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imas 2: concerning love
Title: concerning love
Fandom: The iDOLMster 2
Characters: Producer, Kisaragi Chihaya.  With a dash of Shijou Takane and Ganaha Hibiki and a side of other characters that make an appearance.
Rating: K+ ish.
Summary: He never fell in love, and he didn't think he would.  The meeting of a blue-haired songstress changed that however.  A bit of a reflection and memoirs of a man who found love in an unlikely place.
Note: There are spoilers for iDOLMster 2 if you planned on playing it and didn't want to be spoiled.
Prologue—What the Producer has to say
Our story was never a love story—it never was meant to be one.  I've heard plenty of stories from other Producers—where one was able to get his idol to become more feminine; where one was able to get his idol to believe in herself; where one went through a series of events for her—they all ended up like love stories.
Mine, however, was different.  My story was
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imas2 FF: three looks of fall
Title: three looks of fall
Fandom: The Idolmster 2
Characters: Miura Azusa, Akizuki Ritsuko, a bit of Futami Ami and Minase Iori.  Everyone else is subtly mentioned.
Rating: K-ish (maybe K+)
Summary: Fall was a time of change, and change was certainly happening -- secretly.
Fall, it was a wonderful season for everyone in Japan; temperature becomes a lot more bearable compared to the heat of summer, and the colour changes are as impressive as the cherry blossoms In spring.  Miura Azusa sat off to the side at an outdoor café, bright ruby eyes staring in awe at the majestic trees that towered over on the sidewalks – leaves blowing gently.
She enjoyed the season, just like the leaves change colour, it was a time for change.  Azusa absentmindedly brought a hand back, brushing at the edge of her hair that stopped short at the base of her neck.  A small smile crept up on her face, yes; it was a season for change.
Her ruby eyes flew from
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Trauma Team: to let go: ch. 2
Note: This takes place after Trauma Team, spoilers are abundant, and if you are picky on spoilers, proceed not to read anymore.
Ch. 2: what happened before, what happens now
It was dark, and quiet.  All she could remember hearing was the short breath of her Mother as she carried her in her arms.  Violet eyes looked up, as similar violet eyes looked down, giving a serene smile.  The small girl's lips quivered a little, she was scared... scared of who they were running from.  The woman who held her tenderly placed a finger to her lips, making a small 'shh' noise.  It was the woman's way of saying, 'it'll be okay, we'll be okay.'
There was a sudden 'woosh' sound, and a crunch.  The Woman's violet eyes narrowed, and she put the girl down quickly, a hand going behind her back and pulling out a dagger, while the other one went to her belt.  She crouched down into a defensive stance around the small girl, who
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Trauma Team: to let go: ch.1
Note: This takes place after Trauma Team, spoilers are abundant, and if you are picky on spoilers, proceed not to read anymore.
Ch. 1: Beneath the Skin
"Looks like he's stabilized, he'll be okay."
"Get a room prepared, quickly!"
"His red blood cell count is low, I need a blood transfusion."
"Out of the way, Big Guy."
The giant, broad shoulders of Dr. Hank Freebird turned a little, and a small smile touched his face, "Maria, glad to see you're back."
"Eh... The guys are causing trouble with me again."  Maria rolled her shoulders as she passed Hank.  "What's going on over here?"
"The Kid's back." A third voice joined in, which made the brunette jump a little.  She whirled around on her heel -- glaring at the voice.  She huffed slightly, "I didn't expect you to be out of the office, Gabe."
The response she got from her remark as a long yawn.  Maria just raised a brow, sighing angrily and folded her arms.  She turned b
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imas: because you exist: 4
                                              Nevertheless you haven't left me
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AU imas: crossing paths ch. 2
Chapter Title: our differences
Author/Artist: Picup/Picupzors
Characters: Kisaragi Chihaya, Chihaya Shinichi (Male!Chihaya), brief appearances by the other iDOLMster: Girls Side guys, and Kotori and Producer
Fandom: The Idolmster
Rating: K-ish (maybe K+)
Disclaimer: Picup does not own the iDOLMster, or the fan made iDOLMster 1.5 (Girls Side!)
Summary: She first saw him on T.V, and then she saw him backstage.    Was it fate that crossed their paths?  Or were they destined to eventually meet?
