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There are 2 kinds of people

By Picolo-kun
I'm finishing to watch the old teen titans and I felt so fulfilled I had to draw something 😆. Beast Boy and Raven are still my OTP btw

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Bobzeepotato's avatar

I didn't know what OTP meant before, so I thought you meant that BB and Rae are your One Time Password, lol! XD

Alt-Temp's avatar
As I said, so different. . .
Ripmin-PSN's avatar
I wonder, would you want to create your own comic with those characters in your own style if someone were to give you money?

Cuz I would!!  :D
Picolo-kun's avatar
yo I'm currently working on a teen titans comic for DC! Coming up July 2019!
Ripmin-PSN's avatar
Dude. NIIIICE! OuO *Fanboyism intensifies.* That's awesome man. :)

Also, I need some advice with the story I'm writing, It's Hot Wheels: Worlds Collide. Can you give me a few pointers? :?
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*taking a sip of ice tea* Bah! Both unsatisfying! When's the movie coming out?
WillieManga's avatar
I recognize that 2 kinds of people title as a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 reference. I know that's Marvel, but I can totally see Beast reading the Guardians comics.
Beast: Yeah, you show them, Rocket Raccoon! Don't take no #### from them!
Rae: I thought he doesn't identify as a raccoon..
Mishelledor23's avatar
I love this SO much, why couldn't they reboot Teen Titans to be more like this instead of....that thing we got. 
zeromassmama's avatar
the look ... and the book ... LOL.. LOL
EtMier's avatar
Your artwork makes me wanna cry I love it so much
happyguy1's avatar
Beastboy: Goddamnit why don't they give the Joker the needle by this point. comment.

MoonFlowerAJ's avatar
but what if im both?
LovelyLiar's avatar
I’m a beast boy lol
CinderellasPearls's avatar
Honestly, I think I'm somewhere in between because Batman is too colorful and unrealistic but Macbeth is too dramatic and solemn.
I'm like Raven except I'd be reading an Edgar Allan Poe or Lewis Carroll novel. (Especially considering I have the complete works of both authors)
IAOOT13's avatar
Me and my brother, me and my brother....
ThePenVsTheSword's avatar
And a great OTP they are
SummerBreezeMLP's avatar
I'm more of a Robrae shipper but this art is amazing!
RozenTIDsyWaffle's avatar
JJWS92's avatar
From the preview pic, I couldn't tell what book Raven was reading, so at first I thought she might be writing Beast Boy's name in a Death Note!
Asieeh's avatar
Clarity83's avatar
I've been following your Instagram for so long, this showed up on the front page and I immediately recognized the art style!!
Also I LOVVVE macbeth
Tha1OneAndOnly's avatar
I haven't been looking at your art for a long time, but i am verryy inpressed with what I've seen. Your style is so wonderful and comic...y :D
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