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    This is it guys, this is the end of yet another personal project of mine, The Palette Project.

    When the year started I decided to learn how to use colors (if you follow me since 2014, you know that I only worked using black&white).

    I divided the palette project into 7 parts: each one represented a color of the rainbow. The past seven months had a main color theme, from Red to Violet.

    :bulletred: February - Red
    :bulletorange: March - Orange
    :bulletyellow: April - Yellow
    :bulletgreen: May - Green
    :bulletblue: June - Blue
    :bulletblack: July - Indigo
    :bulletpurple: August - Violet

    I've been through a lot of changes these seven months, both in my art - started to work mainly digitally - and in my personal life - I have quit my job and started to work as a full time freelance artist and moved from the hostel I used to live/work to my own house.

    I hoped that by the end of the project I'd have a better understanding of lighting, mood and coloring...it turns out I'm just getting the grasp of it (I only came to really how to properly mix colors by the indigo month, I'm not even kidding :XD:) and that's both scary and exciting!

    Thank you so much for supporting me throughout this project! :heart: I wish there was a way to send back all the positive vibes I received from you guys during this seven tough months, it means a lot to know that you enjoy what I do :blushes:

    What's next:

    I'm still uncertain of what kind of project I'm going to dive in next. There's currently a lot going on in my head. I'm thinking about applying to an art school (but that would require me to leave Brazil), I'm trying to develop a more unique style for myself (I'm doing a ton of private studies that I don't upload online) and I'm also growing very fond of comics...Ah! And I'm still going to make the 365 Days of Doodles into a book so that's a good time to start thinking about it too ^w^

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