Note: AU = Alternate Universe; way far from the iDOLMster canon.
"And at this point the key is too high, it.... doesn't sound right when a male sings it.  It should be more of a... mid-low tone."
They were backstage, where the crew was cleaning up quietly.  The concert was done, and everyone for the most part went home.  Some of the males of 801 Productions went out to do some autographing for the fans, while the others went
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AU imas: crossing paths
Title: crossing paths
Author/Artist: Picup/Picupzors
Characters: Kisaragi Chihaya, Other (?), and very brief, Producer and Kotori.
Fandom: The Idolmster
Rating: K? (-doesn't know for sure-)
Disclaimer: I do not own the iDOLMster, nor the fanmade, the iDOLMster: Girls Side (????)
Summary: She first saw him on T.V, and then she saw him backstage.    Was it fate that crossed their paths?  Or were they destined to eventually meet?
Note: This is an Alternate Universe (AU), because this is just pure insanity that had erupted from my mind... 8D;
The T.V. buzzed that morning with the latest entertainment news from the last twenty-four hours.  As Chihaya entered the office of 765 Productions, she noticed that no one was around at the moment.  She frowned as the T.V. continued to spout out it's nonsense.  She sighed, "Honestly..."
She approached the TV, with the intention of turning it off, but before she could hit the off swi
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Trauma Team Fan fiction: a day
"Tomoe-sama, it's time."
A soft, masculine voice spoke quietly from behind the shoji door, before he slid it to a silent open.  His voice seemed to reach the figure that was on the wooden deck that overlooked a serene garden.  The voice came from an aging man, dressed in a well-tailored suit.  His aged eyes stared at the backside of a young female, as she shifted, her upper body turning to face him.  "... Yes of course, thank you, Hanzou."
The figure replied back in an equally soft, yet feminine voice, gathering a white lab coat that was at her side, and stood up.  She gave one last glance at the specially made Japanese garden, before turning around and followed Hanzou back into the house.
"Do be careful today.  There is no telling when... they will come."
The words were chosen carefully, as Hanzou, the loyal servant of the daughter of the Tachibana clan, helped his master out of the vehicle.  He was very mindful
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to tell a hero: prologue
In another world -- just like the one we live in today, the very fantasies we thought of when we were children, exist.  Yes the world is parallel to 'Earth', but there's so much more to it than ours.  In this world, resides spirits, phantoms, demons, and the alike...
"Mr. Takahashi, please, take a seat."
I slowly took a seat in the cushioned seat nearby.  I could hardly contain my nerves, as my legs shook in anticipation, and my spine just tingled in excitement.  I had no idea why I was excited -- but I just was.   
A few days ago, I finally confessed to my cousin -- who just happened to be my editor, that I was cleaned out of any ideas for my next story.  She wasn't exactly the editor of the publishing company I'm with, but she was one of those who saw my works before I send it to that editor.  Therefore, she didn't freak out as an executive editor would if he or she was handed a blank sheet
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imas: because you exist: 3
                       Unfortunately, I've hurt you with overly clumsy words
The Producer was always a firm believer in his idols; not
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imas: because you exist: 2
                       I was some how happy and smiled without a tear
February 25th, the day that Kisaragi Chihaya (somewh
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imas: because you exist: 1
                            Because you suddenly said, "it's alright to cry"
"Producer-san, the a
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The iDOLMASTER: for a short...
Title: for a short period of time
Author/Artist: Picup/Picupzors
Characters: Miura Azusa, Producer, Original Character, Kikuchi Makoto – somewhat, very brief appearances by others
Fandom: The iDOLMster
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: No I don't own the fine, idol simulation game that is called the iDOLMster.
Summary: Fragments of a shattered heart remain, but sooner or later we have to pick up those pieces once more.
Note: Damnit Picup, stop doing stories that incorporate tons of flashbacks in between the present.

