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Recent disappearance + New Book

Tue May 16, 2017, 2:21 PM
(gosh it's been a while since I wrote one of those!)

Hey everyone, thanks for still being around even though I haven't been updating my deviantart in the past few months. [yes, I'm GUILTY AS CHARGED] :iconcryforeverplz:

The reason why I wasn't feeling like updating my deviantart is mostly because I don't have anything shiny or finished or polished enough recently.

I moved to my own apartment last November and I'm now officially living off of my own art! That's so freaking cool!... but I've been so caught up on freelance work that I can only feed my social media with sketches and studies, nothing that I judge "worth" of a submission here.

Skull And Teeth Studies by Picolo-kun
Untitled by Picolo-kun
The rough stuff

I'm 'the guy who skipped art education' trying to make art as a living. This thought haunts me more than I would like to admit. That's why, since last year, I've been focusing on learning everything from scratch: fundamentals such as anatomy, perspective, grayscale values, color theory and so on. I feel safer to upload these on other social media such as my instagram and twitter because posts feel less compromised there, they feel like a daily/quick thing. On dA I feel like every single post counts and it has to be always bigger, better, stronger than the previous one.

But wait a second, remember how this account started? 

Img 20140101 184817 by Picolo-kun
A doodle a day keeps procrastination away

I used to be called 365 days of DOODLES, my very first project in which I uploaded one drawing a day, however good/bad it was. Not only that but the fact that someone on facebook called me out today like "why did you stopped posting on deviantart?"made me realize I shouldn't hold my posts sacred. Here to say I'll try my best to keep you updated here too, so thanks again for staying around. ❤

In other news, I'm releasing A COLORING BOOK!

 FullSizeRender (1) by Picolo-kun
Constellations parade

CELESTIAL features all my recent constellations drawings, the zodiac arrows and their archers (yea the archers! I've been wanting to post them since forever now!). The book is coming up on June 6th, but you can already preorder here:…

Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed drawing them! 💜

Sketch This Challenge!

Wed Oct 28, 2015, 9:39 AM
Hey guys! I'm very excited to host one of Sketchbook challenges! 

Sketchthis-social-general by Picolo-kun

The Sketch This are daily drawing challenges featured inside SketchBook mobile app. They're meant to shake off your artblock with these little prompts :) 
As some of you may already know from my previous post I got the "SKETCH YOUR HAND" one. Here's the description:

Sketchthis-social-artist1 by Picolo-kun


Sketch the hand you do not draw with, using black and only one color. Explore depth and shading through point size.

So game's on! Download the app to take this challenge and submit it with the #sketchthis hashtag so I can see your entry! Can't wait to see what you guys will come up with (I'm thinking about creating a little feature with the entries) :-)

DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Fri Aug 7, 2015, 11:02 AM

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

1 year and a half as a deviant but I've been browsing this site since I was in highschool (2010-2011) :XD:

2. What does your username mean?

It's my real surname (my real name is Gabriel Picolo but IRL everyone knows me as "Picolo") so it was a very easy choice. It used to be "365DaysofDoodles" but I had to change it since that project ended on 1st January.

3. Describe yourself in three words.

Too much overthinking
.: Artblock by Picolo-kun

4. Are you left or right handed?

Right handed. I can't draw shit with my left hand :- D

5. What was your first deviation?

#1 You're scarier than you think by Picolo-kun
The very beginning of the 365 Days of Doodles project. Is it too much of a coincidence if everything started with a cat? 
black cat  

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

#203 What I think - What I say by Picolo-kun #165 Brainstorm by Picolo-kun #161 Leftovers by Picolo-kun .: Stormy Weather by Picolo-kun #177 Muse by Picolo-kun .: Undersea by Picolo-kun

My favorite thing is when I create something that is true to me and it's relatable to other people as well. It may be a complex doodle about feelings or an eye candy fan art but what I love the most is the connection I create with who's seeing my work. That's why I keeping drawing. :heart:

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Ali Michael by agnes-cecile


It's actually something that's been bothering me a lot recently (it was also the subject of one of my recent polls). I'm currently feeling kinda lost and I don't know how rendered/realistic I want my art to be! ;A;

It's definitely not my favorite style but it's something like "at least I want to know how to do this, then I can move on to something else". Too bad it's not that easy...

8. What was your first favourite?

Upgradable by MattiasA
Mattias Adolfsson, you're such a master u.u

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

*Looks at favorites*

Nightmares VS Sleepless Kid by prema-ja We're OK by forgottenpantaloons The Marquis. by TheWoodenKing Fishing by GaudiBuendia Summer morning by MasterTeacher Never Let Me Go 13 by Nesskain landscape #11 by Sylar113 Keep Up by sdPink

Artworks that have interesting compositions, nice use of colors or great storytelling (especially this last one).

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Agh too tough to answer! I'd say it's a mix among:

:iconyuumei: (she's a complete artist, her work was what first got me into dA and her art just speaks volumes to me);

:iconcontraomnes: (the way he presents his work, the compositions and clever concepts...damn I want to be like this guy when I grow up!);

:iconloish: (her aesthetic choices, sense of colors, poses, lightings and shapes are impeccable);

:iconnesskain: (his sense of colors, storytelling and sea themes for his works which really appeals to me). 

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

I'm terribly shy so I would probably be a disappointment to anyone I met in reality :XD:

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

All the support I received through the last year from countless people have impacted my life tremendously. Every note, message and comment affects me in a way or another. :love:

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

#338 Bag Content by Picolo-kun

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

2015-08-07 14.50.25 Hdr by Picolo-kun

My room! I have a Japanese test tomorrow yo!

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

Top Three:

:bulletblue: When I finished the 365 Days of Doodles project. That was actually one of the best moments of my life so far :iconcryforeverplz:
:bulletblue: 7 Days Drawing Challenge! (closed)
:bulletblue: 7 Days Color Challenge (closed) (both of these were so much fun and the amount of support I received from the community was overwhelming :heart: )

And last but not least, Happy Birthday DeviantART :dalove:

I'm asking for your support

Fri Jul 10, 2015, 7:31 PM
You probably know this deviantARTist writing to you through one of his projects. I have started 2014 with a big challenge, making 365 doodle/drawings, one every single day. And I've managed it! You can have access to all of them at my Deviantart gallery or  Instagram account

And right now I'm on another challenge. The Palette Project, a seven-month long color challenge, is a series where I create new illustrations each month based around a central color. 

dsc 0497 2 by 365 daysofdoodlivww

Hello therrre, this is Picolo and his cat, whose name is unknown.

All this you already know about me. What some of you don't know is that I'm a Graphic Designer student who recently quit his job at a hostel to start a Freelance Illustrator career. As far as it goes, the big commissioned works eat the time dedicated to create the artworks you enjoy to see.

