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The flirting Wolf

The Grey Wolf (Canis Lupus)

The picture was taken in a National park in northern parts of Sweden summer of 2009 With a Nikon D700s and a Nikon 70-200 mm lens F2,8 and a Nikon TC-17E II teleconverter.

This picture is not perfectly executed ... but still it show such an amazing moment it almost looks like he is coming out of the bushes and flirting with me.....

Imagination is fantastic thing to have :)

All comments are much appreciated i love the hear what you have to say good or bad

If you like pictures of Wolves or lynx and other wildlife and have the time please visit my gallery and tell me what you think their is a good chance you find something you like :)

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I've no idea how you've cought this expression but this us too awesome & cute (I'm also the 300th comment lol).
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This is quite one of the most fabulous photos of a wolf I have seen in a while. It's gorgeous. <3
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hehe he is funny :D
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That is so cool! (I saw this on Google and I think someone was goofing off with it and put the words "howl you doing" on the bottom XD. I thought it was funny. But I just wanted to let you know about that.)
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Feral Heart in a nutshell c:
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that's me... if I was a wolf
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Wow, that pic just looks incedible funny and beautiful. :D Great shot, and a lucky one, too. Perfect moment. :D
Now I have one tiny question.. may I use your picture as an avatar-icon in a rpg-community? Of course you will be given credit and so on, and of course I won't use your pic without your permission. :) It just fit's that perfectly with my rpg-character so I would be very happy if you would allow. ;)
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sure as long as it for non commercial and non profit and u give me credit and send me a comment on witch one u are using
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Okay, thank you very much. That's super-kind of you. ;D I'm happy everytime when I see that even such great artist are that relaxed about the (of course non-commercial) use of their art. :)
Thanks again.
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It does certainly looks like he's flirting with you with the way you captured his winking eye. It's amazing to see animals showing these types of expressions, makes me wonder what going on in their minds when they do these sorts of things :-).
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Thank you, and i asked my self the same question many times
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Wolves are so cute! :love:
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Much more cute than dogs. :dummy:
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