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Something like the flu

By PieceofSoap
A fanart to celebrate the new update of the CSfox game "Momsterous".

If you don't play yet, here a link :…

The uncensored version here :
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© 2014 - 2021 PieceofSoap
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vdur's avatar
Looks like the uncensored link is broken.
Mythix7's avatar
You should make poopy diapers
CandiRokz1's avatar
Uncensored link is a 404.
Saint-Fisuto's avatar
Very good you are truly magnificent
hi, ijust love the game!!! too bad it's not finished. 

i absolutely love your art, keep up to good work, Amy is adorable 
hoothoot123's avatar
I wish I was michael haha!... one question, the game is develped up to the point when we talk to Idril, only?
TheGreatMarcello's avatar
Yeah that is where the game ends at the moment.
Count-Hoshioni's avatar
Man played that whole demo just to find this scene!! Hope CS fox uses more of your art I like it alot!
Scarecrow-Joe's avatar
Never knew it CS Fox was still making games. What's it about?
TheGreatMarcello's avatar
Can't wait for the next update.
Jeynai's avatar
Great and cute work!
Idiotgamer314314's avatar
Too bad there's no Mac version. =(
Sappyolhusky's avatar
do you know if it'll like update a previous version or do i have to go thought the troble of deleting it?
PieceofSoap's avatar
I don't know, there a patch on the site now, you can try this, otherwise, you have to restart the game, that's what I do.
Sappyolhusky's avatar
oh and did i forget to mention this is adorable! great work!
cookiejoe1's avatar
is that pee or #2?
DiaperedandLovingIt's avatar
Omg omg omg so so soooo CUTE! ^_^
CS-Fox's avatar
Haha this is great! Love the title too :P Mind if I put this somewhere in the game? I'll pay a commission fee for it :)
PieceofSoap's avatar
No problem, tell me on PM ^^
TamaeFTT's avatar
I didn't even know this game was still in production. I have to see how far it's come
ABDLHomuHomu's avatar
Somebody got the bad end quick!
SeiryuYamato's avatar
Always wanted to see a cute pic of Amy... <3
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