In light of this, I've decided to create a Patreon account. It was supposed to be launched months ago but I confess I was too scared to ask for this kind of support from you. My head was full of stuff like:

  • " but Picolo you aren't half as good as [insert amazing artist that has a patreon]" 

I won't say I simply got over all of this but an honest talk with a friend (who's an Amanda Palmer's fan btw) made me change my mind about Patreon. 

:bulletblue::bulletblue:What Patreon means?

dsc 0497 2 by 365 daysofdoodles d8civw

– Tip me I'm an artsy cat

Patreon is a website where you can fund your favorite artists or musicians. In other words Patreon will be my tip jar. You can visit me there  and choose which amount you want to tip. For each different amount I'll have a different reward for you.

:bulletred::bulletred:What Patreon doesn't mean...

If you're broke or simply don't/can't donate that's totally fine! 

dsc 0497 2 by 365 daysofdoodles d8civww

No pressure

I'll still create the same sort of content, I'll still be the same Picolo as ever. I always uploaded my doodles for free and I always will.

That's why I'm asking for support, not demanding it in any way. 

However, if you're able to support me I'll share with you extra content that I wouldn't have the time to create if it wasn't for you. 

:bulletblue::bulletblue:What's coming after Patreon?

With Patreon I will be able to do stuff you always ask me to do. I plan to publish tutorials of how to draw/paint, anatomy and composition tips, create challenges and of course book compilations of my work (365 Days of Doodles book for example, that would be a dream even for me)

dsc 0497 2 by 365 daysofdoodlesjjcivww

The more support I receive from you the more content I will be able to create (for you) in return. That's my way to say "thank you".

support my work patreon

7 Colors Challenge Feature

Sat Jun 13, 2015, 8:42 PM
The 7 Days Color Challenge ended last Friday and now it's time for features and winners!

Thank you one last time for joining! If it wasn't for you there would be no challenge at all. I'm amazed by the number of entries and your determination to complete it! Congratulations to all of you, I'm so proud to see the rainbows created by the 7 Colors Challenge Heart:icon7colorsbadge:

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre As promised, I chose 4 of my favorite projects and gave 120 points to each one of them. Here they are (in no particular order):


My favorite feature of Hikolol35's project is that he was able to to use similar aesthetics even though he chose different themes for his 7 days. In other words, he was able to adapt to different situations using his own style. Congrats man! :clap: 


DamaiMikaz used her own characters from her Project Emion to show each color, if not only that she challenged herself to do it in 2 hours time (!!!). My compliments to her on the ability to create a mood on the whole drawing using each day's theme color. :clap:


I loved how simple and original Kaiyakii kept her project. Using a fruit for each color, she ended her 7 Days with a Fruits Salad which was very clever - despite being cute too. :clap:


DivisionHappy says besides its profile picture "Artist and Storyteller". Storytelling is what captivated me the most about its work. Every single entry seems full of emotion and meaning. They also contain an unique use of color so it was very pleasing to follow each submission. :clap:

  Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Hall of Fame

Choosing only 4 to win the points prize was so hard it took me the whole day really :XD: . Here are some of the best drawings from those who completed the 7 Days Colors Challenge. I tried to feature the maximum people I could but deviantART has a limit of images per journal entry. Congrats everyone! :icon7colorsbadge:

:bulletred: Best from Red Day:

y Day 1: Gatorade by SomeMonsterFangirl Red Day by White-Starcloud Red by jadethestone Day 1: Red Cardinal by Johayna474 Day 1: Red by Octeapi Planet holder by Deviantcupcake01 Scizor by manonfruitaap Galaxy Headphones ~RED VERSION~ by meriimerodii 7 Days Color Challenge - Day 2: Orange by miki-chaan Apple by Arpiniko 7 Days Color Challenge: Red: Poke ball Bookmark by Natamash #1 - A violist by lbrnd Red- Meeting. by Punkn13 Forest Fire by Misty-Dragonfly Spicy bullets by BravoCrow Sunset Girl (Red) - 7 Days Color Challenge by 453679 7 Days Color Challenge : Day 1 - Red by AZKuroneko Color Challenge day 1- Red by 887pink Red Haired by hsinli Fire Dragon by VISIONARYGirl Day 1 color challenge! by SakiSato Red: Tokyo Ghoul by Togaochi Latias - Red by Jettersfreak 7 Days Color Challenge - Red: Wrath by evinca The Red Forest by awesomeyuna Red as a Rose by Cookie-Kitteh Red - 7 Days Color Challenge. Little sad red by kanegasuki DareDevil. by TheZeel Crimson Rose by Lempikah

:bulletorange: Best from Orange Day:

[orange] Splatoon by maricookie Butterflies by kaela098<da:thumb id="538080898"/> 7dcc:orange by shibishib Orange_Color Challenge by Cathematics 7 Days Color Challenge - Carrot's Queen by Harendita Day 2: Orange by TailorOfLight 2 - Orange Day by Skoild 7 days color challenge- orange by NicoTopin Day 2: Orange by serkunet Orange is the Color of Contentment by MissChurro102 Orange Saturday by shannanapeels Day 2: Orange by Meeps-Chan Neku Sakuraba (Orange) by Beautiful-Darkside Color Day 2: Autumn by KikyoYuuki #82 - Looking to the Orange Sun by ageha-nacht Day Two: Orange (Pumpkin Princess) by PrincessSakura258 Oriole by Serenity12778 7 Day Color Challenge for Picolo-Kun: ORANGE by Cartoonsforever Day 2:Orange by Skull-san Color Challenge Day 2- Orange by Cherry-17 Chasing the Sunset by GlacialFalls 7 days color challenge: Orange by TableboxDrawer Day #2 - Orange by Shpuggy Challenge Day 2- Orange Day by InkDrawnDreamer Tame the Flames (DAY 2) by TakoKaze Orange - You're not alone by natsukani MK by Realmn 7 days Color Challenge:Day 2:Orange by charreddragonchi

:bulletyellow: Best from Yellow Day:
Yellow - 7dChallenge - SOUVENIRS D'ITALIE by CocotteMe Color Challenge Day 3-Dancing through time  by Smilingchesire the Sun Elf by JoannaMoory 7 Days Color Challenge (Yellow) by freeflightx Pika Family by KatKristine Yellow bacon pancakes by Dziwna-Logika Heiwajima Shizuo by Raaizen FFXV : prompto by atutcha I can see you by WalkingMoon Pride by ShanaPatry Resent the Owl by coconutmoose Shrimps and Lemons by Odettery Colour Challenge: Yellow by Ice-LuoXue Be Happy! by LeaseHart Sunflower by Lunallidoodles Sunset Shimmer by TheNornOnTheGo Day 3 - Yellow by DiegoAGM -All lights on- by k2-kun Day 3 : YELLOW - Palette Challenge by MinaChawn Fox Fire ~Yellow by ValicexandxFenris Yellow Sunflower by SilverNox Dragon Dreams by artesora Lights of insanity. by Auvomieli 7 Days Colour Challenge: Yellow (with lines) by abjectionz Yellow - 'Fraidy Cat by The-Darkwolf

:bulletgreen: Best from Green Day:

