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Raven and Beast Boy

By Picolo-kun
"I hate the way I don't hate you, not even a little bit, not even at all."

I've been rewatching the old Teen Titans while not drawing and decided to sketch some of the characters just for fun. If you follow me on other social media you have probably seen my Beast Boy and Raven doodles so here's a comic with them both. These two were my biggest OTP among all other TV shows! :XD:

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#199 Teen Titans by Picolo-kunWaters of March by Picolo-kunThe Jungle Book by Picolo-kunPolarized by Picolo-kun
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I love your take on their relationship! DeviantArt 
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Beast Boy got sexy sideburns!
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Awesome work 👍
xXLemonHeadXx123's avatar
I love this!! Its so CUte, they my friends are OTP
StreamCat's avatar

I love this ship, I do. 
But honestly it was the 10 things I 
hate about you quote that got me the most //sobs
ikzan's avatar
this is the truest JOY EVER 
BB and Raven is Perfection...sorry Terra  
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im gunna ruin it :

this ship fucking sucks, but the art is good

 end of story.
its my opinion.
JulieTheBunnyBR00's avatar
IT'S CANNON SHIP,SO PLZ DON'T BE RUDE SAYING "this ship fucking sucks" OK? :D (Big Grin) Rage 
txddie's avatar
JulieTheBunnyBR00's avatar
Thanks for undertand.
txddie's avatar
i get your english isnt good (i saw your profile) but no one's english is that bad

(well yes but, for someone who knows basic english no one would mess up that bad)

aannyyywayyy i understand what u were tryna say but i can strongly hate something if i want to
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Your entitled to your opinion but please refrain from the negativity. Maybe you could've said "I don't like this ship." That way it's less offensive to the people who do.
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I love this ship!
Dafox2024aj's avatar
Ship maximises x29832098230983209238
The-Last-Phantom's avatar
Glo72's avatar
Is his finger connected to his nose
Drekasal's avatar
This is too adorable. My heart can't right now :love:
Aww hehe, this is cute. Is that a 10 things I Hate About You reference I see there in the description?
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