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.:Gummi Shark General Info Sheet:. [2016]


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Gummi Sharks (A Closed Species by Pieology)

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General rules for Gummi Sharks:

*Please do not resell these for more than you bought them for. Exceptions are listed on my T.O.S.:…
*This is a closed species.
*Minor edits are allowed. If you're wondering about an edit, feel free to ask about it.
  • Please do not add any rare qualities to any of my original closed species.
  • Do not drastically change colors or markings-- color shifts are okay to a certain point, and you may change/take away/add markings to an extent, but not to the point where the design is almost unrecognizable.

Gummi Shark Website:

12/15/16 Update (What's New?)

-Website has new structure and images
-Reputations and labels! (labels are replacing dominant personalities and sub-personalities; you may still see the old info on the website)
-3 new labels! Frank, Meddlesome, Sarcastic
-A Unity is new Gummi Shark group type! (look on website)
-A few typos fixed here and there on the site...
-Origins are still coming, though they're being reworked; keep an eye out

About old concept of Rare personalities and sub-personalities:

With the new integration of reputations and labels, rarities of personalities/sub-personalities no longer apply. Since this means everyone is now free to use those labels on their Gummi Sharks that used to be rare personalities/sub-personalities, I'm willing to compensate those that received these as rarities in the past.

If you paid more or received permission for rare personalities/sub-personalities on your Gummi Shark before December 3rd, 2016, please contact me via note to exchange it for 1 oddity or rare markings per rare personality/sub-personality. Title your note "Rarity Exchange" and fill out this form:

Gummi Shark of Interest: [their reference]
Rare Personality and/or Sub-personality: [Answer with "personality, sub-personality," or "both"]
Oddity(ities) or Markings Desired: [list an oddity or rare marking you would like]
Proof: [Please be ready to provide proof (screenshot of me saying it's okay or it being listed on a sheet)]

Once I agree to the oddity or rare marking you've selected, you may edit the Gummi Shark to have that oddity! Be sure to show me the edits before uploading.
To clarify:
-This could apply to the person who owns the Gummi Shark that came with these traits (via trading or buying)
-Oddities/rare markings can only be applied to the Gummi Shark in question, no other Gummi Sharks

Short Description

Gummi Sharks, sometimes called "Sharkies", are furless creatures made of a chewy gelatin substance packed with sugar. They originate from a world entirely made of candy, pasties, and other sugary sweets; even the creatures there are sugar themselves! Despite life here literally being a "sweet life", it is a pretty brutal world at the moment. This doesn't really matter to the Gummi Shark population however, as they are not even believed to exist by life outside of the Jelly Sea, and only a few are knowledgeable of what they are. Life is very difficult for Gummi Sharks, so they have their own society to worry about! Their isolated society is less than ideal in other creatures' eyes, mainly due to their values being along the lines of the crueler and more power-hungry you are, the more respected you'll be. Anarchy seems to be the only sort of official government within it. Yet somehow they are ruled and governed by the many layers of gangs that are formed, most of which are stitched into one network ruled by one intimidating and most powerful Gummi Shark.

Body Details


Generally an adult Gummi Shark can vary in size as much as a human being can, although the average fully grown height is between 5' 4" and 6' 0" regardless of sex. They have humanoid faces, hands, and body structure as a whole, except their legs and feet have canine features. Their hands are webbed and they have quite large tails with fins to help them swim.

Each Gummi Shark has multiple rows of sharp teeth for easy tearing of skin, meat, and bones and replacement of any teeth lost in the front row. Biologically male Gummi Sharks have a very "tooth" that is located further towards the back of their mouth on either the first top row of teeth or the second bottom row. This "tooth" is used for reproductive purposes. (not going to go into the reproductive process just yet)


Pups are the offspring of Gummi Sharks, starting off standing on their fours and eventually growing into a more bipedal form. Pups are the size of a toy dog by the time they are 2 years old. Wild Gummi Pups only stay in their "feral" form for 4 years, while domesticated ones (if treated right) will stay in this form for 6 years. They are born with a sweet demeanor overall, but due to rigid raising from their parents and their genes, become less... friendly like the rest of their society.