CPC: Green by DelusionalLove 7 Days Color Challenge: Day4 by raflael Day 4: GREEN tree by TheTailedArtist 7 Days Color Challenge: Day 4 - Green by Suncelia Green by ChinMa 7days color challenge_forest spirit_day 4_green by Tsuuchiii Green - 7 Days Color Challenge by Chowkarou Day 4: Green by Chitsuu Little Miss Badass by GroceryStorePhobic Seven Days of Color- Green [SCRAPPED 10/2/16] by silverheart-nine 7 Days Color Challenge - Green by HoshisamaValmor Scaly Cape by Chocolate-Wings Color challenge: day 4 by Akuno-Hana Green by LittlePaintedCat Green Day by Bwaarf Green Calm in the forest Color Day 4 by Jendalia<da:thumb id="538464906"/> 7 Day Color Challange:Green by NagareboshiHime 7 Days Color Challenge - Green by xXNejiten4everXx DA-Maze [7 Days Color Challenge-Day 4] by Pascua-Tanya 7 Days Color Challenge Green by Cannelle-Lapin

:bulletblue: Best from Blue Day:

Blue Day - Shirai and Nikaido by oodell Day 5: Blue - Ramiel by MrMarkoz Day 5 (Blue): Teiko Days by KittyPleasance Day 5 - Blue by mirecarrot Color Challenge day 5 Blue by Yume-angel-96<da:thumb id="538567582"/> #110 Blue Paradise by Zerolution Aurora borealis by ALorente Day 5: Blue by Sorioffantasy Bowerbird, Bowerbird, Shall This Suffice? by DustySeedling Where art thou ? by Winyletitpanda<da:thumb id="538587638"/> Dreaming of see (Day 5: Blue) by NamiAnArt Day 5- Blue Bird by CachorritaEstrella (2-5) Euphoria by OneWithTheStars Lapis Color Challenge Day 5 by mermaid554<da:thumb id="538758764"/> Blue by Hydraisback american blue oldtimer by KuromoriRei 7 days of color challenge: Day5 by AstaraBriarart Blue Macaws by AlexiaG94 Day 5 - The Door by SumireSuzuki The Bard (+ Video) by Unistonen Beautiful Blue Night by PureAngelDragon713 Day 5: Blue - Something Blue by RuneWolfe13 Space Jello by Sapphira-Adi River by Splerp Day 5 - BLUE: The magic of a story by Frankychan1 Ocean by Brain-Dimensions<da:thumb id="538706176"/> Rain (blue) by snowy-mist Strands of Stars by LunaIntegrity kiss of cosmod by Xtreme-sTV Blue by noraibz Blue Popsicle by Fadafne

:bulletpurple: Best from Purple Day:

Day Purple : Sailor Saturn by gniao Purple that Follows by Lajean-Ra<da:thumb id="539238082"/> March Eridan by Waveripple Relax by morganwtb11 Purple Day : ..welp? by Alleriawolf 7 Days Color Challenge - Day 6 - Purple - Impa by HawkHunting Gengar by StickyPaladin Purple by Eleven013 Nectar Guppy by MyonArt Jenna Purple by Beltharas69 Purple- Day 6 by Nightlovesbirds Purple by Chaine-x 7 Days Color Challenge: Purple by Lilybyte Purple Hydrangea by MommaCat23 6 - Purple Abyss by Calluna-Draconis (6) Royal Purple -day151- by BirdHime Purple  Man In Purple Hat by Lazy-Pepper Purple by Sinajei Dark mysteries by skyserpent14 Day Six, Purple: Midnight Atop a Gargoyle by SwirlyCat147 7 Days color challenge - Day 6 : Purple by Valictini Purple by akira789 P U R P L E by popolis Day 6 Purple Guardian of the City by AriBlueJ Picolokun color challenge: Violet by Persea-Nouveau Day 6: Purple by Paul-Rabbit Not just a sea storm by axeloil Winter's Breath by MidnightTiger8140 Purple Dreamer by ZakuraWolfe purple by lushan 7 Days Color Challenge Day 6 -Purple Cemetery Hill by Narmita08<da:thumb id="538830869"/> Challenge 6 = Purple by Fluffymausi-chan A Genie to Dream of by Direction-Tru3N0rth Last Unicorn-Purple by NeonNekoHime

:bulletpink: Best from Pink Day:

You're the only friend I need by Fantomte<da:thumb id="538913042"/> 7 days challenge - Pink by Oskana Bubblegum by Whim-N-Wonder Day 7: Pink MAGICAL unicorn by ElzaPoveePaw Day 7 - Pink: #S016 Fairies Pond by IcedNaly Pink Challenge by tacomekit729<da:thumb id="538999166"/> Nurse Shark by DwimmerCrafter Colour Challenge - Pink by theartydragon 7 Color Challenge - Pink by TheScarlet1 7-Pink by Malinka00 Pink by Cati-Saki<da:thumb id="539196535"/> Day 7- Pink by tea-doxie Fin... by windflame02 Pink Blacksmith by MichaelHoweArts Rose maze by fireytika Color Challenge Day 7: Pink by Florosco99 .:Pink by ellah2698


Color Inspiration - Orange

Sun Jun 7, 2015, 12:23 PM
This is the second of a 7 part journal about colors. I'll take the opportunity of the 7 Days Color Challenge to share some material I've been gathering recently. 

.: Orange is the New Color by Picolo-kun

I've been obsessed with colors since I started to work with them and it's really nice to know their meanings and symbolism before applying them on a project. Hope you enjoy it!

:bulletorange: Before the orange fruit was introduced in Europe, there wasn't a word to designate this color. The color was inicially referred to as ġeolurēad (yellow-red) for reddish orange;

:bulletorange:Specialists believe that orange increases our brain's oxygen supply creating a refreshing and stimulant effect;

Capybara by GaudiBuendia

:bulletorange: According to studies, orange is the color most related to fun. That's why it's popular among children;

:bulletorange: Orange is the complementary color of Blue even on its meanings. Blue tranquilizes, as it's the color of reflection and silence as orange represents the opposite qualities. 

quality time by genicecream

:bulletorange: An orange egg yolk is more appetizing than a yellow one. That's because orange triggers our appetite. It's even said that this color helps in digestion;

:bulletorange: The color of a cup makes your brain increase the flavor of a beverage. According to studies, hot chocolate gets yummier on an orange mug; ^-^

:bulletorange:Only 3% of women and 2% of men says that orange is their favorite color;

Paper Tiger by contraomnes

:bulletorange: There are officially 45 orange shades cataloged. A lot of them have earthy colors, and others can be labeled as yellow or red due to the high amount of these pigments mixed with orange;

:bulletorange: Not related specifically to orange but did you know there's a list of every color's name? Please take a look at it (useful for writers): List of colors;

:bulletorange: The excessive amount of orange on a room may cause people to get euphoric. Anxiety and flutter are some of the negative vibrations caused by the orange color;

