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.: Undersea

First doodle using blue!

This took me so much to finish ><! Inspired by Digital Arts Magazine cover and Free!! :)

I really couldn't wait until the blue month so I can draw lots of sea related doodles again.  

 Good luck to everyone trying the 7 Colors Challenge. I'm currently checking all your green works and can't wait for the blue o<3 

This doodle is part of The Palette Project , in which every month has a different theme color. June is the Blue month :) (Smile)

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i cant believe the good you are even in hand way! love you so much. thanks for share your skills . i hope to see more of your work. and to read a comic from you. do you have one?? i love the way you can draw the love. 
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...50 % Free... guy?
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This is amazing!!! I love it, beautiful colors, beautiful piece
S-A-Diamond's avatar
This is incredible!
RP-96Neko's avatar
...Is this Haruka Nanase? I'm just gonna assume it's Haruka Nanase.
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I probably already commented on this but I just saw it again on a Free! group >_< I like still can't believe you drew my favourite anime. Its' so beautiful and detailed!
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How in the world did you keep the paper so clean??? I use the eraser so much, and I try so many different variations before my finished product, that the only way for it to look so clean and pretty is to use my light board and a bunch of paper lol CURSE YOU! 
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There's a cat in that sea! WTF
CuteKittyWiddy's avatar
Seeing all these Iwatobi fans makes me happy.
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There's a wonderful book called Challenger Deep by Neil Shusterman. I don't know if you get a chance to read very often, but you should give it a whirl if you have the time. This picture reminded me both of the character and a  scene within the book.

I love the perspective. The colors.  Your work just floors me.
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I love your entire gallery! Your photo-of-phenomenal-piece-in-sketchbook gimmick is stunning. I was just curious however, are these truly photos of traditional media pieces in a sketchbook, and then maybe touched up in a computer to merit the "digital art" tag, or are these digitally painted onto a photo of an open sketchbook? Or am I completely off the mark with both assumptions? Or are you going to tell me that a magician never reveals their secret? ;D 
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aww I could totally see Haru like *_* OCEAN! 
also love the underwater kitty XD
CuteKittyWiddy's avatar
Hello. Let us be Iwatobi fans.
shojoboy1024's avatar
I would love to do something like that. I love the sea and the creatures within it
MangaArtfansTwin's avatar
When I first laid eyes on this, I just thought "FREE!!" 
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Inspired by this Chrono Cross wallpaper, yeah?…
Nice, lovely colors. If it's digital, I really envy your ability to make it look like traditional watercolor.  =)
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what did you graduate from
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I love the fishes and how you drew the water and bubbles.
OMG underwaterkitty! Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 
CourtzGarden's avatar
That cat is just sitting there like "Where ya been bruh? I've been waiting down here for hours!" haha xD 
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