are)

Some other food Gummi Sharks eat are gummy worms (which are lowly food to Gummi Sharks), Sweetish Fish, Jelly Eels, Sugarmelons (found on the beach on Sugarmelon trees; very difficult for other creatures to open, but Gummi Sharks can break it open with their teeth), and of course gummy bears. Gummy bears are also a bit of a Gummi Shark currency, so some may not eat them right away.

More detailed info:…

Species, Designs, and Art (c)Pieology
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I have a small question about relationships that i don't think i was able to find in any of the sheets.

how would romantic relationships work between two gummi sharks ?
( of op gender and same gender relationships)
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do not mind me pls... i am just here absorving all the gorgeous shades of blue used on this ref.... i love all this
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omg they're amazing ;o;
are myo's/customs available or nah? uvu
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MYOs are open here:
MYO Gummi Sharks [Open]Opening 10 more slots!

Also I have changed option A for you guys to be given the Nacho base as I'm retiring my use for it. However I am taking the Snack Base transfer away and added an additional option (Option S) for me to draw your Gummi Shark on the newest base! Hopefully this will go as smoothly as last time. ;u;/
Hi guys, I want to make this as simple and painless as possible, so please be sure to read everything below!

Gummi Shark General Info:

*You cannot sell or trade your MYO slot! You may only sell/trade your already made MYO.
*However you can claim a MYO slot for someone else.
*You may claim as many slots as you'd like.
*Be sure to let me know which option you would like in your claim comment!
*No holds! Please pay within an hour of me noting you my paypal.
*DO NOT upload publicly until I approve your MYO!!!!!!!
*Once you claim a slot(s), I'll note you my paypal.

But I also have a giveaway event being held here!:
Pie's Present Bash Event! [2nd Round]Hi guys! It's the moment you've been waiting for, figuring out what this was about:

Well it's been a while since the milestone, but I have hit 3,000 watchers and wanted to make the right event for the occasion. However this is also a big thank you for the support over the last few years, it means SO much to me that people are interested in or even are inspired by my art and designs! ;U; I'll keep this short so you guys don't miss the prizes, so thank you all of you, every last one of you, and I hope you have lots of fun with the event! *U*
Resell/Trade/Gifting Policy:…If you do not want the prize, feel free to pass up on it.Please note me when you find the prize and show the link to the prize!First person to note me the prize will be able to get the prize.One prize per
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I got a question, I bought a Gummy baby.
Can I work a full grown Gummi out of it? 
Or does it have to stay as a baby? o: 
PieCuddlie's avatar
You're free to make them into a full grown Gummi Shark!
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Are tehy open for all? Or are they a closed specie?
Therw sho cute!!!!
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They are a closed species!
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Holy mother of sugar frosted hot out of the over fresh baby cakes on a summer day severed with cold ices Lemonade! :iconholyshitohmygodplz:

I didnt double check this so sorry if its hard to understand. 

Once again; you have not failed to both impress me and outdo yourself. Allow me to start with the visuals. This is all so clean and cut. Well organized and designed as a start. Seriously; you are going in the right field. This looks very professional. The color and designs are very appealing on the eyes. But Im not surprised. You have a talent for color picking. The text is also easy to read as well. There is no room for misunderstandings. Which will minimize any confusion when it comes to them. You really outshines yourself. Your progress from last time is mind-blowing. This definitely has to be one of the best; my personal favorite species ref sheet out there. From the expressions to the closeups. Effort is written all over this. To the mini bases too? A lot of ref sheets are more on the sketchy side. However, each and everything on this sheet is so flawlessly done! Gummi sharks have really come a long way. And this facelift is perfect ; v ; Its nice to learn more about the species both I and many have come to love and enjoy. Gummi sharks were already as amazing. But now this update is like a splash of cold water on someone's face on a hot summer day. Absolutely refreshing. I love markings so much. Markings and details; colors and all that are very important to me. So seeing the color rarities also pleases me ever so much to. 

Now for the writing. Holy tank of gummy bears! You have got it, all figured out. 

Sharks were always such a wonderful species. However finding out more info not only proves to make them even more lovable; but also shows how species on a whole should be made. The effort shown here shows and is easily recognized. People take appreciation to that to the fullest. Its so interesting to read more about them. I know there wasn't as much information prior but this just also proves that they are even more than meets the eyes. It gives me more inspiration for my sharks as well. I'm updating info as we speak <333  Great job girlie! Im very proud of you and i hope you feel the same about your results! 

With love as always, 

~Yukon(ix) :iconlainloveplz: 

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Oh my gosh, could you imagine a queasy crybaby!!? ♥♥♥
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omg this is so amazinggggggggggggg
This is definitely going to help me out a lot ;w;

You did such a wonderful job on this and holy crap all of this informationnnnnnnn!
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The part about them doing human things but not understanding why it's done is hilarious to me. "Why did you put that thing on your head?" "Idk I saw a human do it" anyway, this is all really excellent and I can't wait to read into more detail when I'm not at work. I LOVE GUMMI SHARKS!!!
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-Noises of pure glee-
This came out awesome, Pie!
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Nnn Pieeee thhis is so pretttyyyy
Thanks for updating it<33
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Ahhh this is amazinggg and looks so clean!
nice job with this whole sheet omgosh * 7*
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you've improved so much i am so proud ; O ;
this looks amazing
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OMG I'm happy my work seems to be improving, it's about time!
Thank you very much!!
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mmmmm i love this!
you did a really good job with it * 7 * 
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I'm glad you do! *U* It was a lot of work, but I think it's worth it!
Thank you so much! <33
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