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.: Oliver and Company


"Why should I worry, Why should I caaare ♫ ♬"

Tried a humanization of Disney characters because it would be easier than draw them in their animal form :XD: . Also this was inspired by a very dear fellow artist who does that all the time ( )

Oliver & Company is a bit underrated but it will always be one of my favorite Disney movies :3

Sorry for the long absence guys, I've been dealing with a lot of hardships lately, I'll probably be changing jobs and moving in a few weeks :[


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Someone should do "Why should I Worry?..." in The style of The Pelones:

generalrusty78's avatar
Eating a Hot Dog is best on the trunk of a Cadillac that isn't yours.
Alfazil's avatar
They look great.
goatchickenlove's avatar
is it bad this reminds me of baccano!!?
Okashy's avatar
Is this REALLY digital?
SaraiELI's avatar
Amazingggg!!!!! You sure know how to capture
LiliHime178's avatar
I thought of Vocaloid Oliver, I've never watched Oliver and Co. I have no childhood.
I've never seen the Lion King either lmao
theDarnedone's avatar
Perfectly captured the characters. Love it!
AnAmericanPsycho's avatar

And Dodger looks freaking awesome mygod.
get-Seth's avatar
Dodger is so fucking hot :o
Duckyworth's avatar
Very awesome humanization - their clothes fit them perfectly, and I like the inclusion of Dodger's stubble and cigarette. ;)
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
This is definitely a film that needs more love.
KatyScene's avatar
Love this song~
AccaliaExile's avatar
Awesome! I used to watch Oliver and Company all the time growing up :D
MBDizzle7's avatar
This is perfect! My childhood memories :)
aniamalman's avatar
Just watched "Oliver and Company". And loved it!
Still can't get that song outta my head =w=
FrabjousFish's avatar
~"thesee are streets of goldd" :music:
Luceem's avatar
At first I thought it was a new version of Pr.Layton and Luke ;w; //runsaway//

Anyway, very good job!
TheWhovianTrekkie's avatar
I love this! loved that movie when I was little!
Anemortals's avatar
Oliver reminds me of Nagisa from Free! Laugh LOL 
I love how you drew them
eta-gamma-14's avatar
I say Oliver looks like the Kid from Dick Tracy. Maybe it's the hat.
DisgruntledBisexual's avatar
Haha I was thinking before I clicked the actual deviation "Ha, this reminds me of Oliver and Company." Love it, by the way!
wolfrea's avatar
OOHHHHH i love Oliver and compagnie x3333 thank for this beautiful art !! x333333
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