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Someone to melt for

–To burn for someone is to melt in the process

Hi everyone, it's been a while! Happy late 2016 for all of you! Let's make impossible things come true to this year :heart:

Hope you did not forget about these two! As said previously I'm writing a story for a future comic of these two characters. I have a lot of exciting things planned for this year, can't wait to share with you guys. :D I'll probably write a journal when I have the time, it's been a while since I don't do that too.

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Some people are worth melting for...
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Love is just a fantasy:(
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This is so sweet, I'm crying for real right now. Sad dummy

I'm in a bit of a love dilemma myself, so I have so many wonderful lady friends, however, I feel there might be one person whom I would melt for. At least, I can't imagine a world where she's not in, whether we'd be friends or more. I'm a very confused human being, and I'm not sure about many things in my life but my stories and my education plan. The rest is blurry. Also your work "Is this safe?" is me with all these girls, I don't know where I would be safe. I don't even know if any of them likes me as more than their close friend.

But, again, this piece of love is just so INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!! Can't help
I thank you so much for bringing this picture from your head, to the world, including me. I am deeply grateful. Heart 
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Wait I don't get it?.. is the guy make out of wax like candles? Is that why he is melting??
emy299's avatar
he's from a greek myth called "icarus and the sun". You should google it, then you would understand :)
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I will ship these two until the end of time itself. |3
I so, so want this to work for them. Please continue their story.
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"Some people are worth melting for."
Okay so I'm a long time Icarus fangirl and I spend my spare time scouting the net for any Greek mythology based stories really (no one's judging me and my obsessions hopefully) And when I came across this I actually freaked out. Seriously the artwork is beautiful and the concept of Icarus being in love with the Sun is one I've loved for ages and I'm so happy someone has brought it to life in such a gorgeous way. And your planning on making a comic out of these guys? I cannot wait is all I can say...:excited: 
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God! Is so asgsfghsr  Love 
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I can' t tell you how much beautiful is this Draw!!!
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They're so cute ❤
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Is Icarus and Sun a reference to Bastille's song 'Icarus( is flying to close to the sun)'
It's been in my head for like 6 mins while discovering your art (this story) its quite cool
ManiFantasyArt's avatar
just beautiful Hug 
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Classic love story with ingenious character concepts and beautiful illustration. I really like how the two characters predominantly take up the lower left quadrant, with the other three quadrants occupied by bands of light and dark (someone else said beautiful contrast, and I second that) and the long structures of his wings and her flaming hair. It just has really nice placement. The choice of colours is great (though obviously previous pictures of these two set the precedent), and you've done an amazing job getting her (and him, in her light) to glow. Then again, I'm not an artist in the slightest, so maybe those comments don't mean much. This picture is probably my favourite one in the series. What is the source of that white light in the top right quadrant? Is the sun getting a friend to stand in for her while she's busy?
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Can I ask which media do you use for your drawings? Handmade or digital?
oFabulousPanda's avatar
It reminds me of the greek myth of Icarus and the sun...
edit: oh wait it actually is whoops
P0tato-Girl's avatar
I now ship Icarus and the Sun. I regret nothing.
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Wow! That's cool<3
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this is gorgeous! they're a really cute couple! Love 
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