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This Time i will Punch You

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The Pallas's Cat (Otocolobus manul or Felis manul)

To read more about this feline: [link]

This picture was taken at Parken Zoo Eskilstuna in Sweden With a Nikon D800 and a Nikon 70-200 F 2.8 Lens

The picture was taken through glass....

This Time it almost looks like he is walking towards me to kick my Ass :)

Pls comment on what´s is good and bad so i can become better until next time ill try to take picture of the Pallas Cat

If you like pictures of Wolves; Lynx; foxes, Wolverines and other wildlife like Tigers, leopards and have the time please visit my gallery and tell me what you think their is a good chance you find something you like

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deepvision's avatar
This time I want to pet you. fffffffffffUUUUUUUUUUUffffyyy!!!!
Helsic's avatar
I love Pallas cats, they're so fluffy yet fierce! look at that badass little one!
great shot!
Renastasia's avatar
That face... is just one of the best faces I've ever seen.
shadowyoshigamernerd's avatar
seems the lorax has gotten a bit grey in his old age X3
RavenMontoya's avatar
That's one of the most hilarious and fierce expressions I've ever seen on a cat's face! :pointandlaugh:
Amazing picture! I'm so jealous of this picture, I wish it was mine! :giggle:
PictureByPali's avatar
ahh your to kind thank you for this amazing comment it´s the best praise i could get :)
RavenMontoya's avatar
Carart's avatar
Wow, i have a Cat too but i never ever See that she made such a Evil Face expression !
What have you done that she make such a Face :giggle:

...or did you " modify " it a little bit with Photoshop ?
I would Fave it, if i would collect Cats, very good Photoshot :wave:
PictureByPali's avatar
no this is all really i only increased the light and shadows and colour
Nekhara's avatar
Wow, incredible photo! ^^
PictureByPali's avatar
LittleHamsterGirl's avatar
hahaha cute and fun!! ^^ Epic Photo!
Ravenwolf7's avatar
Fabulous. Yes I agree with you. This is one pissed off kitty cat.
PictureByPali's avatar
:) thank you and sry for the late replay
Autumn93's avatar
this picture is great but pretty funny too lol. i love the effect of the background and how you focused on the cat. the lighting is good, specially the color of the cats eyes, i like how the green naturally stands out, but maybe you could have deepened the contrast if you used any editing software. overall i have to say this is one good shot! nice kitty
PictureByPali's avatar
Thank you so mcuh for the this amazing comment and sry or the late replay
Autumn93's avatar
its okay, im sure you must be busy, as we all are! stay well!
PictureByPali's avatar
thx.... no i just missed it :( that´s no good
AokitianWolf's avatar
Now that is hilarious. Looks like someone who was upset reincarnated into the form of a Pallas's Cat and now gets their anger out on something :XD: (Just kidding :meow:)
You ALWAYS do an awesome job at getting these through glass. It always amazes me that it is so clear, and I never can tell it was through glass in the first place!.

Very well done, and I gotta show this picture to my mom. She'll probably be able to relate to that animal :XD:
PictureByPali's avatar
haha thank you so very much for this amazing comment :) what did your mom think of it :)
AokitianWolf's avatar
She thought it was funny and she could relate to how the feline felt. :meow:
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