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.:Gummi Shark Labels Sheet:.


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Gummi Sharks (A Closed Species by Pieology)

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This is a general info sheet about the labels of Gummi Sharks. For more info about Gummi Sharks, look here:


In Gummi Shark society, there are labels each Gummi Shark is put under. A Gummi Shark may act a certain way to fit under the label or they are perceived as such by those around them. Each of these labels come in one of 2 temperatures: warm or cool. These labels influence the Gummi Shark's reputation. A Gummi Shark usually has up to 3 labels, usually having mostly warm labels or mostly cool labels if they can help it. Having all their labels be only warm or only cool may affect their reputation negatively depending on the labels. There is 20 labels for each temperature, making there be a total of 40 labels that can be combined with endless possibilities!

Each label has 5 reputation points, and each point falls under a certain reputation. For example the Malicious label has 2 passionate points and 3 bitter points.  Whichever reputation an individual has the most total points is the reputation a Gummi Shark will fall under. Let's say a Gummi Shark has the labels of fussy, stubborn, and snobby. The total amount of points for each rep would be as followed:
Content: 2 points
Passionate: 4 points
Sour: 10 points

This Gummi Shark would have the Sour Reputation! Some sharkies may have a few reputations tied, which then allows them to choose which ever reputation to aim for.

Labels Descriptions


Grouchy Gummi Sharks always seem to be annoyed with life in general. All they want to do is get through a day without being bothered, which seems impossible for them, leaving the Sharkie quite grumpy.

Malicious (previously known as "Mean-spirited")
Something about Sharkies like this is just off. They seem to get enjoyment out of others' pain and word their sentences in a way that cuts through feelings. They are just plain mean!

Jokers that never seem to know when not to joke or play pranks are labeled as this. Everything they witness seem to have some sort of humor that can be pulled out of it-- don't have these Sharkies at funerals...

Who set these Sharkies off? Even a light tap on the shoulder seems to set off their fuse. They seek for ways to be angry it appears.

Is there nothing that these Sharkies cannot do? That is the question these Gummi Sharks want to hear all the time since they feel they are good a everything. Nevermind the fact that they can only do 30% of what they say they can do.

These Sharkies always know how to twist things to go their way. They are highly esteemed as much as they are hated; some love how they can get things to go their way while others hate that they were tricked into doing things a way they didn't want to.

Trying to outshine these Sharkies will result in consequences and burns. They know just what to say to get others to shut their mouths. They won't take crap from anyone, that's for sure.

or Suck-up
These Gummi Sharks love to flatter others... so they can get to where they want to go. Whether it's to get through a territory or get the high position in a gang, they find a way to appeal to other Sharkies' better nature. It's almost guaranteed they talk smack behind your back.

Happiness is the greatest thing to these Sharkies! They just want to spread it around, but many reject it. That doesn't get them down though, they'll just keep trying! Physical violence is usually put upon these poor cheerful Gummi Sharks.

They love to find the best in others, they just love to love! When someone looks like they need a hug, they'll give it; even if they are met with a bite. They aren't afraid to show their care for others, and that's just what society doesn't encourage.

You could say almost every Gummi Shark is judgmental, but Sharkies with this label judge others about the smallest of things. It is extremely difficult to impress this sort of Gummi Shark.

Fussy (previously known as "Prissy")
They want anything and everything, and they'll make sure to let you know it. They are used to be served and spoiled, expecting every Gummi Shark to treat them like royalty. They aren't shy to yell at anyone.

These Sharkies just do not want to cooperate! No matter how much you try to reason with them, they just won't budge. It's either no way or no way at all.

Don't try to talk over these Sharkies, it's pointless and you'll lose your voice. They have to be the center of attention in a conversation, so they put up the volume of their voice to make sure others know that. No secret can be kept with them.

While they aren't fully mischievous, they are always tempted to cause mischief when given the chance. They'll silently snicker thinking of all the naughty things they can do in a given, yet rarely act upon it. If they do find a really good scheme though, they'll go through with it in a heartbeat.

Sometimes there is just this subconscious urge to do things that will make others cringe for these Sharkies. Doing little things that make others question whether or not it was to harm their ego is a common activity for spiteful Gummi Sharks.

It isn't too hard at all to irritate these Gummi Sharks. They make every little annoyance a huge deal, complaining is not an uncommon hobby for them.

When there's a will there's a way for these guys! They have big dreams that are hard to hide, they cannot ignore these dreams and always hope for the best. It's this kind of thinking that can get them in trouble if they speak of it around others.

