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.: Queen Bee

Another yellow study before the yellow month ends. Also practicing dark skin tones :3

Sorry for the current lack of posts guys, as I just moved and I quit my job at the hostel, I'm currently focusing on commissioned drawings. I'll give my best to post more yellow doodles!! :la:

As always, there's a hidden black cat for you to find  black cat  

This doodle is part of The Palette Project , in which every month has a different theme color. April is the Yellow month :) (Smile)

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Can't comment everything, just letting you know all works great!Hug 
XxfoxythesexydevilxX's avatar
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She drips with more than honey.
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i love her eyes,  beautiful work
FrozenFeather's avatar
beautiful! i love her dark tone with the yellow
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one of your best drawing in my opinion, your just Talented...
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the work with the colors is splendid', and I really need some honey right now
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  Nossa,tá bonito!E realmente é bom trabalhar com tons mais escuros de pele,eu mesma preciso fazer isso.Já tentei com lápis de cor,mas não vejo muitas opções na caixa,mesmo a de 48 cores...Sinal de que devo me esforçar mais!!! 

  Ah,sim,achei o gatinho!!!!E minha irmã também!!!
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Found it! Nice touch. :)
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Heh, I found it too! I think...
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*Spolier* bottom right corner right?
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I want to find it but I'm search it for hours but I can't find it. Annoying Bonzi Balloon Boy Chat Icon 
XxfoxythesexydevilxX's avatar
lol its easy... look in the darkest areas of the drawing, I mean, it IS a BLACK cat
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I found it, thanks!
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Look for the largest concentration of black
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For the highlights, do you leave the paper blank, or use a white acrylic or something to keep it bright?
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hermoso trabajo.
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Your painting style is so cool! :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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never expected her to look like that! very nice!
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AMAZING!! I have a question: these look like they are done in watercolor, but the category is digital. Is that a painting effect, or do you do them in watercolor first and then touch them up digitally? Technique is fabulous!!
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