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The Crush



My (third and final) entry for the November 2000AD Forum Art Competition.  This month is 2000AD Spin Offs.  Go check it out, there are loads of excellent entries.

The Time-Lapse video for this is up on my YouTube channel.

I had the composition of this decided upon before choosing the character.  I thought I would have to sift through loads of back issues of 2000AD to find an appropriate character.  Then Halo Jones popped into my head.  I love The Ballad of Halo Jones, it is one of my all time favourite comics and the idea of the Crush is brilliant.  During an inter-stellar war, Halo is sent to fight on a solid planet the size of Jupiter.  Because of it's size and gravity there are massive time distortions so 5 minutes in the Crush (the planets surface where the gravity isn't being countered) can be weeks in real time.

I struggled with this picture, though.  The characters face never seemed right to me and I was constantly changing it.  I was trying to a younger version of the squad leader but was neither happy with my choice of the style I was using.  I eventually decided to choose a different character that was more apt and have heavy shadows on the face.  As an experiment it turned out well but it is not what I had pictured in my mind at the beginning.  I am now re-evaluating the direction my artwork is currently taking.  I have started doing more work in my sketchbook and I want to try something a bit different.  More along the lines of The Hackman and Lucky.

I've started posting some of my sketches on my Facebook page.

The Ballad of Halo Jones is property of Rebellion.

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