:bulletorange: Dalai Lama and other monks are always wearing shades of orange because in Buddhism, it means transformation, courage and spiritual sacrifice. It's the Illumination color, the highest degree of perfection;

:bulletorange: Most "redheads" actually have orange as hair color;

:bulletorange:This color is related to creativity, as it arouses the mind and it helps on the assimilation of new ideas;

I'll be back soon with some yellow facts for you! Good luck on everyone completing the color challenge ヽ(^◇^ )/

Featured orange artworks to inspire you:

Orange Gerbera by OrangeGirl69 Red Orange by DanielaUhlig Orange Juice by Qinni<da:thumb id="529762381"/> orange moon by gimei Why must this story be told by Jeniak Nineteen Eighty something. by PascalCampion Untitled by RHADS Patisseries by Pendalune Randy Gallegos: Vero's Fire by gallegosart-com Fall by sydniart Once upon time in Asgard by jiuge The Birth by HeliacWolf pumpkin by michalivan Mysterious Signs- loft by DartGarry Across Worlds by jisook86

Color Inspiration - Red

Fri Jun 5, 2015, 6:12 PM
Hello again!

This is the first of a 7 part journal about colors. I'll take the opportunity of the 7 Days Color Challenge to share some material I've been gathering recently.

Hope you find this interesting for either the challenge or future projects. ^_^

.: Strawberry Avalanche by Picolo-kun

:bulletred: Red has more personal associations than any other color. Recognized as a stimulant, red is inherently exciting. Red draws attention, so a keen use of red as an accent can immediately focus attention on a particular element. (shout out to extroverted people, that's your color  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*)

Red is particularly interesting because it's on both ends of the emotional spectrum. On one end there's passion and love and on the other there's danger, fear and anger. I'm wondering which of these emotions you most associate with the color red. ^^

little red yin by Apofiss

:bulletred: It's the first color babies can see and it's often the first color taught to children. That's why it's so often people's favorite color;

:bulletred: It evokes both of the most vital energies to man: fire and blood;(Targaeryen's motto FTW)

Electric by hibbary

:bulletred: Human reaction is 20% quicker on a red environment. Scientific tests ensure that this color increases atrial pressure and heart rate;

:bulletred: Red belongs to Aries and Scorpio. These Signs are represented by the planet Mars, the god of war, which is often referred to as the "Red Planet"; 

:bulletred: T
he color red isn't what causes bulls to attack. In fact, bulls don't seem to have any color preference at all. They'll charge whichever object is moving the most;

redhat by janaschi

:bulletred: Red is Luxury! Not only for the red carpet or the garments used by the nobility, but kings were crown wearing red. Operas and Theaters used to be decorated with red in order to show wealth (red was an extremely expensive cloth by the time)

:bulletred: Men and Women see red differently. Women tend to detect an extra variety of red shades due to the X chromosome (I can say for myself that I have a hard time to distinguish where red ends and orange starts :XD: )

:bulletred: Paint a room with a red color and the thermal sensation of the body rises 6°C (43ºF) over the actual temperature. So if you live in a cold place, it might be just what you need!

Berserk by maciejkuciara

:bulletred: Red is the color of danger. Signs and alerts use this color because they bump into or emotions and instantly grabs our attention. 

:bulletred: When everything gets too colorful, the first color to disturb us is red;

:bulletred:Red is love! That's why we paint hearts with red and give red roses to our loved ones. That's because our skin gets red-ish when we feel passionate about something/someone.

Hope you find it interesting! I'll come back tomorrow to bring you some Orange random facts ヽ(^◇^*)/

Featured red artworks to inspire you:

Red by ursulav demon among us by LuviiiLove  Painting 103 by bradwright The King of Monsters by Blabyloo229 1996 by Kyendo Moon Lover by NanFe<da:thumb id="531080307"/> The Red Hood by kelogsloops Red by mmaxxenn Red riding hood by ryky Street Lotus by mou-s<da:thumb id="496734719"/> red by rod-n

* article with 50 facts about red. Worth the reading. However it's only in Portuguese :/
* Fellow writer deviants: check this very useful infographic chartfor anyone struggling with color names.

7 Days Color Challenge (closed)

Fri Jun 5, 2015, 9:54 AM
Firstly, thank you all for the joining this second drawing challenge, I can't wait to see what you guys will come up with ^_^

colors! by Picolo-kun

I know time zones are always confusing. As I write this journal it's Friday 5th, June, 13:00 o'clock where I live. The challenge starts counting from now on. That means all of the challenge days ends by 13:00 o'clock ( based on Brasilia Timezone, where I live) . 

For those who already submitted the 1st drawing, it's okay as long as it's the red one!

If you can't join for any reason, don't worry! I'll be doing more Drawing Challenges in the future.

Bullet; Blue What's a 7 Days Color Challenge?

The challenge is drawing 7 different things based on 7 different colors. A color a day. By the end of the challenge you'll have a rainbow set of drawings to show ^_^

Bullet; Blue What about the Rules?

• It can be either traditional, digital or mixed media
• All art styles accepted (cartoon, anime/manga, realism, etc)
• Fan Art and Original Art accepted!
• It can't be an unfinished artwork
• It must be colored (no Black&White this time :P

• You must tag me on the drawing description so I'll be able to see it! (to tag a deviant, type "@DeviantYouWantToTag", it will usually suggests you the deviant before you finish typing it ;) )
You have to use the current Day's Color Theme as the main color of your drawing

Bullet; Blue Prizes!!

 Everyone joining the challenge will receive a llama badge. (will give the badges after the challenge ends!)
 Giveaway of my points! Four of the best projects will receive 120 points each.
 I'll feature one drawing of everyone who completes the 7 color challenge on a journal entry. A Hall of Fame I'll proudly put on my profile page.

The 7 themes are:

I've put a lot a thought on this and I think that a color a day is enough limitation for this challenge. I think that arbitrarily choosing a theme for each day besides the colors will narrow your options too much.

In other words, you're allowed to draw anything on each day as long as you use the day's color as the main theme for your drawing.

As many of you figured we'll be following the rainbow order of color, except that I changed "indigo" and "violet" colors for "purple" and "pink" respectively. 

:bulletred: Day 1 - Red Day

:bulletorange: Day 2 - Orange Day
:bulletyellow: Day 3 - Yellow Day
:bulletgreen: Day 4 - Green Day
:bulletblue: Day 5 - Blue Day
:bulletpurple: Day 6 - Purple Day
:bulletpink: Day 7 - Pink Day 

As an additional note, this year I'll share with you as many information as I can about colors while you do this challenge. I've gathered some cool resources around the web on these last few months, it may help you on this challenge and other projects ^w^ (will post it on a different journal entry in a couple of hours!)

If you have any questions regarding the challenge or themes please let me know on the comments. Game's on!


