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Ursa Minor Constellation


Ursa Minor, "the small bear" or "little dipper" constellation

 Ursa Major and Ursa Minor were mother and son who were transformed into bears, grabbed by their tails, and swung both into the heavens to live among the stars. The strength of the throw caused their short stubby tails to become elongated.

Here's the second Constellation! I had to do several studies to get the little bear right, it was unexpectedly so much harder than drawing his mother :XD: You can see all these studies and more on my twitter and instagram (links below) I'm considering drawing other constellations, what do you guys think?

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 Ursa Major Constellation by Picolo-kun
The Map by Picolo-kun
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It is great draw
kosekiko's avatar
Capricorns arrow again! Why would Capricorns shoot him? (im a cap too)
artReall's avatar
Bronounce's avatar
dragon balls R in thur somewhur. kak
alicelovemanga's avatar
I just love your art... *-*
i have always loved constellations and the stories behind them! keep them coming! :)
xerxexxs's avatar
I featured your constellations here :3
LucySilverA's avatar
Tezeze's avatar
Aww, how cute! :D Great details!! :love: 
LoZGamer316's avatar
I thought it was a cat at first Sweating a little... 
Melzurai's avatar
This bear is so cute :la:
Wind-Traveller's avatar
Ah, this looks amazing! I really adore the drawn symbols and the gentle colouring. :iconuhuhuhuplz:
MLPAristiscCSketch's avatar
SmirkingSnake's avatar
Both of these are so cool! I'm having flash backs to reading about the constellations for the first time  :book ah memories.  
Borealis-Hunter's avatar
I don't like it, I LOVE IT LOVE IT
Shinygemsil's avatar
Little dipper is my favorite constellation! 

Ahhh, this is beautiful!
Shiatanni's avatar
I'd love to see more constellations, and why not? Who doesn't love the stars, Mr Picolo? :)
PandaAndDolphin's avatar
I thought bears had short tails?
Krazikidz's avatar
Read the description :)
So amazing !!!!!!!!
7cAB7's avatar
that's lovely! great job.
CaptainElsa's avatar
love it! are you going to be doing more of the constellations?
pixelatedsheep's avatar
Oh my goodness, this is so adorable!
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