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With all the excitement surrounding the recent Doctor Who episode I have seen a lot of fan art in commemoration for the 50th Anniversary. In this spirit I have created my own piece of fan art.

I recently watched the Predator franchise again - including the rather bad Alien Vs Predator films.  I have seen the first two countless times.  They may have their faults, but I find them very entertaining nonetheless.  Also, the Predator is one of the coolest movie monsters ever.

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Cool. I like the colours on this. Particularly the background. It kinda sets a foreboding mood. If I was being nitpicky I may have gone for a darker foreground with his eyes kept nice and bright, but I think it's great overall.

One of my favourite pics kept from childhood was of a Predator so I've been a fan long time. Which is why my mind automatically inserted the words like 'shit', 'crap' and related into "including the rather Alien Vs Predator films" cuz it seems you missed a word after rather.