"Listen, I… I need to ask you for a big favour."
"Go on."
"… I… don't think I have much time left, so… if something happens soon – I need you to take care of them – of her."
"… Please?"
"… Yeah, yeah, I promise."

How ironic, that, today, was a sunny day – on the day that 765 Productions had treaded into the grave yard.  The weather was quite nice, save for the spring breeze, but even that felt
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Room Meme by Picup Room Meme :iconpicup:Picup 2 4
The iDOLMASTER: lion
Title: lion: we will survive
Author/Artist: Picup/Picupzors
Characters: Minase Iori, Takatsuki Yayoi, brief appearances by the other characters
Fandom: The Idolmster
Rating: K? (-doesn't know for sure-)
Disclaimer: I do not own The Idolmster, yup.
Summary: There can be only one top idol.  Snippets of the past and the present mixed in with an inevitable battle.
Quick Note: This is probably one of the longest pieces I ever written – you may want to mentally prepare yourself to read it. XD;
"You called us, Shachou?"
The door creaked open in the offices of 765 Production.  The sky was hazed with dark clouds and rain.  Although it was a dark, rainy day, everyone still had to work; including the idols of the 765 Productions.  It was late in the afternoon – and there was no indication of the rain letting up going into the evening.
A twin-tailed, haired girl stuck her head into the slightly open door.  Emerald eyes blinked, as t
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The iDOLMASTER: coincidence
You know, I don't know if it's love, or if it just normal for all guys (or any fans) to be crushing on idols.
Staring at myself in the mirror, I combed through the tangles of my blue hair that draped down my back.  Hmm… I should cut it… Nah, I like it long – even if some of the guys poke fun at me.  I flicked a blue lock back from my shoulder, as the news on the radio continued faintly playing on the background.
Yeah, the entertainment section was booming all about last night's concert.  It was another promotional concert set up by one of the production agencies in Tokyo – 765 Productions.  Last night's performance was collaboration between three of the idols in 765 Pro. – Kikuchi Makoto, Kisaragi Chihaya, and... Miura Azusa.
A-Ah…  A soft red hue brushed onto my cheeks, as I scratched the light skin there.  Miura Azusa-san, she was my favourite idol.  She was a lot of pe
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It's true >______>;

I just started my fourth play through of TC: SO on Normal again.

Bwhaha, all S so far, until I started Weaver's Z mission and I got a miss for not putting the bone in the right spot >_>; So I just... quit after that...

I played Second Opinion SO many times today, just to try and get XS on Hard.


I can do the time, no mistakes, and have over 60 combo.

I find out at the end, I didn't have 30+ Cools.

I was like RAWR

-does it again-
-watches Angie cry over Derek's dead body-
-sweat drops-


Life is swell so far I guess.

I have my Entrance exam for the super smart achedemic school I want to get into on Saturday.

That means waking up at like 7-8 in the morning ;_;

Well, guess whos sleeping in the afternoon on Saturday...

Maybe I'll make it up to you guys and write some more Derek/Angie for you.

Even though, I'm tempted to write more Naomi/Blonde Delphi guy.


Almost as much as Derek/Angie <3

But currently, the one I'm in the middle of, is Tyler/Leslie with a side dish of Derek/Angie.

That's all I can say.

... And I have another document that has the start of a Derek/Angie.

Hopefully I'll finish that...

Ehh... I like how I started talking about my life, then I some how got into Trauma Center pairings...

... That's Picup for you =D

And one of my reviewers on, had one of the best comments that made me giggle and laugh for 'Day Dream'.

"I would pay $20.00 to see Derek and Angie cuddling."

I would too -giggles-

I'll go RP with :icongs-dragono: because she's probably expecting my intro for our Derek/Angie RP....



Don't tell her I told you.

Even though she looks at my DA every day.



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