:bulletred::bulletred:Day 1 is complete! Amazing work everyone!! :dance: I still can't believe the massive number of entries :XD:

Red artworks on this folder: 
The Color Of Love Bewqey 365 Daysofdoodles-d... by Picolo-kun
:bulletred:Challenge Day 1 - Red 

:bulletorange::bulletorange:Day 2 is complete! Congratulations for your hard work! *bows deeply*

Orange artworks on this folder:
   Colorful Silence By Picolo Kun-d8mv392 by Picolo-kun
:bulletorange:Challenge Day 2 - Orange 

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:Day 3 is complete!

Slumber by Picolo-kun
:bulletyellow:Challenge Day 3 - Yellow

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Day 4 is complete! I'm so happy to see you halfway trough the challenge, you can't stop now!! (゚ヮ゚)
Green by Picolo-kun
:bulletgreen:Challenge Day 4 - Green

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Day 5 is complete! Overall this was my favorite day so far, such lovely entries everyone :love:
As by Picolo-kun
:bulletblue:Challenge Day 5 - Blue

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple:Day 6 is complete! If you've reached this point you are seriously amazing o.o 
Hh by Picolo-kun
:bulletpurple:Challenge Day 6 - Purple

:bulletpink::bulletpink:Day 7 is complete! Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge!!! 
2015-01-31 12 by Picolo-kun
:bulletpink:Challenge Day 7 - Pink

As a token of my admiration to everyone who made the 7 colors palette, I created this little palette badge for you guys: :icon7colorsbadge: :blushes:

Also now's the time I'll take to give you all the llama badges. The 4 winners will be announced within 24 hours as well and the feature! ^^ 

Thank you ALL so much for participating! :love: :dalove:

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! UPDATE: Winners and Features! 7 Colors Challenge Feature

7 Days Color Challenge (preview)

Tue Jun 2, 2015, 5:36 PM
Hi everyone!

Almost a year ago I challenged you guys with the 7 Days Drawing Challenge! (closed), which was meant to make you draw for 7 days in a row.

After receiving some requests I decided to host this challenge again with a small change: 2015 is a colorful year for me so it will be a Color Challenge!

colors! by Picolo-kun

We'll start this Friday (5th June). Be sure you won't miss it! black cat  

Bullet; Blue What's a 7 Days Color Challenge?

The challenge is drawing 7 different things based on 7 different colors. A color a day. By the end of the challenge you'll have a rainbow set of drawings to show ^_^

Bullet; Blue What about the Rules?

Rules are the same as the last drawing challenge: the only rule is that you have to draw (and submit) something each day! It doesn't matter the media nor the art style. That means it can be traditional or digital. The style may be realistic, manga/anime, cartoon, etc. It may be fan art or original! Don't forget to mention me with "Picolo-kun" so it will pop up into my messages and I'll be able to see the artwork!

Bullet; Blue Prizes!!

Last year things really came out of proportion (I didn't expect so many people to join the challenge, I was so happy you guys enjoyed it :heart:), so I'll try to be humble this time (If you joined last challenge and didn't receive your prize contact me immediately). 

 o - Everyone joining the challenge will receive a llama badge. (again)
 o - Giveaway of my points! Four of the best projects will receive 120 points each.
 o - I'll feature one drawing of everyone who completes the 7 color challenge on a journal entry. A Hall of Fame I'll proudly put on my profile page. 

That's all for now! Hope to see you on Friday. I'll write another journal just to remind you guys about the rules and everything. If you have any questions please address them to me on the comments below!

Take care!♡ 

The Palette Project

Sun Feb 1, 2015, 2:58 PM

Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueParadigm ShiftBullet; BlueBullet; Blue

Nowplaying by Picolo-kun

On 2014 I've imposed myself a challenge: "I should draw a doodle a day, during the whole year".The reason why I took such a challenge was because I wasn't happy with how much I created on the year before, on 2013. 

Before starting the challenge I would procrastinate instead of drawing, I would wait for some magic sort of inspiration to come in order to draw anything at all. 

That was the paradigm, the standards of my work flow. 

After concluding the 365 Days of Doodles project I had a new paradigm: I can create one black&white drawing everyday.

What I want to do now in 2015 is changing the paradigm again: I want to add color palettes to my doodles. Seven, to be more specific. :) 

Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueThe ProjectBullet; BlueBullet; Blue

 Palette |pal - it|


"the range of colors used by a particular artist."

I have divided the palette project into 7 parts: each one represents a color of the rainbow. The following seven months will have a main color theme, from Red to Violet. 

:bulletred: February - Red

:bulletorange: March - Orange

:bulletyellow: April - Yellow

:bulletgreen: May - Green

:bulletblue: June - Blue

:bulletblack: July  - Indigo

:bulletpurple: August - Violet

I hope that by the end of the project I'll have a better understanding of lighting, mood and coloring.

I've been trying to color both on traditional and digital media but I'm taking a liking on the latter. I'm still getting used to a lot of stuff so things may change throughout the project.

Color can shape the world in amazing ways. This is the message I want to transmit on my drawings this year. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks a lot for everyone's support so far! :heart:

How to draw during 365 days

Sat Jan 3, 2015, 9:17 PM
Dsc 0497 (2) by Picolo-kun

By the beginning of 2014 I started this account and uploaded a doodle a day during a year. It was the most challenging thing I ever did and it helped me loads on improving my art.

I've seen a lot of mentions on my inbox about artists that are starting their own 365 Days challenge and I want to write this journal to share what I've learned through my experience and maybe encourage some of you to join this long term journey. :heart:

It's okay to start simple!

My first doodles were waaay more simple than the other ones. If I had to start the project again I would still do them simple. Of course, starting this challenge is very exciting but it's a dead end if you put a heavy load on yourself at the beginning!

Focus on knowing your pace first. How much time does it take you to finish your drawings? 

Stay original

On my first 60 days I preferred to stay away from fan art and draw original themes only. That way I could develop a style and gain confidence on what I was doing.

 I know this "fan art VS original art" has been discussed about a bazillion times here on deviantART  and it's not like I don't enjoy making tributes to my favorite things but looking back at the project the original doodles have a bigger impact on me than the fan arts.  

Fan Arts

If you still want to make fan arts: go for it, they're delicious to make! Put your favorite characters into themed series like a Halloween compilation, for instance. Just make sure to add your own spin on them! 


Remember that drawing now has become a part of you, it is as daily as brushing your teeth. You're making it into a habit. One of the main flaws of my 365 days challenge was drawing it in random periods of the day then starting to draw on late nights. That made me confused about which day I was submitting and I had to make up for the late doodles in the end.

Try your best to keep a routine. It can be early morning or late night, it's important to be continuous.


People ask me all the time about where do I get my ideas. 

Putting a year into perspective one of the most important things for me was to write my ideas. Any of them. A prompt, an inspiring quote or word. Anything. Even if I don't use them immediately, the ideas "grow" in my head and may be drawn in the future. Keeping track of your ideas also helps if you're out of inspiration and have to draw the daily drawing.

