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May 17, 2012: It's long overdue, but because of the numerous people ignoring the artist's comments, I have now added text to the beginning of the flash specifically stating that you cannot sell designs you make for real money or virtual currency. Please respect my rules on this.
AS OF FEBRUARY 4th, 2013, I AM DISABLING COMMENTS. Please read the description here, as it will probably answer any questions you have!

THERE ARE INSTRUCTIONS WITHIN THE GAME ON HOW TO SAVE. If they do not work for you, I don't know why! Google it.

If the game doesn't load, refresh the page and give it a couple of seconds before you click Start.

Just a couple of things: I recommend you choose all of your body parts before selecting a marking, because if you go back and select a body part later, the marking won't appear correctly. Also, the third crest doesn't like the husky marking xD But for some reason I can't fix it.

Ah yes, and for the drag and drop, you must click the item first, and then drag, rather than drag what is there now c:

If you come across any other bugs, let me know, and I'll definitely fix it.

You may create a griffin and submit it to dA if you'd like - in fact, I encourage it. I love seeing your creations!

I have given one person permission to add their own markings and stuff, which is okay as well. Just make sure you link back! And you CANNOT sell anything you make, no matter if you add tons of your own stuff, for USD or any other RL money while it remains on the art I have drawn. I would also appreciate it if you'd send me a note or a comment telling me you're going to be selling designs for virtual currency c:
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