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.: Strawberry Avalanche

"This is a world of dreams and reverie
Where I felt the stars explode around me

Oh strawberry avalanche please crash over me!"

Free For Use Strawberry Icon Just playing around with my favorite fruit. Free For Use Strawberry Icon 
Sorry for the recent inactivity guys, I've been sick these last days so it kept me away from drawing. Now I'm back and the red month continues ~(* 3*)~

You can read about >>The Palette Project<<  here.

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Nope444's avatar
Sort of reminds me of Ryuzaki...
Mutiya98's avatar
stunning art 🍓🍓🍓
KatyScene's avatar
Moonlight10198's avatar
This reminds me so much of that kid's book Jamberry!!! With all of the berries falling down... LOVE IT!
GirlGamer12's avatar
Love this! Strawberries are one of my favourite fruit as well. :)
Ou-ren's avatar
Looks delicious :)
Moo-Shrou's avatar
I love how vibrant you're colors are.^_^
jjhhon's avatar
ficou muito foda :)
Penartist70000's avatar
I love this itty bitty ones, there so so cute!!
Hikaru-Yukimura's avatar
I love strawberries and the song too. nice drawing too. :) (Smile) 
mamaiyurisama's avatar
  Nham,nham,esses morangos parecem muito apetitosos!!!!(E é impressão minha ou tem um com óculos?!XD!)

  Mudando de assunto,espero que já esteja melhor!!!E parabéns pelo trabalho!!!!
Umii-tan's avatar
It's my favourite fruit too. ´ ^ ` :heart: Free avatar Strawberry 
arumlinggarjati's avatar
really loveee this pict,,, :D 
Blue-Starr's avatar
Hey, quick question! What materials did you use to make this, and what kind of paper is that sketchbook made out of? I'm super curious because it looks lovely! :D
AgentKnopf's avatar
I hope you don't mind me answering the notebook question - looks like a Moleskine to me and very likely this one:… Moleskine has a special Watercolor line.
unikatdesign's avatar
mh, strawberries :D
Hollandlop92's avatar
Very cool looking  ^-^
iseefaries's avatar
what kind of journal do you use?
runewuff's avatar
What is it about strawberries that is so sensual?
Haroku-Beast's avatar
Reminds me of that children's book with the bear and the boy 

Lunesthesia's avatar
I thought of that too!
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