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The Jungle Book

Can't believe they're remaking the jungle book into a live action thing \(^ o ^)/

Here's a little fan art. You guys are probably hating me because I've been so random with my work after the palette project ^-^' 

.:Bullet:. Patreon by FreakyEd The complete walkthrough, step by step for this painting and more available through my patreon
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Look! A Jungle Book Artwork on DeviantArt that isn't Kaa Porn! I never thought it was real! XD
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I love the book, in my opinion, better than the movies.
Coool! Something like this could make a really nice tattoo. ^.^
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This comment might seem a bit late because I just found this account but that looks amazing!
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Wonderful work
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OMG this is so COOOOOL Emoticon Love 
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I really do love these two, the Disney version was ok, but the book really showed how deeply they were friends.
We love your artwork! We’re collecting the top fan art for the upcoming Critics’ Choice Awards on December 11th. If you’re interested in contributing, please email me at
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Booknes! I love it!  :D
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picolo-kun can your post some tutorial how to draw and color x33
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I just came back from watching the live action movie and it was AMAZING! it can't beat the original of course, but DEAR GOSH WAS IT AWESOME!

oh and nice fanart too, love the detail! 
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Wow...this is breathtaking
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There's no words to explain how much I love this!
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This is so cool! Looks like watercolor
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Really awesome job man :D . The details, designs, expressions, lighting & shading are great.
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This is nice!
Good job!
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Did you get to see the new version yet?
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