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Tiamat's Comet




The 12th instalment of my ABC Warrior project. This is the background to what will be my final ABC Warrior wallpaper, with a line-up of all thirteen ABC Warriors from 2000AD. My initial idea was to have the The Black Hole Bypass opening out onto space as the background. I then thought of adding Tiamat's comet - home to the Kollege of Khaos, and also Mars, bringing in the major elements of the comics history. As I was working on the Warriors themselves I ditched the idea of having the Black Hole Bypass as I felt it would end up being too cluttered. This is my attempt at anything space like ever and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I gave special thought on how to represent Mars. I was originally going to just have a red planet with the shaded part illuminated from the lights of cities. Whilst doing a little quick research on terraforming I found a lovely conceptual pieces of a terraformed Mars. Even though the comic gives a distinctively alien quality to Mars and making it appear more Earth-like might go against the spirit of the series I simply could not resist it. I put a little red tint on it to make it distinguishable from Earth. Tiamat's comet and the Kollege of Khaos were a little more difficult to get right. It was hard to find the right balance of detail and it was one of those occasions that I stopped before I ended up ruining the picture (which only makes me sulk for days on end).

ABC Warriors are copyright of Rebellion.
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Quality render of a space scene, and I love your work on the ABC Warriors!