White Markings

All Gummi Sharks have white markings. "White" markings aren't always white, but in most cases Gummi Sharks have primarily white "white" markings.

Skin Health

Gummi Sharks have many layers of skin that melt off in the sun whenever they are on land. While they do have disposable layers of skin, they need to make sure to rejuvenate some of it to feel well. To do this, they need to be fully engulfed in and soaked in jelly. A delicious snack of gummy bears can also contribute to their skin layer recovery. However there's only so much healing their skin can do as they get older. You can tell a Gummi Shark's age when they get older by how melted their skin looks.

More detailed info:…

Eyes and Ears Types


There are 6 different eye types a Gummi Shark may have:
Standard- Notable by having small pupils and a reasonable amount of shine in the eye
Puppy- Iris tends to be a lot bigger and eyes tend to shine more
Cat- Pupils are more elliptical or just a slit. Sometimes the pupils can be sparkle-shaped.
Animalistic- Pupils are a lot more dilated, and little shine is present in the eye
Blinded- Usually not a quality a Gummi Shark is born with, eyes are sewn shut or are scarred
Beady (rare)- A bit of a rare mutation; sunlight can damage this eye quite easily, so those with this type of eye stay near the ocean floor


Ears can vary in size and look quite a lot. However there are only 4 types of ear structures:
Elf- Points backwards
Perky- Faces forward and points up
Floppy- On the side of the head and points straight out
Droopy- On side of the head and points slightly downwards or just lops

More detailed info:…

Base Color

Gummi Sharks' base body color can be any color of the rainbow, sometimes hinting towards a certain main flavor they are. Being candy creatures that are often fruity flavors, brown (often chocolatey) and gray (often plain/mysterious) are quite uncommon for their main body color.
Black (often bitter/licorice) or white (often plain) as a main base color is very rare. Gummi Sharks that are both black and white (black with nothing but white markings or white with only black markings) are nearly non-existent.

This is what I would count as black vs dark gray!:
Black limit by Pieology

Also black markings are not rare, just the black base! As long as they are clearly markings, it is not rare.

More detailed info:…


Commonly, Gummi Sharks come in 1 to 2 hues, though rarer type of markings may be 2 to 4 hues. Their "markings" are actually areas of their body that are slightly more see-through and hallow. These areas are usually organic in shape, but some marking types have more unnatural shapes than others at times.

The current 5 marking types are:
Solid-  1 hue; Patterns and unnatural shapes sometimes may be more prominent and defined on this type of marking compared to others
2 hues; Gummi Sharks with this type of marking may be a mix of flavors
Sugar-freckled- 1 hue; Concentration of sugar particles are always present on Sharkies with this sort of marking, and the particles are almost always white
Rainbow Drip- 2-4 hues; Mostly dripping markings, "dripping" is especially prominent underneath the eye
Giraffe Dotted- 2-4 hues; Dots can be any size

More detailed info:…

:new: Reputation and Labels

Every sharkie whether mean or nice wants to make a name for themselves. This is where reputations come in play. Reputations determine how a Gummi Shark or group is treated from a day-to-day basis. Each reputation is rated by a four star system taken from a poll of the general population (supposedly). Reputations like Sour and Passionate are highly desired, while Sweet is a horrible reputation to carry.

In spite of the rating, the number of Gummi Sharks able to fall under each rep can vary greatly. The circle graph above shows how popular a reputation is, whether good or bad. Regardless of the rating or popularity, every reputation is given badges for Gummi Sharks to wear. In order for a Gummi Shark to have a certain rep however, they need to have specific labels to fall into one.

In Gummi Shark society, there are labels each Gummi Shark is put under. A Gummi Shark may act a certain way to fit under the label or they are perceived as such by those around them. Each of these labels come in one of 2 temperatures: warm or cool. These labels influence the Gummi Shark's reputation. A Gummi Shark usually has up to 3 labels, usually having mostly warm labels or mostly cool labels if they can help it. Having all their labels be only warm or only cool may affect their reputation negatively depending on the labels.

