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Comet Stars Protogens .:Sold+Base:.


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About This Set:

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This base is P2U (name your price)  here!!!

Hi everyone, I'm back with a new base and new protogens! The first design was an example of what premade options made with my NYP (name your price) came look like when in use, and honestly it's my fav off the set. :3c Hope you guys enjoy these and more protogens on the way-- I'm still struggling to design my own personal ones, but tbh it seems not much has changed over the years... (why is it more difficult to make designs for me to keep on purpose???)

By the way I'm open for 1 protogen custom for $50+ (depends on complexity), just 💖Note Me!💖 It'll be on this base or the Toaster Base:

For now... Nothing shall be in the way of... the Comet Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!

Learn about Protogens here:…

This set is OTA (offer to adopt)Thank you so much for your support!


*Please do not resell these for more than you bought them for. Exceptions are listed on my…
*Edits are allowed. If you're wondering about an edit, feel free to ask about it
  • Do not drastically change colors or markings-- color shifts are okay to a certain point, and you may change/take away/add markings to an extent, but not to the point where the design is almost unrecognizable.
*Be sure to credit me for making the design when you first draw it.
*No trades.
*Money only for these, no points, sorry! 
*Coupons can be used for this set!
*I'll transfer the TH profile once I confirm payment. (or send you the unwatermaked version if you don't have TH)
*Feel free to give them a new wardrobe.
*Have fun with them Lovelies! *3*


Offer $20+ on each! I'll close this when I see an offer I like or can accept at a later time!

Will also consider designs and physical items from this list (mixed offers are okay!): (Updated 9/2!)

⛔ Do not offer art or any designs not on the list!

1. Triangle Galaxies: Rem-Rain $45 SOLD
"Within our reach are new wonders within what we thought we already knew!"
Lit-up eyes blink twice before wandering into another interesting scene. Quite curious, and what some non-protogens regard as adorable, this protogen is ready for two things: new discoveries and parties!! Trying to achieve finding as many dance clubs as he can that are scattered through this Pasta Belt solar system, this baby knows endless trivia information and dance moves!

Nevermind the number of bounty hunters readying their space ships to capture the baby, this protogen never fails to accidentally send their ships flying before they can even take off, leaving engines damaged once again! With so much eagerness to find fun ways to dance for days on end, who in the universe wants to have their time taken up by creatures of all sorts that have the same goal of wanting to find their way to riches?!?!

Notable Features:
Standard Visor
Translucent Head Fins

2. Red-Tailed Meteors: Mosswyrmzth $80 SOLD
"Despite all this... you're still nothing more than an obtrusive obstacle."
Not a sound might hit the ears before the sight of a red entity lurking about the dark. Avoiding social contact, a protogen seeking various resources for his inventions keeps a watchful radar of his surroundings. A person of interest might in the privilege of glowing eyes flashing in the darkness, and for the rest of their time in the depths of dimly lit tunnels, feel very much watched.

What appeared red at first was in fact only a tail, and suddenly a target may find themselves presented with quite the large protogen making his presence known by blocking their path. The sparkles and glimmer of his coat is dazzling to say at the least, but his manner of handling strangers in less than impressive. Cold to the touch are his words, and even colder (with a side of scorching hot rapid speed attacks) are this fervent protogen's attacks against those that match his "enemy wanted" chart within his sketchbook. These "enemies" are actually people he's deemed useful for leading him right to documents he desired, but said one wrong statement to him that got pass his "frigid" demeanor and straight to his fiery nerves.

Notable Features:
Shaped Visor

3. Nightskies Fell: Dynamicth $75 SOLD
"There are certain points those who rule push on to leave regard far behind."
On a day there was no sunlight, this protogen's visor flickered on, and it was then his eyes witnessed cruelty his mind never imagined. After several rotations of planets around this galaxy, this protogen decided to finally awake from his repairing state only for the very ground he stood on to be regarded as something that "would be obliterated". No matter how many hostile rulers took over the main government, they always decided to keep space travel out despite their depleting planet resources.

The last ruler he remembered before his slumber had a planet recovery project well planned out-- years later and now an entire noble elite group determined not even to give living residents a chance to learn about new space travel vehicles before the big demolition of the whole globe. An endless sleepless time had suddenly hit the royal rule, and there was no doubt their plans had been delayed as well-- yet again half of a government palace was annihilated! Within a blink of an eye, a furious relentless force of nature that was this protogen rained continuous attacks with several war vehicles under his system center's control. Many rumors suggest some alien army landed on this planet to cripple the royal rule's plans in order to take the planet over... but in truth, it was a single alien that had a score to settle with these ruthless animals!!!!!!!!!

Notable Features:
Boxed Visor

Protogens (c)CoolKoinu
Designs and art (c)PieCuddlie
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❤Offer on Nightskies Fell here❤

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❤Offer on Red-Tailed Meteors here❤

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❤Offer on Triangle Galaxies here❤

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If this is still open to offers I'd like to offer $45!

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It is! I'll actually go ahead and accept this offer if you don't mind! I'll note you the link to the invoice.

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Thank you so much! I don't mind at all and I'll have the imvoice paid ASAP!

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Hi there the top offer was retracted/hidden without notice, so you're the highest offer once more if you're still interested!

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Thank you for the info! I'm still interested and don't mind to wait longer for you to get higher bids!

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