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On 2014 I've imposed myself a challenge: "I should draw a doodle a day, during the whole year".The reason why I took such a challenge was because I wasn't happy with how much I created on the year before, on 2013. 

Before starting the challenge I would procrastinate instead of drawing, I would wait for some magic sort of inspiration to come in order to draw anything at all. 

That was the paradigm, the standards of my work flow. 

After concluding the 365 Days of Doodles project I had a new paradigm: I can create one black&white drawing everyday.

What I want to do now in 2015 is changing the paradigm again: I want to add color palettes to my doodles. Seven, to be more specific. :) 

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 Palette |pal - it|


"the range of colors used by a particular artist."

I have divided the palette project into 7 parts: each one represents a color of the rainbow. The following seven months will have a main color theme, from Red to Violet. 

:bulletred: February - Red

:bulletorange: March - Orange

:bulletyellow: April - Yellow

:bulletgreen: May - Green

:bulletblue: June - Blue

:bulletblack: July  - Indigo

:bulletpurple: August - Violet

I hope that by the end of the project I'll have a better understanding of lighting, mood and coloring.

I've been trying to color both on traditional and digital media but I'm taking a liking on the latter. I'm still getting used to a lot of stuff so things may change throughout the project.

Color can shape the world in amazing ways. This is the message I want to transmit on my drawings this year. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks a lot for everyone's support so far! :heart:

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This is really great and inspiring! I have my own personal goals. I doodle a lot but I rarely finish any art. And I also need to work on stories, so my own challenge is to work on those. :)
Gabriels-OhNo's avatar
A great idea, and I although I'm too late to join in, I think I'll definitely try something like this myself. ^_^
APersonalCharm's avatar
Your drawings and paintings are SO gorgeous! Do you do all the watercolor digitally, and if so, how? I'm so curious! I particularly love the watercolor on…
APersonalCharm's avatar
Woops, just found the answer on your page! I may have to become a patreon patron and see just how you achieve such beautiful effects~  I hope you never lose your love for art, because your work is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us :) 
Pinkkittty1234's avatar
My birthday is in May!! #starswarsday. I love your art so much! I think you've inspired me to draw more often than I do already!! Thank you!!
Bubblebunneh's avatar
I've been stalking you for 2-3 hours now. I can't seem to get enough of your art. . . . You're a genius ! 

I was also wondering what kind of tools you were using to color this? I'm just starting out on watercolor, and this feels like it but not. *0* If yes, you truly are a Genius ! -Bows in respect-
HanSeungJin's avatar
you gave me so much Inspiration with this post!!!
I'm unsatisfied with my drawing style and my skills for a while now but I've never known how to improve.
It's a pretty great idea to draw a Llittle doodle every day, with months with color themes.
I just have one question yet: what Kind of water colors/aquarel do you use?
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I'll definitely do this when these months roll around!
It looks like a lot of fun! I guess I'll have to wait until next year, though. :'D
CourtzGarden's avatar
aw man I missed the color phases by a month!
Well, I'm actually starting this because I'm bored of having ideas
but never drawing them or...I forget them and have nothing to draw 
when I get home after work :(
...and so these magical hands
will draw superheros in the mean time~!
I bet there are 365 characters to aim for xD
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Oh I am going to adapt this so that it starts in September so I could start next month. It is a really good idea thx!
Drizzerey's avatar
Thank you so much for the idea! I want to try this, as well as the doodle drawing a day thing! :D
magewannabe's avatar
I must say ur "doodle a day" project was very inspiring to me. i'm a writer and I have a completed book out, "The Licensed Mage" which is on my page for free reading (unedited) but I have so many more stories and book to create. i'm currently trying to finish this one book but i'm procrastinating like nobody's business. I've tried to push myself to write a chapter a day like before but I'm somehow losing the magic, the muse for this one and find myself sitting in front of my computer waiting for some inspiration to hit me, when it never does. i'm trying to push myself again, at least to write some paragraph or two, though it has not been exemplarily lol so dude kudos to u for finishing and completely ur 365 doodles on such a high note.
Umbramira's avatar
Totally doing the doodle thing, so I can do this next year. :')
TsonianFieldsRanch's avatar
I'm wanting to start a 365 days of doodles too, and this gives me a small incentive to do something different with mine as well lol
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earthcult's avatar
ahh this is really inspiring!! ^-^
Naty-Pie12-12's avatar
i can't wait for June, blue is my fav color

good luck with your project n.n
ReenaCat's avatar
I honestly love your April works, that's probably because it is my favourite colour :D -of course all of your work are great too!- :love:
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Art-Ablaze's avatar
i love the idea of your project. I'm doing some challenges too, but they dont extend as far into the year as yours do. all the best!
blondecrazygirl's avatar
WOW the idea of the proyect is awesome! :D  Nod I am a dummy! 
pinkythepink's avatar
Excellent project, I'm inspired to do something of the sort for myself. :)
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