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Requested Tutorial - Clothing

something different and new for me!~ this was requested as a tutorial : o ive never done a tutorial before so i apologize if this isn't any bit helpful. this is my general approach to clothing. its best to learn how to do stuff the hard way before taking any shortcuts, a lesson ive learned from my mentors, but theres no point in driving yourself absolutely crazy about it so if this helps something to click then great ive done what i wanted to~!

everything shown in this tutorial has been produced in photoshop, however, should really be able to apply across the board
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This was an extremely helpful tutorial, thank you so very much for putting this together!
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I think this will be very useful for my next illustration, thanks!
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So helpful! I've hunted down a million tutorials/vidoes/etc and this is just so spot on. There's more than one way to skin a cat but it helps if you have a sharp knife.

... ...
That metaphor was supposed to be complimentary, not creepy...

eewwww....I like cats...I'm grossing myself out...NOOOOOO!!!!!
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Extremely helpful. Really hard to find techniques on painting clothing. Drawing yes, painting clothing nope.
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I've been looking everywhere for a digital painting tutorial on clothes !! Thank you soo much for making this !!!
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I didn't expect you to get it up so quickly! Thanks so much! 
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youre welcome! 
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(that's what she said)

Oh, she's quick alright ;D
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Thank you for making this tutorial! :D This will definitely help me in creating more folds in the clothing rather than making the clothes look stiff! :)
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This is a great tutorial! :clap: :la:

You should create more tutorials, I think the way you explain it makes it all quite clear.
I know it takes time to create tutorials that are this in-depth, but you learn for (and improve) yourself as well
when creating these tutorials.
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Love the tutorial and your explanations which are easy to understand. I myself, always encounter problems when i try to draw clothes. The creases are my biggest challenge and till now i have not mastered them. Hopefully there will be more success in my future attempts. :)

PS, i love your style.  Shading is to perfection and your art is just phenomenal!! (Definitely putting you on my watch list!)  

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