Surround yourself with inspiring websites, the internet is yours to rule! dA, PixivBehance and Tumblr are my friends whenever I'm out of ideas to draw. Music is also responsible for keeping me inspired everyday.

Just keep eyes and ears open, inspiration WILL come. 


Many fellow deviants are against the use of reference but I find them extremely helpful when I'm trying to draw something new. 

Referencing from another drawing is great but you have to keep in mind that it's another artist's view on something. I strongly recommend the use of photo reference as it helps you to put your own spin on reality. That can also improves your skill when drawing from observation! 

Will Terrel has a terrific video explaining how to draw from drawing reference. Check it out: [link] 

The last drawing

Prepare some buckets because if you reach this point you'll cry. A lot. :XD:

That's all for now guys, hope that these hints are helpful even if you're not trying the 365 Days challenge. I'm preparing some drawing related tutorials soon to explain other stuff in detail (:

Wish you all the best of luck on your upcoming drawings. May 2015 be an inspiring year! 

If you have any question let me know in the comments :D


Most of the excuses for not drawing is lacking of ideas. On part 1 of this journal I explained why I find it useful to keep a notebook with you, and to write down your ideas whenever possible. 

This second part is about developing the habit of drawing. Hope you find it useful! 

:bulletblue:Create the habit of drawing:bulletblue:

First thing to know about creating new habits is that it works kinda like inertia law:

"An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion."

Which means that the more you postpone your drawings the more you'll feel like delaying them. This procrastination abyss can be endless. For instance, I didn't draw anything in 2013 until the end of August when I bought my first Moleskine.

However the opposite is true. The more you draw and get your stuff done the more you'll feel like keeping up the work flow.

where do I even start?!

:bulletblue:"Breaking the Ice" is often the hardest part of overcoming procrastination habit.  Just get it started! 
Draw something basic just to warm up, start with a drawing study or a character that you're familiar with. 

:bulletblue:Set a timer for, let's say, 5 minutes, and get to work. It's only 5 minutes, it can't hurt right? 
Stop when the alarm sounds —  if you feel like it. You can increase those first 5 min. to 10, then 15 and so on : D

:bulletblue:Are you a morning person or a night walker?

depiction of a morning person     depiction of a night person

Knowing your natural energy patterns may be quite useful when beating procrastination. Yeah, it's usually better if you go to sleep early and wake up early, you probably heard that a lot of times 
— but that doesn't work for me, personally speaking. I love to work at late night xD 

As you have a sleep pattern you also have a productive pattern. Hit the most challenging projects when you're feeling more efficient.

:bulletblue:Break the project into a set of smaller, more manageable tasks. 
Start with some quick, small tasks if you can.

You'll feel that you're achieving things, and so perhaps the whole project won't be so overwhelming after all.

2014 11 17 19 11 By 365 Daysofdoodles-d87pkhq Copy by Picolo-kun
On my doodles, I always go from the easiest part to the hardest/detailed part.

If you have any questions about any of the topics let me know on the comments! 

That's all for now guys, thank you so much for the support. Also, thank you anyone and everyone who voted/commented on my recent poll. It'll guide my future tutorials regarding drawings. 8)


How to beat procrastination (part 1)

Wed Nov 26, 2014, 12:48 AM
As I said on a previous submission, I'm planning to make some tutorials on the upcoming December. Before that, however, I feel like I can help on another subject, which comes before even starting your drawing: Procrastination. I mean, procrastination towards your own drawings.

If you're not familiar with this word:

pro-cras-ti-na-tion |prəˌkrastəˈnāSHən, prō-|


"the action of delaying or postponing something."

  Black2 Cat Copy by Picolo-kun
Why am I talking about this?

Well, a year ago I used to be a professional procrastinator. I've imposed the 365 Days of Doodles challenge to myself for this particular reason.

While procrastination is to some degree a natural phenomenon and can’t be completely eradicated, you can use the following strategies to get in the habit of getting drawings done.

Mind that these are not golden rules or such, just strategies that work for me. You may as well develop your own. c:

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Make Lists!:bulletblue::bulletblue:

Throughout the year, the thing I heard the most was probably this:

Make lists of ideas. Write down those random daydreams that pop into your mind. Write down those utterly creative reflections that come right before you fall asleep. Keep a notebook with you or a note app on your smartphone. Just make
sure to write all your ideas. All. Of. Them.


Even silly ideas may become terrific artworks if given some thought. If they aren't "ready" to be put into a drawing, just leave them there until you can make something out of them.

You may not use the raw idea you had written but that's okay, you can eventually mix it with another idea and draw something interesting enough.

2014-11-17 19.11 by Picolo-kun

This kind of list not only serve as a recording of ideas that would otherwise be wasted but helps you envision what needs to happen (as if your list of ideas was a "to-do-list"). Visually you'll have a prompt and mentally you'll have a reminder.

*I split the post in parts because it was getting too long. Also, my finals are coming and I have some serious procrastination to do hahah. Cx

** You were probably procrastinating something when you read this journal.

My deviantART Story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 11:24 PM
My deviant story is not one of the longest, I'm here since January 24th. As you may already know, I have started 2014 with the objective of drawing 1 doodle a day. For the whole year. (:

  #1 You're scarier than you think by Picolo-kun
My first deviation, doodle #1

Everything started as a very personal project on my Instagram account. I admit I was a bit afraid of joining dA and submitting my project in here.

In part, that was  because I don't think I can express myself in English as well as I can with my main language - which is Portuguese. Another reason was that I came across deviantART through very famous deviations so I used to see dA as a fancy art gallery, not as a digital community.  

Countdown by yuumei
guess which artwork first got me into dA? Yep, Yuumei's Countdown.

I was on high school when I discovered this site. It took me some time to figure out how deviantART really worked. 

Daily Sketch 28 by Nesskain Daily by koyamori Tentacles under the bed by MGandi Nightmares VS Sleepless Kid by prema-ja Blueberry Wind - remake by yanadhyana MOLESKINE DOODLES: The King's Awakening by kerbyrosanes

dA is about sharing your artwork disregarding how famous or "fancy" it is. These artists here are different in style, theme, media and colors. However, all of them are able to tell their own story. That's the way I wanted my art to be seen.

I was really surprised that so many people were interested in my art! It helped (and it still helps!) me to stay loyal to the 365 Days of Doodles project and to keep improving my doodles. 

#13 I want to see the sea by Picolo-kun #19 Show me your true color by Picolo-kun
  #141 The Little Mermaid by Picolo-kun #182 Exposure by Picolo-kun

 The feedback I got on dA (from anatomy issues to my pictures' quality) wouldn't be possible if I kept the project on Instagram or Facebook. The biggest advantage of being on dA is that it's a community. People here are very very often interested in the same stuff as you (or at least in art in a bigger sense of it heheh...).

I hold deviantART and the people I met here very dear to me. My username may say that I have only 365 days of deviantART but I wouldn't quit this place for anything. Thank you all for the great time!