:new: Frank
Gummi Sharks like these are hard to come by. They are continuously honest to the point of being borderline brutal. They do it for "the good of everyone" and despise lying when they deem it unnecessary. They aren't afraid to say how it is, no matter whose feelings get crushed.

:new: Meddlesome
Privacy? Your business is their business, let's be honest. Whether it be tiniest little embarrassment you want to hide or the biggest secret in your entire life, these sharkies want to be in the know. Why? To make good conversation of course!

More detailed info:…


Sharkies that have a difficult time believing others. Even the closest of friends are suspected to be the culprit of missing gummy bears. They fully trust no one.

Cold or Aloof
A lot of the time these Sharkies are cool as a sea cucumber. Nothing can catch their interest, not even others' feelings. This can come off as either cool or hurtful depending on how they brush off others.

Wannabe (shortened "Badass-wannabe)
These Gummi Sharks are easily impressed, but they don't want to show it. They secretly fear that they will be rejected, so they copy tougher Gummi Sharks' every move. These kind of sharkies are extremely annoying to others, but they became so comon, society decided to accept them with a grain of salt.

Pessimistic or Melancholy
There's times life just seems to be sour-- to these Sharkies, life always seems sour. Some however only come off this way on the outside but not truly think it, while others fully believe life sucks.

Most of the time these Gummi Sharks have no clue as to what is going on. They are unaware of social expectations which results with them getting into trouble quite a lot. Other Gummi Sharks find them very annoying, shooing them away from their hangouts and biting at them when they wonder too far into a given territory. Most of the time these Sharkies want to live a peaceful, carefree life, the opposite of what other Gummi Sharks want.

Shy and Nice
They're reluctant to approach or be approached, but when they are they try to be as nice as possible; much to others' dismay. These Gummi Sharks are an easy target to be made fun of and mocked all hours of the day, making them even shyer than they already were.

These Sharkies are always tearing up, and for good reason; life is very mean! They don't understand how everyone goes on living without shedding a single tear, so they cry for them. Their cries can be very aggravating to common Gummi Sharks, and are usually chased away.  

Some things are just not good enough for these Sharkies. In fact a LOT of things are not good enough for them, they want the highest quality of food and the cleanest of places. They won't tell you this directly though, maybe the least you'll get is a nasty look.


Telling the truth is just not on their agenda. They will find every way possible to lie, even when it's not necessary. The best part is when others find out something isn't true, it tickles these Sharkies' funny bone.

These Sharkies are often worried or nervous, sometimes snapping when others try to make light of their worry. They just don't feel comfortable about something, they're not sure what it is, but their discomfort is very important to them.


These Sharkies are less inclined to contribute to conversations. Making their presence known isn't that important really. Whether they hate conversation or just are too lazy to say anything is always a wonder on other Sharkies' minds.

Work? No way, these Sharkies don't have time for such a thing when they can spend this time napping! Nothing pisses other Sharkies off more than refusing to help out, and enjoying angry Gummi Sharks contributes to their refusal to help with anything physical.

Jokes fly over these Sharkies' heads. Trying to make them laugh will not only make them stare at you blankly, but if you joke enough, you may earn yourself a very annoyed Gummi Shark. Humor doesn't appeal to them at all, they don't get it.

Remember that time you step on this Gummi Shark's toe? They do-- and boy they won't let you forget it whenever they run into you again. They never get over anything, they'll take any negative experience and change it into lifelong bitterness.

It looks as if these Gummi Sharks have no push or motivation. Perhaps life has been too hard on them or they just had it with fights, either way they seem sluggish all the time. They can't help but sigh.

Everyone makes mistakes, and these Gummi Sharks a willing to forgive them no matter what. In their hearts they can hold no grudge or inch of bitterness... Plenty of Sharkies don't like that.

Most Gummi Sharks have no shame, but it seems all their potential shame have went into these Gummi Sharks. Every negative action they commit is held against them by their own conscious. This can make them very prone to reacting negatively to others-- which adds to their guilt even more.

Life is truly carefree and great in their eyes, so they won't bring others down. While others react to others' actions, they take them lightly. Some do not understand this mindset and snarl at these Sharkies' tolerance.

Violence is not the answer for these Sharkies' no matter how much inner conflict they may have within. They would never lay a hand on another Gummi Shark, even if it means getting thrown around in the process. Deep inside they just don't understand Gummi Shark society and want no part in the practices; this makes others' blood boil.

:new: Sarcastic
"What a fun day, right? Riiiight." These sharks can seem laid-back, but there's no telling how annoyed they are. It's difficult to tell when they're joking and when they're taking a jab at you. Sometimes their jokes (or jabs) can hurt some feelings.

More detailed info:…

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