What's your Element?
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By Picolo-kun
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Air for the win. I've never related to any other, not even fire. And yeah it makes perfect sense since I'm a libra. Libras are about as airy as it gets. XD
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Air for the win indead!
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Water or air, it really depends. 
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FIRE :kiwf: 

I'm called BlazingDragonLord for a reason y'know
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from personality side I am definately fire, but from the astrological signs side I am water, two opposites
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I'm Gemini, so I choose air!
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I'm darkness, but that isn't on the poll.... :( 

Oh well!!! XD
Awwwww yeah totally, if only! "W"
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lol, me too. although i think anarchy should be up there...
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It should.....
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I was told by my friend, whom is very good at picking someones class for anything, that I would be fire because I'm very energetic and playful, but I can still really burn someone if they're being all around jerks. I have to admit, I thought she was wrong until I had a black out with rage and apparently flipped a grade fiver who was talking like he was a full grown adult and being cocky over being in Ty-quan-do.(Don't know how to spell!!) He threw a punch at me and I remembered nothing about that day, only that I was very angry for the rest of it. I had another instants were I got mad at one of the most popular guys in the school because he to was being an ass, so I then gained the power of a thousand men and ripped the chair that he kept stealing just to get me mad and I made his sqeel like a 7 year old. Then one of the strongest guys came over and tried pulling the chair out of my hands, but I held on and some how managed to keep the chair without loosing it to him.

This will be a wall of text, I know it...
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i'm virgo, so earth, but i chose water coz i love it!
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I'm a Libra so my element is air. :)
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techniqually there are six: water, fire, air, earth, plant, and ice. Creepy Smile 
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My astrology sign is Leo :) of course my element is fire!
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Well it's water I think by sign. And I really do like being in water. And drinking water. It's great stuff. But air seems cool as well. 
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Earth, I'm Capricorn!
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Hmm... water or earth? Nope, I can't pick between them. XD
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well... being a pieces, water i think.
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Earth all the Way
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