7 Days Drawing Challenge Feature

Sun Jun 29, 2014, 1:35 PM
The 7 Days Drawing challenge ended last Wednesday and now it's time for features!

Thank you very much everyone who joined the challenge. It's interesting to see how this challenge required mostly creativity and determination rather than just art skill. Congratulations to all of those who managed to finish, I'm very proud to see that many of you did :heart:

Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueAs promised, I chose 7 of my favorite projects and I'll reward them with a free request doodle by me! Here they are (be sure to check out their galleries!!):


Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueI've chosen :iconreenacat: and :iconsocha-nyx: to win the 200 points!
(Thanks again stargirl143 for the points!)

Day 1- Breakfast by ReenaCat Day 2- Nice to meet you by ReenaCat Day 3- Let's be friend by ReenaCat Day 4- Black Cat, Black Robe by ReenaCat Day 5- Peppermint Winter by ReenaCat Day 6- Toadles by ReenaCat Day 7- Don't be Afraid by ReenaCat
I really liked how ReenaCat kept a traditional consistency in her 7 Days Challenge even though the 7 themes are so different from each other. Choosing to use few colors in her palette, she's able to tell different stories with the cutest style I've seen on the challenge. My favorite one is Day 2. It has a children's book feeling and I feel like a whole story may come out of this encounter.


It was a pleasure to see every single submission from Socha-Nyx. She combines her digital paintings skills with creative concepts. My favorite one and the first painting I saw from her is Day 5 which is inspired by a song called "Hope of Morning". She included the lyrics on her submission which matches outstandingly well with her drawing.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: Hall of Fame

Here are some of the best drawings from those who completed the 7 Days Drawing Challenge. If you completed the 7 days and have not been featured please notify me! Congrats everyone!

Best from Day 1 - Selfie! You have to draw yourself!
#Day 1 - Selfie by ricecuni Selfie by Odettery Day 1 - Selfie by shaduf<da:thumb id="461798318"/><da:thumb id="461941999"/> Doodle1-Portrait by luigipony 7 Days Of Drawing - Day1 Selfie by AlbertRemong 365DaysofDoodles Drawing Challenge: Day 1- Selfie by OpalCrazy #SELFIE by zaENDle 7 Days Drawing Challenge - Day 1 by RhapsodyHeart 7DDC - Day 1 Self by star-chariot

Best from Day 2 
- Draw something related to the ocean
Day 2 Ocean Life by Bi0matrix Trio Infernal by Qavvikk Day 2 - Imagine Ariel's Home by iichiren<da:thumb id="462282711"/> 7 Days Drawing Challenge - Day 2 Ocean Like by Aquashadow12 Deep Sea Leviathan by TJCanterbury Day Two - Ocean... by Daidai-Midori Day 2: Ocean Related by fanastyfinder Day 2  Fishing by Baby-xion 7 Days Drawing Challenge: Day 2 - Ocean by Okirokok 7 days of doodles: Day two ocean relations by rampantraikou Mer by Kelcobi Floating. by Punkn13 7days Challenge -Day2: Ocean- by Azomethin 7 Days Drawing Challenge - Day 2 by RhapsodyHeart Challenge day 02 - Ocean by DamaiMikaz Day 2 - 7 Day Challenge!!! by Cati-Saki Narshark (7 Days Drawing Challenge- Day 2: Ocean!) by FlowBug1997 Related to the Ocean by inkymeow 7 Days of Drawing Challenge Day 2 Ocean KINGS by G4B2TER

Best from Day 3 
 - Draw your favorite mythical creature
:7 day challenge: kappa by runeun<da:thumb id="462355299"/> Siva Days 3 by lyoth737 7 Day Challenge - Day 3 (Mythical Creature) by emeraudolupus Day 3 - Mythical creature by 55Tiger How to greet a dragon by Almost-Illegal Tree nymph by mutho1 7 day drawing challenge: day 3 by JackTheGriffin 7 Days Art Challenge: Day 3 by VanessaPortrait<da:thumb id="462317704"/> [Day #3] Manticore by CallingToTheNight Chimera by Kaess-desu Medusa by Miutari Day 3: You're Not Afraid of Me? by progressinprogress<da:thumb id="462611256"/> Day 3: Phoenix by BurningSpinKilljoy Day 3: Mythical Creatur by Frankychan1 7 Days Drawing Challenge - Day 3 Mythical Creature by Khatharsis Kappa Cutie by Kelline Forever living in a blaze of fire by TheBlondPug Day 3: Tale Tales/ Favorite Mythical Creature by Bronitronas Seven Day Challenge - Day 3 by ChaosNite5<da:thumb id="462420564"/> Day #3: Fairy Princess by PureAngelDragon713 Tribal Pegasus by Curvy-tribal

Best from Day 4
 - Gender swap a famous character
Day 4 : GenderSwap ( John Snow / Ygritte ) by CoffeeVulture Lady Gambit- Day 4 by agentsharde 7 Days Challenge Day 4-Genderbend by Legacyhunter Kiryuin Satsuki - Genderbend  [4] by TokuBaby Day 4:  Gender Swap by SherrTeel Captain Jasmine Finch by UmbraCrux L female by stuborn-girl xaoc_7DAYS_no4 by MilkPuzzle Day 4 : Gender Swap - 7 Days Drawing Challenge by MinaChawn Scooby Doo Gender Swap for Day 4 by SwirlyCat147 Day 4: Gender Swap by DuskAshe Day 4 - Gender Swap a Famous Character by SalveteImRachel 7DC:D4: Genderbend a character: Jon Snow by Aidan-Rosario 7Days Challenge 4 by MercuryDeacon tinkerbell  boy by XudoghnixMastey Day 4: Genderbend by LittleOvertures Challenge Day 4 - Lock, Shock, And Barrel by NerdyArtist12<da:thumb id="462561698"/> (1-4) The Girl Who Lived by OneWithTheStars 365-DaysOfDoodles Drawing Challenge: Day 4 by kawaiiwolves #4 Hellgirl by honeyOdew

Best from Day - 5 
Pick your favorite song's title. That's the title of your drawing
7 Day Drawing - Counting Stars by SakuraCat-Kim 7 Days Drawing Challenge- Day 5 by Eternal--Art If My Heart Was a House by Swirledheart The Red Right Hand by UdjatAlHazred 7 Days Drawing Challenge!  day 5 by MidnightArtDragon<da:thumb id="462785903"/> Demons by fullmoon127<da:thumb id="462727627"/> 7 Days Drawing Challenge: Day 5- Wild Horses by lightbleueyes<da:thumb id="462697928"/> 7 days drawing challenge: Day 5: Song title by dandyintheunderworld It's Time by UmbraCrux<da:thumb id="463272300"/> My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by boohboohhgirl Theme 5 :: Paradise by Dragonsden46 Day 5-'King and Lionheart' by UntamedIdealist 7 days challenge #5 by KisaragiMarru<da:thumb id="462933513"/> 7DDC - Day 5 - Supermassive Black Hole by GnAc Day 5: A Prayer For Sanctuary by Forumsdackel #5 - Tidal Wave by natsukani 7 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 7 - Who Want to Play by IWillFly 7 Days Challenge : Day 5 Favourite song by Fluffymausi-chan Drawing Challenge: Day 5: Roar by Silinare123<da:thumb id="462760503"/> Lightbringer by AkumaInocente paper boats day 5 drawing challenge! by mermaid554

