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Off-duty hero

By Picolo-kun
Did something for Robin and Starfire since I shipped them too, not much as Raven and Beast Boy but still worth a small page!

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#199 Teen Titans by Picolo-kunRaven and Beast Boy by Picolo-kun2016 Teen Titans by Picolo-kunWaters of March by Picolo-kunPolarized by Picolo-kun
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There should have ended this series with a movie about the Titans growing up and going off to be their own heroes, maybe fighting a big villain as a team one last time. But no, we had to have the worst animated series imaginable instead. Think about that.
New 52 didn't help. Besides if you want quality narratives don't expect it to follow money, just look at the Simpsons. No endings, there no money in a full stop...
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omg yes i agreeee
Mossspike's avatar
Robin looks hot okay leave me alone
OhBoyPotatoes's avatar
I love this! I also ship Starfire and Robin but for me, not as much as Raven and Beast Boy
Xolixia's avatar
I am in LOVE with your art!
fantasylancer's avatar
LOL yeah star you don't want to jinx the happy moment
Robin looked so cool in his jersey jacket!
AlyxIsHeRe's avatar
I love your ideas
trunks-kun11's avatar
best fanart ever.
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This looks awesome! Love your work!!!
merdicano's avatar
YES, she finally took his mask off!!
apodicticloe's avatar
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hey now you're a Robstar
KatouMiwa's avatar
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in love with your style 
viortexx's avatar
woooow thats jawline
blacklelefant's avatar
Do you make comics
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robin tattoo in robin's hand! XD
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