Labels Sheet: .:Gummi Shark Labels Sheet:. by Pieology
More detailed info:…

Other Bits of Info

The Candy World:…

Human Worlds

Gummi Sharks have unique access exclusive to them only to any world humans exist in via portals scattered underneath the Jelly Sea. No one is sure as to why these portals are only accessible to Gummi Sharks, not even Gummi Sharks themselves, but they don't resist using them. They have no control over the portals, but usually they end up in oceans of water near civilization. They've used these portals so much, their species' skin has adjusted to accommodate to the erosion effects water has on it by forming even more skin layers than they already had. Their top layer are skin are poisons to insects and absolutely disgusting to other creatures if they are bit into.

Gummi Sharks are an impressionable species, they especially are infatuated with the way humans live. This leads to many copying or even stealing their clothes, traditions (or what impression human traditions leave Gummi Sharks), technology, and other ways the best they can. Since they cannot understand human speech or read their languages naturally, they don't fully get as to why human do these things.


There is a chance for Gummi Sharks to be found and domesticated at a young age. However this is a low chance because they are usually well hidden by their parents or only live in the Candy World. There are some parents that give up on their pups and kick them out to wander the world themselves though. Some Gummi Pups are just too wild to domesticate, so it's best to leave them alone. (unless you want to loose a few limbs)

If you do manage to domesticate a Gummi Shark, it will be loyal to you for life. They are capable of learning human speech and writing if put through rigorous, time-consuming training, but many owners don't get to achieve this since they are quite ignorant about Gummi Shark skin health. Will Gummi Sharks can live for several years without being in jelly, they will be very miserable and unwilling to do anything that isn't required for survival. The best way to treat a Gummi Shark's skin is to soak them in a tub filled with jello, jelly, or jam every other month, or you may feed them tremendous amounts of gummy bears per year. Even then, some may be unaware of a Gummi Shark's sugar-heavy diet, and this can lead to a Gummi Shark's death within a few months.

More detailed info:…


A Gummi Shark's main prey are Candy Bites, timid inland creatures with mouths for tails that appear on the beach every so often. It's in Gummi Shark's natural instinct to chase after these guys and are a part of their main diet-- However they don't really see Candy Bites often since well... Almost every Candy Bite/Candy Creature in the world is afraid to go on the beach. (You can thank the hobo Bittersweets exiled to the beach for that)

So Gummi Sharks have to depend on some other things to keep a healthy diet. They need to consume 5 pounds of sugar per month to keep a healthy digestive system, but they can survive a minimum of 80 teaspoons of sugar in a month for about 6 months. Candy Bites are loaded with sugar as you can imagine, the amount they have in their bones and meat could last a shark for months. However, due to how rarely they come on the beach, keeping a Candy Bite body can be proven difficult since many other Gummi Sharks might break into others' homes if they catch a scent of Candy Bite and eat it up. There have been plenty of deaths related to fights over Candy Bites, Candy Bite meat is an absolute treasure to Gummi Sharks. (but not as much as gummi bears are)

Some other food Gummi Sharks eat are gummy worms (which are lowly food to Gummi Sharks), Sweetish Fish, Jelly Eels, Sugarmelons (found on the beach on Sugarmelon trees; very difficult for other creatures to open, but Gummi Sharks can break it open with their teeth), and of course gummy bears. Gummy bears are also a bit of a Gummi Shark currency, so some may not eat them right away.

More detailed info:…

Species, Designs, and Art (c)Pieology
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May I ask how long they usually live??
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Quick question, pie!
If we paid extra and purchased a rare personality but later traded that shark away, does the person who owns the shark get the benefit or does the original purchaser or neither?
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The person who obtains the Gummi Shark would benefit! Thank you for asking!
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So the current owner? (just clarifying)
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That would be correct!
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Holy heck, I want one.
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Thank you so much for your interest, I hope to make more soon! :3cc
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