Best from Day 6 
- Mix inanimate beings with animated ones

Neon Cat by PrincessSakura258 7 Days Drawing Challenge - Day 6: Peacock by miki-chaan Day 6-InanimateXAnimal by MangaKidArt Day #6: Grenade Turtle by Qazmax The Lion and some Inanimate things by Alicearisuu Under city by Vcomics1 Sneaky Surprises by Jess2Lucky 7 themes challenge: Mix animate with inanimate! by WolfStarmie Candle Butterfly by Anfrari
7 Day Challenge (Day 6): Grandfather Owl by XxNinjaKatxX Day 6 - Eiffel's giraffe by doenisaur 7 Days Drawing Challenge #6 by Truc-Lescargot<da:thumb id="463424537"/><da:thumb id="463074596"/> DAY 6: I'M MELTING! by GENESISKUN day 6 by Lantaniel Day 6 - Mix ! by Yumeih Teapot elephant doodle by Limerry 7 Days Of Drawing Challenge: Day 6 by AstaraBriarart Day 6: Giraffo-Cello by D0mari Day 6: Mix inanimate beings with animated ones by 98Cm Day 6 of 7 by TideOfFire Challenge day 07 - Personification by DamaiMikaz Vera Verto by salemcattish Mix Inanimate Beings With Animated Ones by ArchAngel72 7 Day Challenge (Day 6: Mixing Objects) by GoodVibesArt<da:thumb id="462995575"/><da:thumb id="462531965"/>

Best from day 7 
 - Draw the humanized form of something
Lady Thunderstorm by evinca<da:thumb id="463205586"/><da:thumb id="463329648"/> Day 7: Human Version of Something. by PetiteBrunette 7 days challenge - Day 7 by DehYuki The Kitsune by Matahashi
Day #7: ipod-ipad-iphone by Gin-Zura<da:thumb id="463446118"/> 7 days drawing challenge - Time by Kokorvesa<da:thumb id="463485809"/> 7 Day Challenge, Day 7: Caplet 0.5 by Kuroshiro-Ki 7 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 7 - Paper Plane by FloatingPinkElephant Tree Person by Naruto179 Doodle#7 Gijinka by BirdHime 7 Days Drawing Challenge: Day 7 - Personification by Silver-Phoenix16 7 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 7 - Who Want to Play by IWillFly Challenge day 07 - Personification by DamaiMikaz 7 Days of Doodles: Day 7- Humanize Something by green0eyes

7 Days Drawing Challenge! (closed)

Wed Jun 18, 2014, 8:49 AM
Here we go! Firstly, I know time zones may be a problem. It's Wednesday 18, June, 13:00 o'clock where I live. The challenge starts counting from now on. Thankfully, DeviantART lets me know when the deviation was submitted. (:

I'm amazed with the amount of people interested in joining the challenge. It must be started today in order to be finished next Wednesday. If you can't join for any reason, don't worry! I'll be doing more Drawing Challenges in the future.

Bullet; Blue What's a 7 Days Drawing Challenge?
The challenge is drawing 7 different things based on 7 themes I will give you guys. A drawing a day. I know it may sound a bit tiring but the objective is to keep yourself inspired during 7 days in a row. The more you draw, the more you'll feel like drawing!

Bullet; Blue What about the Rules?
The only rule is that you have to draw (and submit) something each day. NO CHEATING! It doesn't matter the media nor the art style. That means it can be traditional or digital. The style may be realistic, manga/anime, cartoon, etc. It may be a Black&White artwork but it has to be a final piece. Oh! Don't forget to mention me with "365-DaysOfDoodles" so it will pop up into my messages and I'll be able to see the artwork!

Bullet; Blue Prizes! UPDATE!
I'm not one of those wealthy guys on dA so I'll try my best:
 o - Everyone joining the challenge will receive a llama badge. 
 o - I'll feature everyone who completes the 7 days challenge on a journal entry. A Hall of Fame I'll proudly put on my profile page.
(thank you Blazingocean for the suggestion!)
 o - I'll choose 7 of the best and most creative projects and reward them with a free request doodle.
 o - Top 2 projects will receive 200 points!!
(points courtesy of stargirl143, thank you very much!)

The 7 themes are:

:bulletblue: Day 1 - Selfie! You have to draw yourself
Why? I think drawing yourself is a very deep experience. It requires observation and a sincere point of view of the artist. You'll choose what features you like the most about you and the ones you're not very comfortable with. It's an exercise of self knowledge. It doesn't have to be realistic! Any style is allowed

:bulletblue: Day 2 - Draw something related to the ocean

Well, this one is me having fun with this challenge. If you know my work for some time you know that I draw a lot sea-related doodles. I want to see what you guys will come up with.

:bulletblue: Day 3 - Draw your favorite mythical creature

I did a mythical creatures series of doodles a while ago. I drew some of the most popular mythical creatures. Now it's your turn to draw your favorite one!

:bulletblue: Day 4 - Gender swap a famous character

It's recently very trendy to change the gender of one's favorite characters. I did few of these and I can say it's helpful to notice what makes a male character and what makes a female one. The character may be from TV series, movies, anime/manga, comics, graphic novels and such.

:bulletblue: Day 5 - Pick your favorite song's title. That's the title of your drawing

This one is to make you think! I know that it may sound very abstract, that's why I have great expectations on what you guys will come up with this one. Btw I've used this technique on several doodles. (:

:bulletblue: Day 6 - Mix inanimate beings with animated ones

Blend an animal with an object. The more they are blend the better!

:bulletblue: Day 7 - Draw the humanized form of something

This one is also to make things difficult! It can be the human form of your favorite food, place, animal, object, pokemon or whatever else you can think of.

If you have any questions regarding the challenge or themes please let me know on the comments. Game's on!

7 Days Drawing Challenge (preview)

Mon Jun 16, 2014, 2:37 PM
First of all thank you very much for all of those who are willing to take part in this challenge! We'll start this Wednesday (18th June). Be sure you won't miss it!

:bulletblue: What's a 7 Days Drawing Challenge?
The challenge is drawing 7 different things based on 7 themes I will give you guys. A drawing a day. I know it may sound a bit tiring but the objective is to keep yourself inspired during 7 days in a row. The more you draw, the more you'll feel like drawing!

:bulletblue: What about the Rules?
The only rule is that you have to draw (and submit) something each day! It doesn't matter the media nor the art style. That means it can be traditional or digital. The style may be realistic, manga/anime, cartoon, etc. It may be a Black&White artwork but it has to be a final piece. Oh! Don't forget to mention me with "Picolo-kun